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The Insomniac treads the streets of New York film making with updates on new productions, talent and movie industry news.

From the Nightshift: Toronto for the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear


The Insomniac journeyed to Toronto for the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear. The convention is part of Fan Expo Canada which contains horror, gaming, anime, Sci Fi and comic book sections. It is not uncommon to see Jason Voorhees face down a troop of stormtroopers. The horror people seem to be strangely the least crazy and the more let’s just have some fun. After my two hour drive to Toronto I was looking forward to … Continue reading

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From the NightShift: Slime City Massacre – Don’t worry it’s my fault


The first two days of the shoot were unusual as we had power and a bathroom to use. Not having to the face the Johnny-on-the-spot or Jenny-on-the-job the first few days made everything seem like it was going to be a comfortable, happy shoot.

The location was a warehouse that has been made into a hall for concerts, and has an interesting look that has attracted filming before us and probably after us. We would be … Continue reading

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From the NightShift: Life on ‘Slime City’

From a point somewhere around Thanksgiving last year I have been working on SLIME CITY MASSACRE. I had met Greg Lamberson a few years before that, but I really didn’t know that much about him other than he had made some horror movies while in New York City and he was a writer.

I think the only reason I knew of the Johnny Gruesome video was that I knew one of the actresses in it. I ran … Continue reading

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Interview: John R. Renna

An interview with John R Renna, makeup man, writer, actor, director and horror movie fan. He is currently in preproduction for Slime City Massacre.

How did you get interested in doing effects makeup?

My mother made the greatest costumes when I was a kid and as i got older my tastes changed and I had my mother get the boxed werewolf costume. We started applying spirit gum and hair and makeup and … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Greg Lamberson on ‘Slime City Massacre’


The Insomniac was able to hunt down and tie down Greg Lamberson for a few minutes to have a little chat. Greg Lamberson is the director/writer of the cult horror movies “Slime City”, Undying Love (New York Vampire), Naked Fear and the writer of such horrorifying tales of fiction “Johnny Gruesome”, “Personal Demons” and nonfiction “Cheap Scares”.

What drew you to doing a sequel to Slime City after all this time?

Back when we made … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: On the Set of ‘Born to Die’


Jay Mager had offered me a small character role in “Born to Die”. There was an nice scene at the start of the movie and then a silent appearance in the middle and then a very brief appearance at the end. The role was called “The Asian” which was a crime boss who had been marked up by knife wounds around both eyes. The character is not likable, an egoist and a pretty much a pig. Jay told me … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: ‘Decayed’ and Buffalo Nickel Productions


I was able to get some time with Emil Novak of Buffalo Nickel Productions to talk to him about his movie, “Decayed” that is currently in production Thanks for taking some time out to talk to me about your movies..

What interests you in wanting to film a horror movie?
My interests in horror movies is simply to stir the imagination with thought provoking story and moody visuals. I would rather scare … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Matty Mask


Continuing on working on the local Buffalo scene of filmmaking I was able to talk to Matthew Patterson (otherwise know as Matty Mask). He is most famous for his deathmask of Johnny Gruesome and for his love of coffee. I asked him to tell us a little about him and his work:

“My influences are varied but a main theme in them is 1970s monster comics, toys, magazines, movies, and TV. Also, Clifton hill, Canada, plays a significant … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: ‘House of Horrors’ – The movie


I recently had a chance to talk to Dan Monroe , the busy director/writer of the movie “House of Horrors”, which is currently in production in Buffalo, NY. One of the settings for the movie is the real House of Horrors which is one of Western New York’s Largest Haunted Houses.

They state they are:”Western New York’s Largest and Most Terrifying Haunted House

The House Of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs are almost twice the size … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: ‘Pigman’ and ‘Born to Die’


I caught up to Jay Mager who is the writer/director of the upcoming movie “Born to Die” and filmed a short film about the local legend of the Pigman. I asked him to tell us more about the two very different projects:

The Pigman

What drew me to The Pigman? The answer to that question is probably a good 14 years or so in the making. I first heard the legend surrounding … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: ‘Gore’ the film


Of the many Buffalo movies that are in production or going into production the first I want to talk about is a movie called “Gore”. 
I asked Adam Steigert (producer/director/writer) to give us a story synopsis of the movie:

In 1978, after a string of gruesome cannibalistic killings, Detective William Sanders successfully brought the deformed killer known as Gore to justice. It is now 2008 and Gore has faded from the headlines, but he … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Banshee Night for the Insomniac



The Insomniac was invited to the annual Halloween Party at the Buffalo Central Terminal. For those who have never witnessed the glorious art deco building which has fallen into ghoulish decay, it is a truly breathtaking sign and the perfect place for a horror bash. To see the Terminal second-hand check out “Prison of the Psychotic Damned” or a rerun of the episode of “Ghost Hunters” that featured it.

Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: After Dark Film Festival Part Two


After Dark Film Festival Part Two:

Mini Reviews from the Toronto After Dark Film Festival:

“Idiots & Angels” (2008)
An animated fable from writer/animator Bill Plympton. A delightfully dark, funny and touching look at selfish ass hole who suddenly grows angel wings that force him to act against his will. The film is without dialogue but will draw you in quickly with its powerful images and characters. A sarcastic movie that isn’t afraid to … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Top 12 Horror Christmas Classics

The Christmas Season is known for good will to all men and for giving of yourself. Thankfully for the Horror Fan it also means giving until it hurts (and in these cases it is hurting someone else). If you are tired of seeing that same old Christmas special again here is a list of movies (in no real order) that may keep the sugar away and the chills near by. Grab some wine and sit … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Vampire Killers


When you find yourself awake at all hours you find yourself feeling like a vampire, and start wondering if you really have a coffin in your basement. I love all things vampires, from the original novel Dracula to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (television version please) to even the Dracula that was part of the campy Cliffhangers series.

I find the bloodsuckers to be sexy, scary and down right cool. Some of the movies that have come out … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Horror News updates – 11.24.2008

Buffalo and it’s surrounding area seems to be hopping with filmmakers. Everyone with a camera seem to be out on the streets filming or at least looking through Ms. Nikki’s window. Last Saturday there was the highly successful sneak peek of “Something Dark” (Buffalo Nickel Productions/Nightmare Kinetics) and “Resident Horror” (X-Strike Studios). Before the movies trailers from the area were shown “Bitez”, “The Pigman”, “Tesla” and “Banshee” was played for crowd who appeared to be most impressed with the … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Horror News updates – 11.21.2008

Some News from the Insomniac:

I attended a book signing for “Cheap Scares” and “Johnny Gruesome” by Greg Lamberson. The signing included some drama from a crazy person who would say “Yeah that’s right” to every other thing that Greg said and then gave us a story of how the gun was not facing us but away (which I for one am thankful for). After claiming that another member of the audience had destroyed his peanut butter … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Horror News updates – 11.04.2008

Some News from the Insomniac:

Those crazy guys from Low Budget Pictures are filming a revenge movie in the wilds of Rochester New York. The Insomniac and Ms Nikki were almost involved in the production, but they moved and didn’t leave us forwarding addresses. Story of our lives. The production seems to be the story of a gang of women raping and killing every poor man they cross. Some guys are just lucky I guess.

Continue reading

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