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Film Review: Galaxy Quest (1999)

SYNOPSIS: “Eighteen years after their sci-fi adventure show ‘Galaxy Quest’ was canceled, actors Jason Nesmith, Gwen DeMarco, Alexander Dane, Tommy Webber and Fred Kwan are making appearances at sci-fi conventions and store openings in costume and character. They’re wallowing in despair and at each other’s throats until aliens known as Thermians arrive and, having mistaken the show for fact and …

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Film Review: Ink (short film) (2016)

SYNOPSIS: A traumatized woman seeks penance and personal transformation through tattooing after surviving a devastating pregnancy. One night, drenched in booze and ink, her deepest fears threaten to consume her. REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have INK, a short from Canada written and directed by Ashlea Wessel. I have said before how much I love these horror shorts …

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Film Review: Boy Toys (short film) (2015)

SYNOPSIS: Two beautiful but vane men must survive and escape their cheerful hell as they are tormented by their unseen overlord. REVIEW: OK more short films, kiddies! Today we have BOY TOYS, a Canadian film directed by Trevor Kristjanson and based on a story by Trevor Kristjanson and Bjorn William Jakobson. The tagline for this film is “A child’s imagination …

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Film Review: Razors The Return of Jack the Ripper (2016)

SYNOPSIS: The first installment in an exciting new horror franchise. A young writer believes she has discovered the holy grail of terror, the knives used by Jack the Ripper for his notorious murders. REVIEW: True crime is a popular subject right now. People are addicted to movies, television, and even podcasts devoted to recounting murders. This past year alone has …

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Film Review: The Neighbor (2016)

SYNOPSIS: John and Rosie are drug traffickers looking to leave their lives behind. While saving for an escape to Mexico, in the town of Cutter, Mississippi, their lives become threatened by the secrets of their neighbor. REVIEW: Directed by: Marcus Dunstan Starring: Josh Stewart, Melissa Bolona, Alex Essoe, Bill Engvall Another entry in the long line of horror movies positing …

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Film Review: The Evil Gene (2015)

SYNOPSIS: FBI agent Griff Krenshaw is dispatched to solve a murder at a federal correctional facility for inmates with a rare genetic defect that leads to psychosis and violence. Once there, Griff becomes convinced that the facility is plagued by a much darker force REVIEW: Perhaps the greatest strength of science fiction is it’s ability to discuss big ideas. Philosophy, …

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Film Review: Hell House LLC (2015)

SYNOPSIS: The opening night of a haunted house taking place in an abandoned hotel, a tragedy occurs. Several years later, with the help of a convenient if not suspicious, amount of found footage, a documentary crew attempts to piece together the events of that night. REVIEW: Director: Stephen Cognetti Starring: Gore Abrams, Danny Bellini, Ryan Jennifer, Jared Hacker, Adam Schneider …

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Film Review: Tales That Witness Madness (1973)

SYNOPSIS: An eccentric psychiatrist introduces a colleague to four particularly bizarre cases, each being the subject of a short story. There’s a boy and his lethal imaginary friend, an antique dealer who slips back and forth in time, a man who becomes romantically involved with a tree stump, and a Hawaiian author planning a very ghoulish luau. REVIEW: Since 1924’s …

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