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Book Review: The Dead That Walk – Author Stephen Jones


Zombies are everywhere today (not literally, thankfully). Everywhere you turn you’ll find a new movie, video game, book, TV show, or comic book that features the undead flesh eaters. They have been a staple in the horror genre for decades and are as popular today as they were when a filmmaker named George A. Romero did a little movie about them in the 60’s. The Dead that Walk is a collection of zombie stories written … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bloodlock (2008)


  SYNOPSIS: After suffering a nervous breakdown as a result of the death of her mother, Christine and her unfaithful husband Barry (as well as her slutty sister Lisa) move into a new house. They soon discover a huge metal door with a strange lock on it in the basement. After several unsuccessful attempts to open it Christine becomes obsessed with what could possibly be locked up behind the door and seeks help from a … Continue reading

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Film Review: P*rno (2010)


SYNOPSIS: P*rno” is three short films that don’t really have anything to do with each other other than the fact that sex is involved (then again, what did you expect from a film called “P*rno?”). The first one is about two horny high school girls, the second revolves around a one night stand and a man’s odd fetish, and the third and final one is about a blind woman and the man that she basically … Continue reading

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Film Review: Inbred Redneck Vampires (2004)


  SYNOPSIS: A vampire chick and her incompetent lackey end up in a small town full of an assortment of rednecks, white trash, and just back woods idiots in general. It isn’t long before the town’s residents are being turned into bloodsucking vampires and all sorts of goofiness ensue. REVIEW: In my opinion it is extremely rare to find a good horror/comedy film. I think that the biggest majority of them are pretty lousy (such … Continue reading

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About Todd Martin

Todd Martin grew up in Irvington, a small town in Kentucky. Thanks to his mother, father, and favorite uncle he started watching horror films at a very young age and has been a horror geek ever since. He is basically a walking encyclopedia of horror flicks (especially the 80’s slashers), comic books, and pro wrestling, and has been writing for the biggest majority of his life.

His first book, Nightmare Tales was published in 2006 and he has had several short stories published in several collections. He and his wife Trish published their book “The Gardener,” a horror novel that is a throwback to the slasher films of the 80’s in 2011 and he is working on a collection of short horror stories When he isn’t reviewing movies and books or doing interviews for he has been known to act from time to time as he has appeared in a handful of low budget horror films. He also enjoys writing screenplays and enjoys making movies as well. He wrote the segment “Angel” which appeared in the 2004 film “Tales from the Grave 2: Happy Holidays!” which was produced and directed by Stephanie Beaton, and recently appeared in Tim Ritter’s film “Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare 4.”. He resides in Kentucky with his wife Trish, their cat Buffy, and their wiener dog, Cujo

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