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Book Review: Off the Rails and Other Tales – Author Jason L. Liquori


By Jason L. Liquori

A collection of delightfully depraved bone chilling terror is summarized by title as follows:

BANKER’S HOURS: A band of retired bank robbers plot one last heist and tend not to lichen they get more than what they’d bargained for.

NIGHT CRAWL: Walter, Harry and Rachel roam the dense brush in search of refugee in a remote cabin from the unearthly creepy crawly beetle … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pavlov’s Dog’s – Authors D.L. Snell | Thomas Brannan


Pavlov’s Dogs
Authors D.L. Snell and Thomas Brannan
Permuted Press

Werewolves! Zombies! Armageddon! Now there’s a good tagline. This is a wonderfully engrossing and satisfying book which has all the hallmarks of a classic horror novel, whilst mixing two beloved beasts in one tale. Despite its title, it’s not about physiologist Ivan Pavlov and his investigations into the gastric workings of dogs, which is probably a good thing.

This is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zombie Apocalypse Preparation – Authors David Houchins | Scot Thomas


Zombie Apocalypse Preparation: How to Survive in an Undead World and Have Fun Doing It!
Authors: David Houchins and Scot Thomas
Permuted Press

Oh yes, thank you very much indeed, David and Scot, for putting this delightful thing out there. “Zombie Apocalypse Preparation: How to Survive in an Undead World and Have Fun Doing It!” is a wonderfully entertaining, funny and observant book which does exactly what it says in … Continue reading


Book Review: Sherlock Holmes on Screen – Author Alan Barnes


Sherlock Holmes on Screen

This book covers the complete history of how many times Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed in films and on television. It looks at the different time periods, the different actors who have played the role of Holmes, and discusses how the character has had a major influence on pop culture.

I have never really been into Sherlock Holmes (I have always preferred Poe’s very underrated detective C. Auguste Dupin personally) … Continue reading

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Book Review: Switchblade Goddess – Author Lucy Snyder


“Once you been noticed by the gods- and believe me, Jessie, you’ve been noticed all right- you have to choose your alliances carefully. There are wars going on right now with stakes and consequences you can’t even imagine. Every human is born to die, but people are good at making new people; humanity will continue no matter how many souls I take. So my murdering of another little town isn’t what you … Continue reading

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Book Review: Detritus – Editors S.S. Michaels | Kate Jonez


Detritus, Edited by S.S. Michaels and Kate Jonez

I’m a big fan of anthologies, and always look forward to new ones. Anthologies were big in the 80s, and I have a bunch on my shelf. They seem to be making a comeback; I’ve been seeing a lot of calls for submissions for anthologies recently, and that’s great.

Detritus is an okay anthology, not great. There are no bad stories; however, a lot of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pazuzu’s Girl – Author Rachel Coles


Pazuzu’s Girl
By Rachel Coles

Pazuzu and Lugal are human incarnates of Mesopotamia with unearthly powers. An ancient tablet of destiny is stolen from the goddess Lamashtu. As a result the two are exiled to exist among humans as their infinite sentencing.

Gradually indication the two with supernatural powers can no longer keep up with their cleaver contemporary disguise. As nosey neighbours, meddlesome community members and the school system notice that something is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Plague Town – Author Dana Fredsti


Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

Synopsis-A college town is placed under quarantine by the military after a virus causes a zombie outbreak to occur. After being attacked by a herd of zombies and surviving Ashley finds out that she is a “Wild Card”-the term used by the military for people who are immune to the effects of the virus. She is teamed up with a small group of wild cards and they set out … Continue reading

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Book Review: Woman Scorned – Author Angela Alsaleem


Woman Scorned – Angela Alsaleem

Camilla is raped and brutally murdered at the hands of a corrupt police officer. She wakes up dead, oblivious to the fact she’s crossed over into another realm of existence. As she collects herself, consumed in despair and distraught she begins to walk along the road side, hauntingly closer to her ultimate fate.

Libitina is an aspiring mortician in training and steals Camilla’s body from a nearby hospital morgue. … Continue reading

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Book Review: 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die – Editor Steven Jay Schneider


While its shockingly gleaming cover sporting a demonic Linda Blair screams out of the shelves with an almost haunting curiosity, it’s the contents that make this edition a rich little friend to accompany you on outings. Another from the “Barron’s” 101 Movies collection, this tiny fat boy edition offers some great suggestive reading and influential recommendations to fill your evening with plenty of horrific cinematics. It begins so humbly with it’s early … Continue reading

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Book Review: Night Terrors II – Editors Theresa Dillon | Marc Ciccarone


Blood Bound Books
2011, 235 pages, 28 stories

Just when you thought it was safe to crawl back into bed … we’ve got a new set of terrors! If Night Terrors made you pray for dawn, Volume II will send you into total madness. Step inside the secret chambers of the Vatican and experience the dark side of the papal elections. Meet people only a mother could love, … Continue reading

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Book Review: By Wizard Oak – Author Peter Crowther


It is October and for those of us who like to read Horror Fiction this is a time of year we look forward to. Why, you ask? Not only is this our favorite time of the year but this is also when Paul Miller of Earthling Publications gets ready to release his latest book in his critically acclaimed and much loved Halloween Series. This is the seventh book in the series which … Continue reading

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Book Review: Black Butterflies – Author Kurt Newton


Written by Kurt Newton
Published by Sideshow Press
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Black & White – 60 pages
Price: $12.00

I’ll admit this before I get going … I’m a bit of a Kurt Newton fan boy. I published his truly gut-wrenching mind-altering short story “Butter Red and Diamond Eyes” in my (now defunkt) online venue Horror Quarterly – (I republished it in the “Best … Continue reading

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Book Review: Kincaid – A Paranormal Casebook – Author William F. Nolan


Kincaid-A Paranormal Casebook

A collection of three stories chronicling the adventures of David Kindcaid, a paranormal investigator who is very similar to Carl Kolchak from the old television series “Kolchak: The Night Stalker.” The book follows Kincaid as he investigates cases that have supernatural and horror related elements, and he finds himself up against some truly odd things during his adventures. The first story sees him looking into a series … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Skull Ring – Author Scott Nicholson


Written by Scott Nicholson
Published by: Ghostwriter Publications/Haunted Computer Books
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Black / White – 328 pages
Price: $14.95

If you like your reading material dark with atmosphere as thick as Appalachian forests and with as many twists and tilts as Appalachian mountain roads then I recommend the Skull Ring by Scott Nicholson. The Skull Ring is horror/thriller of fine caliber that does a great … Continue reading

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Book Review: Doguhn – Author Jason Barthelemy


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved fantasy and stories about other worlds and beings/creatures that were not of our realm. So when the first book I was to review was of the fantasy genre, I was more than happy to have the chance to read and review it.

Jason Barthelemy’s “Doguhn” tells the story of a young man by the name of Guy Kruspe who moves to a small town in an … Continue reading

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