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Film Review: Jigoku (1960)


SYNOPSIS: A young student’s life spirals into the evils of hellfire after he meets a mysterious young man. REVIEW: Director: Nobuo Nakagawa Cast: Shigeru Amachi, Utako Mitsuya, Yoichi Numata,Hiroshi Izumida, Torahiko Nakamura, Fujimko Miyata The Examination: Fire and Brimstone Sensation! Although this film contains effects that are outdated by modern standards, it is a very powerful story that is based upon the Buddhist belief that sins are atoned for in the afterlife. If you enjoy relentless torture, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Epitaph (Gidam) (2007)


SYNOPSIS: Dr. Park Jung-nam browses through an old photo book and reminisces back to 1942, when Korea was occupied by Japan, and he was a young doctor in Ansaeng Hospital. During that time, strange events happen, as corpses brought to the mortuary aren’t able to rest in peace. REVIEW: Director: Jung Sik and Jung Bum-Sik Cast: Kim Tae-woo, Lee Dong-gu, Kim Bo-gyeong, Jeon Mu-song The Examination: The exact reason why NOT to hang out in … Continue reading

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Film Review: Cello (2005)


SYNOPSIS: Mi-Yu, a virtuoso cellist, survives a horrific car accident and decides to become a music teacher. But just when her life seems to be in order, a series of eerie events involving her mute daughter, a creepy new housekeeper, and a dangerously obsessed former student, makes it clear that all is not well REVIEW: Director: Lee Woo-cheol Cast: Choi Ji-yeon, Park Da-an, Hyeon-a Seong The Examination: Could someone please get a fresh idea, PLEASE?! Mi-Yu … Continue reading

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Film Review: 4bia (aka Phobia) (2008)


SYNOPSIS: 4BIA is a Horror Anthology. The first segment, “Happiness” is about a lonely girl who corresponded with a stranger over hand phone text messaging and soon discovered something strange about this new stranger that she is attracted to. “Tit For Tat” spun a tale of black magic and vengeance for a school kid that had been bullied by a school gang. “In The Middle” – a group of friends faced one of their worst … Continue reading

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Film Review: Reincarnation (Rinne) – (2005)


SYNOPSIS: Timid actress Nagisa Sugiura gets a lead role in a horror film that reenacts a mass murder. Years ago, a professor obsessed with reincarnation, killed the staff and guests of a hotel, including his own children. Nagisa has visions related to the horrendous event, and soon can’t tell the difference between the movie-shoot and the real killings. She isn’t alone, as others of roughly the same age also have visions of the past, and many of … Continue reading

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ABOUT: When someone dies amidst rage and intense wrath, those feelings remain at the death site and kills whoever it touches. My name is Kayako Saeki and I am the fulfiller of the Ju-On curse.  My life has been filled with torment. My mother, Nakagawa Kawamata, was a spirit exorcist and used me to eat the evil spirits she drove away from her patients. This caused me to be shunned and treated cruelly by all whom … Continue reading

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Film Review: Coming Soon (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A young projectionist, Chen, decides to illegally record a newly released horror movie. After falling asleep during the screening, he wakes to find that his co-conspirator has disappeared and left his camera behind. Suddenly, the horror movie that they were watching in the cinema starts to happen to them in real life. REVIEW: Director: Sophon Sakdapisit Cast: Chantawit Tanasaewe, Worakan Rojanawat Examination Results: Don’t expect edge of the seat horror You may recognize Sophon … Continue reading




ABOUT: My name is Jin-hie, although some like to call me disturbed. I like to say I was passionate. I was a schoolgirl from South Korea who was madly in love with a man named Chang-hoon. We shared many special moments together, and he was especially fond of my piano playing. His favorite song was Moonlight Sonata! Even though Chang-hoon was married, that didnĘĽt stop my love for him. To show my adoration, I even … Continue reading

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ASIAN SCREAM QUEENS: Asami Yamazaki (Audition)


ABOUT: “Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri”, the sound of a beautiful Japanese songbird to some, to others, a painful pathway to truth. You may know me from Audition, but please allow me to introduce myself, I am Asami Yamazaki. Quiet, obedient, and well spoken, I have been told that I am everything that a man desires in a woman. All I ask for is that the man in my life, love me, and only me. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Audition (1999)


SYNOPSIS: Director Takashi Miike fashions an explosive drama in Audition. Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) has lived as a widower for too long and decides it’s time to marry again. But how will he find a wife? When a friend suggests he hold a fake audition to pick the right woman, he takes him up on it — only to realize that his choice may be a better actress than he bargained for. REVIEW: Director: Takashi … Continue reading

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