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Book Review: Cold Mirrors – Author CJ Lines


You’ve been wandering aimlessly for hours, pondering the future, not really knowing what it holds, not knowing where you should go or who you should be. Always looking for answers, asking the big question: what is the point? Who hasn’t felt that at least once in their lives? Certainly, it’s a question CJ Lines keeps returning to throughout his short story collection, Cold Mirrors.” Of the fourteen stories in this book, eight of them are … Continue reading

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About Piper Morgan

Piper Morgan has a tendency to be obsessive and compulsive about many different interests before they bore her to death and she moves on to something else. She has tried her hand at everything from poetry and erotica to fiction and horror and has been published in Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine, Blood Bound Books, Pill Hill Press, and Cleis Press.