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Book Review: Gene Simmons House of Horrors TPB


written by “various”
Art by “various”
Published by IDW Publishing

Publication Date: 2008
Format: Color – 192 pages
Price: $27.99

A wonderful collection of haunting, macabre and eerie tales brought to you from the demon himself, Gene Simmons. Straight off the IDW production line we have the graphic novel “Gene Simmons – House of Horrors”. This packed edition contains all the contents of the series by the same … Continue reading

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Book Review: Driver for the Dead – Issue 1


Radical Publishing always put a smile on my face as they constantly introduce new and exciting titles. The latest which I’m looking over is 1 of 3 on a new series titled ” Driver for the Dead”. Now to quickly describe what Driver for the dead is too take bits of “Constantine”, “Supernatural TV series” and Transporter and role them into a tale about a man who deals with life’s dirty work. … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Rising – premiere issue


The Rising premier issue. This new series is kept short and sweet at least on it’s debut issue. Right off the bat, readers will be blown away by the top notch artistry in this one.

The issue is light on text so much will have to be understood thru visuals. It appears that the military are at war wit the DRACS but back at home, there is a peace treaty being negotiated. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hotwire – Deepcut – Issue 1


Looks like Alice Hotwire is back!  After living a recluse for 6 months and recovering from her spout with the “blues”, she is needed back on the force to deal with these ramped ghosts and specters. It also seems she has been keeping company with an old boyfriend  “blue” who really is against all she stands for.

Being super smart has been somewhat of a curse for Alice … Continue reading

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Book Review: Arkham Asylum – Author Grant Morrison

Arkham Asylum 1

Since his creation, the Batman has undergone a variety of radical reassessments. From the camp parody version of the sixties, to the dark vigilante of the seventies, to the big-budgeted merchandising exercises of the nineties, finally to arrive in this new century with a film adaptation that seems to please both Batman fans and mainstream audiences alike. But the character was taken to new extremes by innovative Scottish writer Grant Morrison with the 1989 release … Continue reading