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Horror Funding: Gutters Comics


The last three months have seen some dark times in comics. Event after event, 3D Covers, Batfleck, not enough 3D Covers and Tie-Ins, oh Lord, the tie-ins!

Though all this, we the Comics Fans have cried out “Why? …Why so serious!?!”

It is time for someone to put a stop to this. Or at the very least, point out how silly it is. It’s time for a hero… to Rise.

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Horror Gossip: 10.16.10 – Interviews from the “Weekend Of Horror” so far.

The powers that be have ordered me (can you believe that, me being ordered by anyone) to cover Creation Entertainments Weekend Of Horror & far be it from me to ignore a direct order. Although The Black Saint bows to no one & fears nothing (maybe ladybugs..I hate those little f*ckers) I graciously accepted the assignment for two reasons: I don’t get out much. My Mausoleum has everything I need to keep me happy & … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 10.02.10


What’s going on acolytes of mine? It is I your lord & master The Black Saint back again with the latest & greatest news in the world of Horror/Sci-Fi this week. I do hope that all of you have been following my directives each & every week. It is very important….to you! I like the idea of all of my acolytes reading my weekly column & anxiously awaiting the next one. I also enjoy the … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 09.22.10


Welcome! Welcome to the coolest (I’m not kidding, it’s freezing in here) Mausoleum you could find yourself in. The one in which I, The Black Saint call home. If you are members of my ever growing legion of acolytes you should be on your knees right now awaiting my words of wisdom & news from the wacky town we call Horrorwood. If you’re not an acolyte yet…you will be soon enough so kneel down anyway! … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 09.17.10


Oh! Good evening to all of you, my minions! As I belch these words out onto the net’ I feel my army growing ever so stronger…so much more aware of their wondrous leader (that would be me – Black Saint….remember)? And eagerly await whatever news he has for them with blood dripping from their canines & their bills for the month all paid up. No deadbeats in my army. We are getting stronger by the … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 09.04.10


A great & gory salutation from The Black Saint to all of you my acolytes. I hope that all of you were as miserable as I was the past few weeks. Miserable is my preferred state of being & if an acolyte of mine then you better get used to being miserable too, it’s actually not too bad if you give it a shot…try it!

I have been away on a short … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 08.25.10



Greetings all you wonderful pieces of meat… Yes, I called you all pieces of meat, because we are all edible and I’ve always wanted to go all Hannibal Lector on someone’s ass, just for the fun of it. Maybe I’m alone on all the cannibal carnage, but heck, I say try anything once. Anyways, I was recently mentioned in www.horrorinthehammer.com ‘s “Screamwave Horror Podcast #15”!! You can check it out at http://www.screamwave.libsyn.comContinue reading


Horror Gossip: 08.21.10

X-men First Class Movie - Cyclops[1]

Shamrocks & Shenanigans to all of you..my acolytes. All of you who worship & praise at the altar of The Black Saint. I am just about fully recovered from the abomination called “The Last Exorcism” & I am ready to bash all of you over the head with bits of news from what the late, great Forrest J. Ackerman called “Horrorwood”. Now before I get started I just want to let you … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 08.04.10


Hello & a grisly, gloomy day to all of you! The Black Saint is back to serve up some tidbits of terror to all of my growing number of acolytes. I hope you are all as miserable as can be as you read on because when you stop & think about it..I mean REALLY think about it, what the f*ck do we have to be happy about anyway?

“I Spit On Your Grave”

Anchor Bay’s … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 08.01.10


By Monique “The Reaper” Snyman

Hello all my children of darkness! This week I’m in the mood to be scared, what do you all say? I think after my brush with the British ‘horror’ flick “PSYCHOSIS” which I reviewed on www.battleroyalewithcheese.com I earned the right to put some nasty stuff into the column, so all those horror directors can see what fear is and why we want it and thanks to Michael Adam … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 07.21.2010

Hello to all of my favorite fiends who slavishly scour Horrornews.net for whatever rumblings The Black Saint has been hearing here, there & everywhere! I have been a little busier than usual regarding my personal life. Nothing serious..just doing a little pruning of some dead weight (and I’m not talking about trees).

But all is well in my lovely mausoleum now. The spider webs are just right, the mold is growing at a wonderfully alarming … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 07.12.2010

Greetings to all of you foul smelling, ooze covered readers! The Black Saint is back once again this week with tidbits of Horror News for all of you (Those of you that can read) to peruse & fantasize about. I as always will try my damnest to keep tou all up to date with news that you have not heard anywhere else.

And after you’re finished reading my missive you can continue to romp about … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 07.01.10


Hello again all you wonderful horror-fanatics! This week we’ll praise horror for what it is, merely because it is praise worthy, don’t you think? In fact I feel horror could be a religion. And with every religion come basic guidelines to follow. So to those who feel horror is their religion, I decided to structure this week’s column around a basic ‘religious’ approach. Now, It is necessary to understand that when you live, breathe and sometimes … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 06.13.10


Welcome Boils and Ghouls!

At long last I found a place where I belong! Now my sick sense of humour and my strange, frowned-upon behaviour and twisted personality can finally be appreciated to its full extent… I hope.


Horror… the excitement that gets fuelled by bloodcurdling screams, blood and gore, the slicing and dicing of helpless, unwilling victims… ah… I cherish it. Off course that isn’t the only reason … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 06.10.10


Hey creeps, I am out of my church of all that is unholy to bless you with some tasty tidbits of news that my acolytes have brought to me as their offerings. To keep themselves in “Bad” standing with the Saint they must provide me with these offerings. Some of them I share with you, my budding worshippers. Some of them…I keep. Let’s get started shall we?


“Preacher” in the mind of the Saint … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 07.20.09 w Interview Kevin Tenney

This shall be one of my favorite columns so far. Mainly, because I have an interview with the director of my favorite horror film of all time, Kevin Tenney. Words cannot explain how happy I am about this. I even went on to tell him I am his biggest fan and well he now refers to me as his biggest fan, HA! Are you guys excited about the Night of the Demons remake??? I am … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 07.09.09

My Updates:
It has been a while since my last update. I went without the internet for what seems like forever but I am back in action now and will have a new column every week. (Pressure) I sent in a review for Lake Dead and will have many more on the way soon. I am still reporting the news Mondays, Tuesday, and Fridays. I just didn’t for only a week. I know you … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 06.18.2009

So I am a little late getting this column in. I’ve had a fever and I was waiting on an interview with Emily Haack who is the star of Scrap Book. We pushed the interview back so you can see it on the next column. This column may not be as awesome as my past columns but I do have a lot of news on sequels and remakes. I have sent in a … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 06.01.2009

Interview with Next Monkey:
I’ve been talking to Darla Enlow over at “Next Money” a lot lately. Next Monkey Horror Films is owned by 2 female horror fans. These crazy ladies have completed 3 feature length movies that are in world wide distribution. They will go anywhere and do anything to promote the horror movies they create. It’s not enough that they are the entire crew… but they are also driven to produce award … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 05.17.2009

Hello guys and gals. I have so much to gossip about, I don’t even know where to start. I love it when that happens. Before I get started I would like to say how happy I am that more people than I thought are actually reading this. I have been getting comments on the actual page but I get most of my feedback on myspace. So to those of you, if you really are reading … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 05.06.2009

Of corpse the bulk of this new-fangled column is going to be the foundation of Texas Frightmare Weekend that I attended last weekend. The outcome was pleasurable, edifying, and enthralling. The main topics are going to be; Alice Cooper’s Horror Lifetime Achievement Award, ScreamTV, Wicked Pixel Cinema, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Thomas Mason, and Jason Mewes.

Events for Texas Frightmare Weekend:
The main events revolved around Alice Cooper getting a Horror Lifetime Achievement … Continue reading

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