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The industry’s top horror art talent covering a variety of illustrators, painters, collagists, surrealists and dark artistry creators. While "horror art" did have a boost during the later 90's, it soon became over saturated with savvy digital manipulators to the point of being highly derivative.

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We at HorrorNews.net fully support the horror art community in our efforts to alert others of new talents, new techniques being used, and the pioneers of horror advertising products. While typically this is a place for new talent, we also want to include (when appropriate) the core influencers. Hopefully this will spark your own separate journey to check out their collective web sites, art books and horror artisan contrubtuions. Horror Art is something that will always prevail whether it moves to becoming retro of cutting edge...folks like their scary pictures.

Horror Art: Zombienose


Zombienose is the author of the darkly poetic storybook series of twisted tales, known as The Zombienose Collection’ – There Are No Happy Endings.

For those who know him best he is a gentle and kind character, secretly optimistic. It is said that his work offers endless comfort among the souls that are never quite sane in the night. Hailing from the depths of nowhere he derives inspiration from the unloved, the hopeless, the dreamless, … Continue reading

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Horror Art: Amer Shihab


DeadArms Artwork – Amer Shihab is an illustrator from Bristol, United Kingdom, specializing in Horror / Macabre illustrations and creature designs. Previously worked on cover artwork for several underground Death / Gore metal bands, and has built a solid online fan base through the use of social networking sites, such as MySpace. This has helped establish himself as a strong competitor in the underground art community, with his distinctive, creative style and the shocking scenes … Continue reading

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