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Film Review: Feto Morto (2003)


SYNOPSIS: In a nutshell: A funny-looking geek who was born with a foetus head growing out of the side of his skull – hence the ‘Dead Fetus’ of the title – is the constant target for a group of Satan worshipping scumballs who stalk the streets looking for trouble. The geek eventually decides that enough is enough, and he goes on a voyage of discovery whereby he murders a tramp with a broken bottle, learns … Continue reading

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Film Review: I Never Left the White Room (2000)


SYNOPSIS Jeffery, a psychiatric patient, has disturbing visions, and his psychiatrist follows him in a hallucinatory sorjourn to hell. REVIEW: Directed by Michael Todd Schneider Starring Michael Todd Schneider, Eric James, Tom Colbert, (aka My Crepitus) Lucifer Valentine meets Fred Vogel in this experimental, shot on video montage, which seems designed to drive its viewers insane. I never saw the original cut, but this is the re-edit version that was released in 2007. Included are … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hated: GG Allin & the Murder Junkies (1993)


SYNOPSIS: The sneering nihilism and excesses of the punk rock movement has led to it being hijacked by talentless bozos in spikes and leather. For many, being a punk is the perfect excuse to act like a total jeb end. Case in point: GG Allin. This documentary on one of the most infamous of all death rock icons has very little to offer the viewers beyond the sordid spectacle of Allin’s on-stage antics. He was … Continue reading

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Film Review: Crazy Love (1987)


SYNOPSIS: 1987 was a great year for Charles Bukowski screen adaptations. Barbert Schroeder offered up Barfly, a low-life epic of squalor and drunkenness starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway. In the same year, Dominique Deruddere presented his debut feature, Crazy Love, a much lesser-known film that stunned the arthouse crowd with its darkly amusing and disturbing edge. But since its initial release, this film has gone on to be regarded as one of the finest … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Bride of Frank (1996)


SYNOPSIS: This is what happens when a bunch of warehouse workmates get together with a video camera to make a ‘movie’. Hopelessly amateur and inept in all areas, The Bride of Frank is nonetheless outrageous fun and often laugh-out-loud hilarious. REVIEW: Directed by Escalpo Don Balde (Steve Ballot) The story follows an old homeless bum as he abducts a little girl, smashes her head in when she gets mouthy, and then drives over her in … Continue reading

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Film Festival: Nick Zedd and The Cinema of Transgression Festival at Glasshouse, NYC ‏


NICK ZEDD & THE CINEMA OF TRANSGRESSION Just a quick heads up for anyone who can make it to New York in the next few days. Nick Zedd and The Cinema of Transgression Festival will be there from January 15-19. Full details, including schedule below… Don’t miss it. 9pm-late all nights Glasshouse 246 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211(G to Broadway, M to Lorimer, or L/G to Metropolitan-Lorimer) Entrance is free (suggested donation of $10 at … Continue reading

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Interview: Stephen Biro – President (Unearthed Films)


Stephen Biro is the President of Unearthed Films, the world’s foremost purveyors of DVD extremes. Since its launch in 2001, Unearthed Films has given the Western world such classics as Aftermath, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, and This Hollow Sacrament. Unearthed Films was the first label to officially release the Guinea Pig series from Japan in pristine transfers with a generous amount of extra bonus material. Public idiot Number 1, Charlie Sheen, famously believed that Flower of … Continue reading

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Film Review: An American Crime (2007)


SYNOPSIS: While The Girl Next Door (2007) was based on Jack Ketchum’s novelized account of this horrifying true story, Tommy O’Haver’s An American Crime goes straight to the court transcripts to present its version of events. The film opens with the 1965 court trial before inserting lengthy dramatised flashbacks to tell the story. The parents of Jenny and Sylvia Likens leave their two young girls with Gertrude Baniszewski (Catherine Keener) and her six children – … Continue reading

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Film Review: Tesis (1996)


SYNOPSIS: Angela (Ana Torrent), is a grad student writing her thesis on violent video. She gets in contact with Chema (Fele Martinez), a long haired horror geek who takes her home and introduces her to his collection of gore tapes. He plays her a mondo movie calle ‘Fresh Blood’, which shows a dead body having its brain removed. Angela’s professor has access to the university’s private video library, and he promises to have a look … Continue reading

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Film Review: Sweet Movie (1974)


SYNOPSIS: No synopsis can do this movie justice, but it basically boils down to a bunch of ‘radical’ students misbehaving on camera, with the the end result being passed off as an experimental art piece. It’s a psycho-sexual ‘comedy’ that wallows in shattered taboos, and absurdist, free-form vignettes. REVIEW: Directed by: Dusan Makevejev Starring: Carole Laure; John Vernon The film opens on a live TV show in which several women compete for the title of … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Baby of Mâcon (1993)


SYNOPSIS: In the 17th Century, encouraged by a naive and sadistic prince, a play is performed about a miraculous child exploited by both his sister and the church. Soon enough, the play becomes all too real, and rape, death and dismemberment follows as the events take on the appearance of an actual religious ritual. REVIEW: Directed by Peter Greenaway Starring: Julia Ormand, Ralph Fiennes, This cold, alienating and repetitive film starts with the ugliest woman … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Honeymoon Killers (1969)


SYNOPSIS: Bad tempered, overweight nurse, Martha (Shirley Stoler) lives at home with her overbearing mother. Ray (Tony Lo Bianco), is a Spanish immigrant and a slimey fanny rat who rips off lonely, middle-aged women of their life savings. The pair meet when Martha decides to join a lonely hearts club at the prompting of her friend Bunny (Doris Roberts, who later showed up in the American sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond). Raymond (another one whom everybody … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dead Girl on Film (2000)


SYNOPSIS: A group of filmmakers sit around watching their latest film epic, a black and white lesbian bondage movie. They’re bored, and one of them suggests they try something new. After toying with various perverted ideas, including being shat on by a “300-pound sweata with a gassy box”, they are eventually forced into making a snuff movie. The filmmakers soon find themselves entering a dark world of murder and bloody mayhem, and are terrorized by … Continue reading

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Film Review: Wedding Trough (1975)

vases de nose cover

SYNOPSIS: A lonely farmer courts his pig. He then has sex with it, producing mutant offspring who insist on eating from his plate. The stresses of fatherhood are all too much for the farmer; he has a mental breakdown and kills his children by hanging them in the yard. Poor piggy mother dies of a broken heart, so the farmer buries her and buries himself at the same time… However, while waiting for death he … Continue reading

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