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Book Review: Supernatural – The Official Companion Season 3 – Author Nicholas Knight


by Nicholas Knight
Published by Titan Books
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color / B&W- 160 pages
Price: $14.95

Well I suppose I’m starting backwards as I’m reviewing Season 3 before the first 2, but as all you Supernatural fans know each season is its own beast and season 3 is no exception. We are greeted by an introduction from non other … Continue reading

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Book Review: Swamp Baby – Author Adra Steia


Author Adra Steia
Published by Tease Publications
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Black /White – 204 pages
Price: $12.99

“Its not the swamp you should fear. What comes out of it is much worse… It’s not the physical pain- It’s the agony of loss.”

Dear, dear Suwannee may very well be a bit of an idiot. Her recent ex-husband, Michael is not getting the point that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Still – Author Charlee Jacob


Author Charlee Jacob
Published by Necro Publications
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Black /White – 342 pages
Price: $19.95
“Photograph. Snapshot (Shot). Still.
Still. Silent. Dead.

Still. Still Life. Still Death.

He did know that the dictionary definition of ‘still life’ referred to a portrait of inanimate objects- flowers, fruit, furniture. Nothing alive, that is. And it cut him to think that this was what … Continue reading

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Book Review: Succulent Prey – Author Wrath James White


by Wrath James White
Published by Leisure Fiction
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Black /White – 307 pages
Price: $7.99

Something to sink your teeth into…

Ever wondered what it would feel like to feast on an actual human being? Have you ever felt this strong urge to go out and abduct someone because you’ve felt this hunger that was unlike anything you have ever experienced … Continue reading

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Book Review: Stiff – The Curious Life of Human Cadavers – Author Mary Roach


by Mary Roach
Published by W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: 2003
Format: Black /White – 303 pages
Price: $23.95

What happens to us when we die? Not our souls persay, but our bodies?
Do we lay there in a glorious light like a scene out of a Shakespearean play, do we rot and decay like the bodies … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Choice – Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World – Author Mike Bara


The Choice: Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World

By now if you have been keeping up with the literary reads on current events, subjections, projections, and new age concern, you have most likely been thru a dozen or more books that try and break down the metaphysical change that is just beyond the horizon. The book seems to start at by appealing to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Spooksville – The Bone Jangels Cases – Issue 1


Writer: Justin Fox
Artist: John C. Narcomey Jr.
Editor: Daryl Auclair
Publisher:High Tower Comics
Publication Date: 2008
Format: B&w- 32 pages
Price: $5.00

“Welcome to Spooksville. A demented city full of ghouls and ghosts. One particular ghoul is the skeleton detective, Bone Jangles. In this premiere issue, Bone Jangles must protect the Eyeball Kid, soul heir to the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Vampire Lovers – Author Gavin Baddeley


Vampire Lovers; Screen’s Seductive Creatures of the Night

Vampire Lovers, now your probably thinking why in the world am I reviewing a book with a title like that. Well my friends titles can be deceiving.

In Gavin Baddeley’s Vampire Lovers, he documents the history of the sexiest vampires in film and TV.

If you are a lover of the vampire genre this is a must for your collection. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Stay Dead – The Stranger and Tunnel Rats – Author Steve Wands


Author Steve Wands
Published by Apparatus Revolution
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Black & White – 46 pages
Price: $4.99 for hard copy, free for download

“They had the sickness. At least that’s what some people were calling it, as if a bottle of cough syrup would set you right again. Jennifer—unsure of how she had the strength to do it—managed … Continue reading

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Book Review: Frank Frazettas Swamp Demon – Issue 1


Writer: Joshua Ortega
Art & Cover art by: Josh Medors & Jay Fotos
Variant covers by: Frank Frazetta & Nat Jones
From Image Comics
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Full Color, 32 pages
Price: $3.99


Another one of Frank Frazetta’s classic paintings comes to life with the “Frank Frazetta’s Swamp Demon” one-shot. This time Frank Frazetta Comics and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Witch Craft – Compiled by Margaret McGuire & Alicia Kachmar


Compiled by Margaret McGuire & Alicia Kachmar
Published by Quirk Classics
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Color – 96 pages
Price: $14.95

“Double, double, toil and trouble! The instructions in Witch Craft will help you conjure up 25 totally wicked treasures – everything from vampire bite necklaces to graveyard cupcakes. You’ll also … Continue reading

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Book Review: Grave Humor – Author M.T. Coffin


Received a cool little book today titled “Grave Humor”. It’s appeal really is in its simplicity. It’s a book about gravestones. No, not just fancy ornate ones but the ones that have a tone of humor to them.

Some of course more literal than others. An author that goes by the name of M.T. coffin has assembled from his collection a small picture book of humorous grave stones.

Is there humor in … Continue reading


Book Review: Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie – Author Mark Millar


Well hopefully when you pick up this sharp little read, you’d have already seen the movie it’s referring to. The book in a sense is an overview and tribute. Chock full of color photos, production stills, set designs, drawings, comic rendering, actor profiles, script breakdowns and a whole lot more….it’s easy to say that the book like the movie “kicks ass”.

The book is authored by Mark Millar as so prominently featured … Continue reading

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Book Review: Biblio Vampiro – Author Robert Curran


Biblio Vampiro: An Essential Guide to Vampires and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them

In my opinion one of the coolest things that I’ve seen with the increase in vampire visibility the last few years is the emergence of even cooler looking books published. Content aside, the publishers really go all out with all the visual treats and this edition titled “Biblio Vampiro” is no exception. Sporting a stylized cover reminiscent of old … Continue reading

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Book Review: Curse of the Full Moon – Editor James Lowder


I love werewolves; I think that they are the coolest and creepiest of all the monsters in the world of horror. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, they never get any love. Zombies have had their time in the spotlight and for the last year or so vampires have been all the rage. When are my beloved lycanthropes going to get their time to shine?

Most people just aren’t into werewolves, and as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter – Author Brain P. Easton


The werewolf. Simply put a monster of legend that has been, for the most part, ignored in modern horror. Vampires are all the rage in current pop culture leaving a void where the lycanthrope should be right along side them. Brain P. Easton remedies the lack of werewolves in new dark fiction with a vengeance in his amazing new novel ‘Autobiography of a Werewolf’.

The story starts with the main character, Sylvester … Continue reading

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