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Book Review: How I Started the Apocalypse – Author Brian Pinkerton


I know there are a lot of zombie books out there these days, and maybe you think the authors have run out of different ways to write about them. I really like zombie stories, but I will admit a lot of them have similar plots. Then I read Brian Pinkerton’s How I Started the Apocalypse, and was pleasantly surprised. This is a zombie tale told from the zombie’s point-of-view. But this isn’t a regular shambling … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Scarecrow and The Madness – Authors Craig Saunders and Robert Essig


The Scarecrow and The Madness Craig Saunders’s The Scarecrow takes the usual creepy scarecrow story and gives it a deliciously violent twist. After the police pay a call to Madge and Bernie Rochette to let them know gypsies would be in town camping in a distant neighbor’s field, the couple finds their life turned upside down. Although Madge wasn’t too worried about the visitors, Bernie makes sure he has his shotgun to protect them from … Continue reading

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Book Review: Detritus – Editors S.S. Michaels | Kate Jonez


Detritus, Edited by S.S. Michaels and Kate Jonez I’m a big fan of anthologies, and always look forward to new ones. Anthologies were big in the 80s, and I have a bunch on my shelf. They seem to be making a comeback; I’ve been seeing a lot of calls for submissions for anthologies recently, and that’s great. Detritus is an okay anthology, not great. There are no bad stories; however, a lot of the tales … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ghost Prints – Authors Jason Gehlert, Tammy Gehlert, Robert Milby


Ghost Prints by Jason Gehlert, Tammy Gehlert and Robert Milby Ghost Prints is a collection of short stories by Jason Gehlert. There are also a couple of stories and poems by Tammy Gehlert and Robert Milby; however, this review will just concentrate on Jason Gehlert’s contributions. “The Woodsman” is the first story in the book. A group of teens wandering through the woods happen upon a cabin and take shelter from the cold. But they … Continue reading

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Book Review: Twitch – Author Thomas Scopel


TWITCH In a dark and gloomy bar, T. Roberts McBaily, a carnival owner known to his employees as McB, waits for a man who will take his money in return for a new sideshow attraction for McB’s carnival. The attraction, a small, baby-like person with no limbs and a pure-white eye caught McB’s attention at a different carnival when he was eighteen. He hasn’t been able to get the poor creature, Twitch, out of his … Continue reading

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Book Review: Slay Bells Ringing – Edited by Jeff Chitty


SLAY BELLS RINGING Slay Bells Ringing is an anthology of Christmas-themed horror stories, most of which were written by first-time published authors. This is definitely not an anthology for children to read; quite a few of the stories were extremely violent or contained explicit sexual situations. Although some of the stories were good, the editing of this anthology needed a lot of work. Every story had typos, spelling and grammatical errors, and some even had … Continue reading

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