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We at love our horror literature! In fact, we've got more coming in than we can schedule time to read. None-the-less we are committed to getting your novels read, reviewed, and archived to share with the rest of the world. Don't trust the (often) marketed opinions of "Amazon" and "Wikipedia"?, That's ok, we have no Marketing agenda other than getting your product reviewed and listed

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Book Review: Gone Feral – Author Ted Nulty


Gone Feral
By: Ted Nulty
358 Pages

After a chemical outbreak has wreaked havoc on society it doesn’t take long to realize the aftermath has affected humans as well as mammals. Turning creatures into bloodthirsty corpses hell-bent on ravaging all within site, a group of Marine personnel and everyday civilians strive to survive. Following the chronicles of several characters in San Diego, Bemidji, Minnesota and Atlanta we find out what it takes … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jackpot – Authors: Various


Jackpot – by Shane McKenzie, David Bernstein, Kristopher Rufty, and Adam Cesare
Sinister Grin Press, 2014

Jackpot is the story of a young man named Booker who, after years of playing the lottery, finally hits it big. $200,000,000 big! He has been thinking about this for a long time, planning how he might spend his newly acquired riches. But before he can spend his first dollars, he has to deal with … Continue reading

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Book Review: Abram’s Bridge – Author Glenn Rolfe


Abram’s Bridge
By: Glenn Rolfe
Samhain Publishing

74 Pages

L’il Ron Sawyer isn’t your ordinary, everyday adolescent boy. With few friends, the new kid in town and forced to live with his estranged alcoholic father and grandmother he has very little in terms of sanctuary. One day while riding by Abram’s Bridge he spots a vision so angelic he’s rendered awestruck. Climbing down the embankment he soon finds out the apparition is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dead Tide – Author Stephen A. North


Dead Tide
By: Stephen A. North
Permuted Press Publishing
237 Pages

An onslaught of a virus outbreak has devoured civilization in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Residents strive to stay alive while government officials responsible for the disaster attempt to flee abandoning all social responsibility and liability.

As a novel critic one may only imagine the extent in sheer volume of books sent my way. On average I can estimate anywhere … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Room: The Definitive Guide – Author Ryan Finnigan


My first reaction?

Wow….if there is a book solely dedicated to this crappy film toting it as cult phenomenon, then the film “must” be worth checking out. I admit it, I didn’t jump on the wagon when it arrived back in 2003. The movie, that is…had escaped my interest.

Since word of this press release, I took it upon myself to give the film my undivided attention. After all, I didn’t wanted to miss … Continue reading

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Book Review: Still The Shadows – Author Elizabeth Fields


Still The Shadows
By Elizabeth Fields
117 Pages

A collection of four short stories with a common theme of the macabre.

Flypaper: A young couple’s car breaks down and they seek help in the most precarious of circumstances.

The Apartment: A first person account of one woman’s experience with malicious spirits.

Cinnamon: First person point of view in how one young woman’s obsession with exterminating a spider goes awry.

The Change: Ezra … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Manufacturer of Sorrow – Author Michelle Scalise


I love poetry and I love horror. Unsurprisingly, I have a soft spot for horror poetry. Unfortunately, like many expressions of horror, the amount of subpar work by cheap, gimmicky hacks makes the entire genre I adore look like shit. Because of that, I tend to be pretty damn harsh on poetry. Unless I like it, then I glow like a worm on Christmas eve and spew my joy all over you (yes, the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The End In All Beginnings – Author John F.D. Taff


The End In All Beginnings
By: John F.D. Taff
Grey Matter Press
330 Pages

A collection of five short story/novellas with a central theme of loss of love, innocence and youth.

What Becomes God-A young boy will do anything to save his best friend of a terminal illness regardless of the consequences.

Object Permanence-Chris Stadler is institutionalized in a psychiatric facility and struggles to break free to return to a family … Continue reading

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Book Review: Exponential – Author Adam Cesare


 I can’t remember the last straight-up monster book that I’ve read. Probably some book about Bigfoot or something when I was younger. It’s not even that I don’t like the creature features, but more that my tastes usually lay in a more reality-centered realm, where there are far more serial killers and devil-worshippers than there are monsters hiding in the dark. So leave it to Adam Cesare (Video Night, The Summer Job, and … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: The Good and the Bad | Run for Your Life Nick McClusky


The Good and the Bad – Author Jack Bantry
Run for Your Life Nick McClusky – Author Nathan Robinson

Splatterpunk – 2014

In the already established tradition of keeping things punk and keeping things DIY (which seem like they should be synonymous, but too often are not), Jack Bantry and Splatterpunk are not only in the business of releasing a high quality zine full of hardcore horror, but they’ve got signed, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Axes of Evil – Edited by Alex S. Johnson


A Heavy Metal Horror Anthology
Edited by Alex S. Johnson
Chupa Cabra House Publishing
576 Pages

A mammoth collection of thirty-three tales with a common theme surrounding heavy metal folklore, legends and horror that will exhilarate even the blackest of souls.

Mourningstar By Del James-Destruction likes on the horizon for Rhain, Wraith, Revile and Ruin collectively known as Mouringstar at their last gig.

All The Rage By … Continue reading


Book Review: Prisoner 489 – Author Joe Lansdale

prisoner 489

Joe Lansdale. If I have to tell you about him, I’m not sure I want to talk to you any more. The premier purveyor of sun-baked Texas grit and straight up goddamn oddity has been tapped by Dark Regions Press to be paired with artist Santiago Caruso for the second of their Black Labrynth novellas. If you don’t recall, I kinda liked the last one, so let’s see how this puppy stacks … Continue reading

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Book Review: Equilibrium Overturned – Authors Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson


Edited by Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson
Grey Matter Press
322 Pages

A collection of fourteen tales with a sense of unbalance challenging perception as we know it

The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder By Jeff Hemenway-Kristoff a murderer is used as a test subject in a psylink to unveil the true darkness that lies within.

Amnion By John Everson-A researcher may have discovered the fountain of youth comes … Continue reading


Book Review: Everyone Hates a Hero – Author Gregory L Hall


You probably know Greg Hall. He’s the Friday night piggy-petter and grand poobah of the no-pants zone who gives out 80’s headshots with the, ahem, personalized inscription stating that you are indeed his favorite writer. He gets some of the biggest names in horror on his podcast, the Funky Werepig, but never forgets to leave room for those writers struggling to get noticed. Also, he’s torn up the floor at  the big boy dance … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dark Frequencies – Author Timothy Lee Frasier


This short horror story collection includes stories about a demonic little girl, the spirit of an evil clown, a zombie apocalypse, a malevolent radio that sends its users to different dimensions, and many others.


I recently met Timothy Lee Frasier at the Providence Literary Festival in Kentucky where we were both guests and thought that he was an all around awesome person. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Travelogue of Horror – Author Tony Urban


As a fan of the genre, I tend to get really excited when a cool new book release arrives on the scene. I’ve seen my share of “movie catalog” book releases but this release is actually the first publishing I’ve seen that takes the time to map out what most of us would love to have on hand for off road vacations.

Namely the details on discovering old movie locations used in classic horror … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crime Seen – Author Michaelbrent Collings


By Michaelbrent Collings
231 Pages

A police detective Evan White is haunted by the murder of his wife Val. As the body count rises a relentless killer is hell bent and determined to show Evan his wife’s murder was only the beginning to all the carnage around them.

Author Michaelbrent Collings delivers in spectacular suspense fuelled action in Crime Seen. His infectious style and prose lures the reader instantly into … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Art of Greg Spalenka – Author Greg Spalenka


The cover says it all. A mixture of beauty, technique, spiritually, experimentation and style. Greg Spalenka has been churning out paintings and illustrative work for decades. A collection captured under one volume is a blessing to artists and enthusiasts of all things interesting. This recent release is titled “The Art of Greg Spalenka” now coming under the wing of Titan Books.

It probably goes without saying, but having one’s works showcased under a Titan … Continue reading

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Book Review: Legacy – Author JG Faherty

By JG Faherty
Samhain Publishing
71 Pages

Sean Black is not your ordinary, regular, everyday teen growing up in a small town of New Hope, Massachusetts. As ominous, debilitating nightmares of a Lovecraftian type creature devour his rest each night, he struggles to cope within the day light hours. As an impending storm threatens to descend upon the sleepy town he begins to sense his nightmares have begun to eclipse … Continue reading

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Book Review: 14 – Author Peter Clines

By Peter Clines
345 Pages
Permuted Press Publishing

Nate Tucker is a man simmering in his own juices of mediocrity. While his peers are married, having kids and excelling in their respective careers, he feels trapped within his own under achievement. Working as a data entry clerk he realizes his limited income can no longer pay the rent. At an office get together a co-worker tells him of a real … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jamais Vu – Issue 1 – Editor Paul Anderson


For a very, very short amount of time, back in the mid-1990’s, just after Headbanger’s Ball was cancelled, there was a show on MTV called SuperRock (bear with me here, this will make sense shortly). Rather than only playing heavy metal videos, SuperRock covered a wider variety. On a normal night, you might catch a Bad Religion video, then a Faith No More video, and then a Public Enemy video. They essentially tapped into … Continue reading

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