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Vampire Diaries: A Fan’s re-Cap


(Note: This article contains spoilers for the show.) And scene! The premiere season of the CW network’s β€œVampire Diaries” came to a close this past Thursday. According to a press release from the CW, 3.48 million fans witnessed the Mystic Fall’s gang come thisclose to biting the dust. Needless to say Kevin Williamson and co. are smiling from ear to ...

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Teens and Horror


Every horror fan is familiar with the typical slasher film plot. A group of teens get into mischief and invoke the rage of some psycho killer. Most of them end up brutally dismembered with the exception of the virginal hero/heroine. Yes, we are very much β€˜in the know’ about this particular story but the question that arises: why are teens ...

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