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Top 5 List of Horror Themed Slot Games

Emotionally gripping and strikingly different to any other genre, horror is an acquired taste which nevertheless enjoys great popularity across the entertainment industry. From music to cinema, books and theatre, the horror genre also holds a prominent place in the gaming industry. We are not only talking about computer games and console products you can enjoy on your favourite station …

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Top 60 Disturbing Horror Music Videos of All Time – Part 5

41- Marilyn Manson – Tourniquet Marilyn Manson excels in disturbing videos, though most of this goes to director Floria Sigismondi who knows how to connect nightmares and music under one shell. MM is the perfect subject model to experiment with in surreal situations. This remains one of the top disturbing music videos of all time. 42- Slipknot – Wait And …

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