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Film Review: Franklyn (2008)


SYNOPSIS: In the futuristic Meanwhile City, a masked vigilante (Ryan Phillippe) seeks out his nemesis while in contemporary London, an art student (Eva Green) attempts to kill herself, a heartbroken lover (Sam Riley) looks for someone new and a father (Bernard Hill) searches for his son. Writer-director Gerald McMorrow’s sci-fi drama follows these desperate individuals as their lives become intertwined by fate. REVIEW: It starts out with a man that looks like a Jack Skellington … Continue reading

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Film Review: Attitude for Destruction (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A rock horror film; an epic tale of Sunset Strip-era metal, murder and mayhem. The GUNS N’ ROSES-esque band HOLLYWOOD ROSES, fronted by vocalist DRAKE, is on the verge of super-stardom and courting a major record deal with Diamond Star Records. One small problem – the label doesn’t want Drake in the band. So, the remaining band members do what any fame-hungry performer would do – they kill Drake. But Drake’s girlfriend has made … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Last Resort (2009)


SYNOPSIS: They were looking for the ultimate getaway, they planned for the perfect paradise vacation, what they’re about to get is a trip no one is prepared for. When a group of five girlfriends heads for the tropics, they relax, hit the beach and step out for a night of partying. All is fun and games, until someone gets hurt. Robbed by their tour guide and left for dead, the girls take shelter in an … Continue reading


Film Review: The 8th Plague (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Launa is obsessed with investigating the disappearance of her sister who has not returned from a recent camping trip in the mountain town of Halgyon Springs. The search leads to an abandoned prison where Launa and her friends are exposed to an ancient evil that the stone walls of Halgyon Ridge can no longer hold back. Relentless terror, gore, and bone-chilling thrills are unleashed on anyone whose soul is exposed to this demonic curse. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Sharks in Venice (2008)


SYNOPSIS: While in Venice to investigate the disappearance of his father, diver and archaeologist David (Stephen Baldwin) stumbles upon a lost Medici treasure. But when the mob learns of David’s discovery, they kidnap his girlfriend and demand that he recover the fortune. There’s only one small, flesh-eating problem: A killer shark has found its way into the city’s canal system, and David could be its dinner if he’s not careful. REVIEW: When I read the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Spiker (2007)


SYNOPSIS: A vicious killer who slays his victims with railroad spikes, Adam (Frank Zagarino) escapes an asylum and returns to a town he terrorized once before. With his nasty weapons, Adam starts laying waste to innocent teens who are unfortunate enough to cross his path. Directed by lead actor Zagarino, this gruesome slasher film co-stars David Fralick, Michael Fedele, Lou Martini Jr., Matthew Jared and Giselle Rodriguez. REVIEW: It’s another beautiful morning in Long Island … Continue reading

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Film Review: Red Velvet (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A man and a young woman have a chance encounter at a laundry mat which leads to a story about a birthday party where everyone has been killed by a madman in a white jumpsuit. REVIEW: Aaron peeks thru the peephole and sees Linda leaving to do her laundry. He quickly hops in his car and follows her to the laundry mat. As he walks by her he drops some quarters on the floor … Continue reading

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Film Review: It Waits (2005)


SYNOPSIS: After a car accident claims the life of her best friend, Danny St. Claire (Cerina Vincent) escapes to the solitude of the woods, where she works as a forest ranger in an isolated outpost. Soon, her search for inner peace is interrupted by a flesh-eating demon that was awakened by a student archeological dig several months earlier. Pitted against the stalking creature, she struggles valiantly for her life, but “it” is patient. … REVIEW: … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hallowed Ground (2007)


SYNOPSIS: After she becomes stranded in a small town, a young woman discovers her arrival there was foretold a century earlier by the town’s founding preacher and that she is an integral part of his impending – and terrifying – rebirth. REVIEW: Hallowed Ground is a film that makes you automatically think of Children of the Corn with all those cornstalks and weird overtly religious people. Liz Chambers is driving down the deserted highway in … Continue reading

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Film Review: Furnace (2007)


SYNOPSIS: It started as a murder-suicide case at a maximum security prison, but as Detective Michael Turner (Michael Paré) investigates, he finds that the truth is more terrifying. Something evil stalks the facility, a demonic force that kills indiscriminately. Turner races to stop the entity before it kills again, but how do you fight an enemy you can’t see? Ja Rule and Tom Sizemore co-star in this atmospheric horror film. REVIEW: The Furnace was about … Continue reading

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Film Review: Slaughter (UK) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Ride shotgun with a deranged, serial killing, rapist. Go inside the head of escaped mental patient, David Ward, as a he terrorizes the town of Collingwood, England. As you watch from David’s vantage point, you will see that drugs, rape, murder, and sodomy are all just a day in the life of this madman. David was kind enough to document his killing spree. Crawl inside his thoughts. REVIEW: Slaughter was a disappointing watch for … Continue reading


Film Review: Dead and Gone (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Forced to live in his late family’s creepy mountainside cabin after losing all his money, Jack Wade (Quentin Jones) struggles to maintain his sanity while caring for his comatose wife (Kathrine Bates). Instead, he descends into a world of paranoia and madness. Based on a script by Emmy-nominated songwriter-author Harry Shannon, filmmaker Yossi Sasson’s indie horror also stars Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass and Grammy Award winner Ben Moody. REVIEW: How hard it must be … Continue reading


Film Review: Demon Hunter (2005)


SYNOPSIS: Hell-bent on populating the world with his evil progeny, a demon forces women to bear his children in this supernatural horror film. With nowhere else to turn and time running out, leaders from the Catholic Church have no recourse but to employ a half-human, half-demon named Asmodeus (Billy Drago). But are his powers strong enough to stop the full-blooded demon from turning the world into a living hell? Sean Patrick Flanery co-stars. REVIEW: Demon … Continue reading

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Film Review: Diary of a Serial Killer (2008)


SYNOPSIS: He learned from the masters. REVIEW: What truly makes a serial killer? I have a neighbor whose son is truly odd. He is always wanting to hunt something. It first started with trapping squirrels. Now what’s the point of catching squirrels and just killing them? He would chase rabbits and throw rocks at them and one day he hit one in the head an killed it. His mom bought him some chickens and roosters … Continue reading

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Film Review: Creep (2005)


SYNOPSIS: Set in the bowels of London’s Underground and sewer system, this creepy tale of public transportation will make you think twice about snoozing on your next commute to work. After accidentally dozing off, Kate (Franka Potente) awakens to discover that she’s missed the last train from London — and that she may be trapped in the subterranean station for the night. But little does she know that she’s got company. … REVIEW: A hip … Continue reading

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Film Review: Long Weekend (aka Nature’s Grave) (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Peter and Carla have a wasted marriage and constant friction. Peter buys expensive camping apparatuses and despite the protests of Carla, he travels with her and their dog Cricket to camp in the isolated Moondah Beach in the North Coast with his friend Luke and his girlfriend during the rainy holiday. Peter stops in a pub in the Eggleston Hotel and leaves a message to Luke with the owner of the pub. When Peter … Continue reading

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Film Review: Look (2007)


SYNOPSIS: A high school teacher, a department store manager, a convenience store clerk, a lawyer and two sociopaths star in five interconnected stories, all filmed from the perspective of the hundreds of security cameras people pass, and ignore, every day. This fascinating drama from director Adam Rifkin underscores the increasing lack of privacy in the modern world — and asks whether people can ever be truly alone. REVIEW: Did you know that with all of … Continue reading

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Film Review: One Eyed Monster (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Adult film stars Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart reunite in this hilarious homage to horror. Stranded by a storm, the cast and crew of a p*rn flick fall prey to a vicious killer when Ron’s (Jeremy) dismembered member is possessed by a bloodthirsty alien. Now they’ll have to destroy the slithering monster before it spreads its deadly seed across the world. Amber Benson, Carmen Hart and Charles Napier also star. REVIEW: One Eyed Monster … Continue reading

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A Chance in Hell: Demented Nazis and a feral beast

Tony Wash’s A Chance in Hell has some crazy demented Nazi’s who in a desperate attempt to create the ultimate warrior, mess about with the supernatural and turn a child captured in one of their concentration camps into a feral beast. What’s he gonna do go around biting peoples ankles? Kiddin. Put you peeps on the trailer below for a snippet of what you actually see in the film. Kevin Zaidman,Steven James Price, Adam Stephenson, … Continue reading

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Scream 4: And even more Scream pics…


In Wes Craven’s 4th Scream installment, years have passed and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing is revisited by the Ghostface Killer.The horror series that reignited the genre and grossed more than $500 million worldwide is back! From Kevin Williamson, creator of the original Scream trilogy, old stars mingle along with a group of new stars, who can all hopefully stay alive long enough to figure out … Continue reading

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Red State: Smith’s fundamentalism gone to the extreme

Kevin Smith’s Red State is a horror film in which a group of misfits encounter fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America. He has been twittering up a storm about things and some of the excerpts are below. “How graphic so far, violence-wise?” You won’t forget our first kill. Guar-an-teed… – “what’s the expected runtime of RED STATE?” Feeling like 80 or 85 mins, when all’s said & done. – “im a non militant … Continue reading

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