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Book Review: Black Butterflies – Author Kurt Newton


BLACK BUTTERFLIES Written by Kurt Newton Published by Sideshow Press Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black & White – 60 pages Price: $12.00 I’ll admit this before I get going … I’m a bit of a Kurt Newton fan boy. I published his truly gut-wrenching mind-altering short story “Butter Red and Diamond Eyes” in my (now defunkt) online venue Horror Quarterly – (I republished it in the “Best Of…” book I brought out based on the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Real World – Author Natsuo Kirino


REAL WORLD Written by Natsuo Kirino , Philip Gabriel (Translator) Published by Knopf Publication Date: 2008 Format: Color – 224 pages Price: $23.95 You may never have heard of thriller writer Natsuo Kirino – she’s written about twenty novels in her native language and has won just about every Japanese literary award going. Any new English translation from the author of the simply-relentless horror show “Out” is always worth getting excited about. This novel ‘Real … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tower Hill – Author Sarah Pinborough


TOWER HILL Written by Sarah Pinborough Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2008 Format: Color – 320 pages Price: $7.99 Dorchester Publishing’s horror imprint Leisure Books are actively supporting British horror writers like Sarah Pinborough and Tim Lebbon and that’s gotta be a good thing; spreading the word of international horror to mass-market English-speaking audience. Well, not to put a dampener on this noble quest, but Sarah Pinborough’s most recent Leisure Books novel TOWER HILL … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dark Hollow – Author Brian Keene


DARK HOLLOW Written by Brian Keene Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2008 Format: Color – 305 pages Price: $7.99 I’d resisted reading any book by Bram Stoker Award winner Brian Keene since I happened across one of his short stories on the internet back in 2002 and vowed never to repeat the error. Then this book review assignment hit my desk and finally, after much ethical deliberation, I realised I couldn’t not rubber-neck the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Audition – Author Ryu Murakami


AUDITION (HARD COVER) Written by Ryu Murakami Published by Bloomsbury Publishing Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W – 208 pages Price: $6.00 ‘His first reaction on realising she was going to murder him was not, strangely enough, terror but the sort of feelingn of closure one gets upon finally solving a puzzle.’ Audition? That’s that infamous cult film from Japanese director Takashi Miike, right? The really boring one that made most people walk out of the … Continue reading

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