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Film Review: No Escuro (short film) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A girl is being haunted by the ghost of an abused child who used to occupy her room. REVIEW: All right – this was interesting. I received an email from a Brazilian writer whose short story had been made into a short film by a college there. She asked me to review her film, which I am happy to do. However, the film is (presumably) in Portuguese and has no subtitles. She assured me … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Itch – Short film (2009)


SYNOPSIS: After his girlfriend leaves him, a man has unprotected sex with a prostitute and has to deal with the ensuing infection and grotesque transformation. REVIEW: “The Itch” is a short film that clocks in at just under thirteen minutes, and has a great time being the kind of campy, over the top, low-budget horror movie that I expect from a one-star Sunday-afternoon horror-fest. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, it achieves this goal very … Continue reading

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Film Review: Kuriosity Killz (short film) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A deranged southern man is making a reality film, the latest installment for which is a date with a local blond. REVIEW: Trey McGriff’s KUROSITY KILLS is a tongue-in-cheek horror comedy that really has a great blend of elements that make up a great horror movie: a small cast, a setting in the creepy American South, a blond bombshell, a pair of psycho serial killing brothers, a very well constructed sound track, & filming … Continue reading

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Film Review: Pin – Short film (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A young girl reads words out of the wrong book that summons forth an evil creature, & the usual hilarity ensues. REVIEW: All right, this movie really is one of the reasons that I genuinely love short & independent film. I have a strong affinity for restrictive art forms that force an artist (writer, director, actor, etc) to really blossom – things like flash fiction, one-act plays, haiku, sonnets, & the like. “Pin” has … Continue reading

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Film Review: Love, Death and Blueberry Pancakes – (short film) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A contracted killer has been sent to take out the leaders of the local gangs, putting additional strain on their existing relationships. REVIEW: All right – I have a confession to make. I am not necessarily a fan of the urban jungle gang related story line, unless you throw in some sort of supernatural element like vampires or zombies. Honestly, the best part of the whole movie is the opening credits – a love … Continue reading

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