Delamorte’s Dungeon: March Madness Edition

delamorte column 16

Hello there Fiend Club!
So here we are. . it’s March and I have so much madness in store for you all! I am now in a new location with a brand new love. . but the freakish fun will continue the exact same way! Just like the homicidal Dexter Morgan. . I am unleashing my “Dark Passenger” on the streets of sunny Florida. . and I hope to meet some new faces real … Continue reading

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Delamorte’s Dungeon: 02.18.11 – Horror News Updates

let me in 3

Hey there punks!  I am so very sorry for the time it has taken for me to finally bring you the second edition. I have been extremely busy bringing you the greatest horror has to offer. . past and present. . in other arenas! Hopefully you are a part of that already. . you are welcome. . with open arms to strangle you with. Haha! But. . I’m back and ready to rock! Well,it’s February … Continue reading

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Delamorte’s Dungeon: 1st Edition – Horror News Updates

dungeon column 14

Well hello there Fiend Club! I’m baaack! Hellish New Year to you all. . oh man. . I am so happy to be back at Horrornews. I have always been loyal to this site as well as the great editors and staff that bring the pain! Whoo! Alright, so welcome to the premiere of my very own column, Delamorte’s Dungeon! How cool is this? Such an honor. . I must tell you. I … Continue reading

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