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Book Review: The Night Projectionist – Author Robert Heske


Comic books have always been a favourite of mine. Between the ages of Eight and Twelve, I spent all of my classtime illustrating and writing my own series rather than doing my school work, and would look forward to coming home just so I could resume my work unperturbed by those irksome teachers and my fellow peers. Just recently, my passion for the craft has been reignited and I’ve probably spent much more on comic … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Necromancers, or Love Zombies Of San Diego – Author Jim Musgrave


The Necromancers, or Love Zombies Of San Diego by Jim Musgrave YA, or Young Adult novels have always been a controversial term to me as a reader. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can and typically do enjoy some of the market’s contributions, unlike some of the more pretentious literary critics out there, (I actually have a sweet tooth for books of this variety.) but the very definition of what makes a young adult is … Continue reading

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Hey, my name is Todd Crawford and I am the author of the Constellations series. I am also planning to write more books, and hopefully work on some graphic novels and films along the way! Horror has affected my life since the young age of eight, and I am glad to be on this very site making my own contributions to the genre. Feel free to check me and my books out on my Amazon page, or my Facebook at /ToddCrawfordBooks ! If you would like me to review your Horror book, please request me in a submissions email to