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Film Review: Little Shop of Horrors (1986)


SYNOPSIS: Plant yourself in front of the tube and veg out with Frank Oz’s horticultural horror flick. Gawky Seymour Krelborn (Rick Moranis), looking for a way to save his job in a ramshackle, skid row flower shop, purchases a curious exotic plant hoping it will make business bloom. And it does. There’s just one problem: The little creeper possesses a rapacious appetite for fresh human plasma … and it’s mushrooming out of control! REVIEW: I … Continue reading

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Film Review: Shutter (2008)


SYNOPSIS: This American remake of a Thai horror blockbuster follows the Shaws, a young newlywed couple who become haunted by strange shadowlike images in the photographs they develop after their involvement in a car accident. As more terrifying supernatural occurrences befall them, they begin to wonder whether the photographic ghosts are connected to the accident — and to question whether they can survive learning the truth. REVIEW: Not since Thirteen Ghosts (2001) have I seen … Continue reading

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Film Review: SAW V (2008)


SYNOPSIS: When Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) learns that his secret connection to Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) will be exposed, the forensics detective embarks on a hunt to eradicate everything that links him to the serial killer in the fifth installment of the grisly horror series. Jigsaw’s legacy of torturous traps lives on and director David Hackl remains at the helm in this gruesome continuation of the franchise. Julie Benz and Scott Patterson co-star. REVIEW: Well, another year … Continue reading

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Film Review: L: Change the World (2008


SYNOPSIS: A spin-off of the popular Death Note films, L: Change The World focuses on the legendary detective L as he uses his final 23 days to solve crimes all over the world. When a young girl and boy come to him for aid, L is soon faced with what may be his most difficult case yet: stopping a group of corrupted scientists from spreading a lethal virus throughout the earth. REVIEW: Like it or … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Ring Virus (1999)


  SYNOPSIS: Inspired by Japanese writer Suzuki Koji’s novel, The Ring Virus is a thrilling supernatural tale about a journalist (Shin Eun-Kyung) taken on a wild, uncontrollable ride after she views a video that promises to bring death to anyone who sits through it. She has a week to unravel the mystery and find the tape’s source, or else she’ll die. Who sent her the tape, and whom can she trust? And, most important, will … Continue reading

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Film Review: Ichi the Killer (2001)


SYNOPSIS: Filmmaker Takashi Miike takes inspiration from Hideo Yamamoto’s manga, Koroshiya 1, to tell this bloody and bleak tale about the Japanese yakuza. Blond-coiffed Kakihara’s “mentor in crime” disappears, and Kakihara vows to find out who’s responsible. He’s also on the lookout for Ichi, a sadistic killer who may be able to inflict the level of pain Kakihara so badly craves. REVIEW: Welcome to the underworld Japan. Crime rate has hit an all new low. The … Continue reading

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