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Book Review: Shady Palms – Author Allen Dusk

Shady Palms by Allen Dusk

Author Allen Dusk takes the reader on a wild ride in his debut novel, Shady Palms.  The story takes place at the Shady Palms Motel in El Cajon, California.  The seedy motel’s owner, Sanjay, has a history of concealing his own dark deeds.  Little does he know that something much more sinister lurks behind the walls of his motel. This book features one of the most dreaded guests of all – the bed bug.  Making … Continue reading

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Book Review: Aleron – Author Kane

Aleron by Kane

Aleron Author: Kane Aleron is book one of the Strigoi series by Kane.  It’s thoroughly enjoyable and is a must read for any reader who loves the vampire genre.  The book takes the reader on a sensual and historical journey into the world of the undead.  The story is very well told and immediately pulls you into the journey of Aleron and his quest for the unknown. The journey begins when Aleron accepts the gift … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rosedale the Vampyre – Author Lev Raphael

Rosedale the Vampyre – Author Lev Raphael

Rosedale the Vampyre is the latest novella by Lev Raphael.  It’s a wonderfully told historical supernatural novella about a man’s journey into the unknown.  The story is told in a period voice, so you will easily find yourself immersed in the story.  Grief-stricken by his wife’s untimely death, a wealthy New York banker turns to sexual abandon in the bordellos of 1907 New York. Then one fateful night, after a mysterious attack, he dies to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Resurrection Express – Author Stephen Romano

Resurrection Express by Stephen Romano

Resurrection Express By Stephen Romano Gallery Books Resurrection Express is a gritty, innovative thriller that will undoubtedly keep you in your seat.  Set in the heart of Texas, the story is one of action, betrayal and intrigue.  It’s a fast-paced page turner and you won’t want to put it down. The story opens with the likeable character of Elroy Coffin, who is one of the best high-tech thieves the nation has ever known.  For the … Continue reading

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Book Review: All Seeing Eye – Author Rob Thurmon

All Seeing Eye by Rob Thurmon

All Seeing Eye By:  Rob Thurman Pocket Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) All Seeing Eye by the New York Times bestselling author of the popular Cal Landros series, Rob Thurman, is a cleverly written paranormal thriller that is filled with many unexpected twists and turns.  It’s definitely a page turner that will make you not want to put the book down until the very end.  The main character in the book, Jackson Lee, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zombie – Author J.R. Angelella

Zombie Cover

Zombie By J.R. Angelella Soho Press This is not your typical  run of the mill zombie book, and it is something totally unexpected.  Zombie by J.R. Angelella is the perfect combination of horror and comedy, and the ending is something that you would never guess.  Also, the ending is so terrifying it won’t be something you will easily forget. Fourteen-year-old Jeremy Barker is a zombie movie-obsessed teen who uses a Zombie Survival Code to deal with the many struggles in his … Continue reading

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Book Review: Freak – Author Jennifer Hillier


Freak By: Jennifer Hillier Gallery Books Thriller author Jennifer Hillier’s Freak can be described in a few words: brilliant, intense, fast-paced, terrifying and an edge of your seat thriller. Hillier’s master storytelling continues in her sequel to Creep, which was chosen by Suspense Magazine as one of 2011’s best novels. For only her second novel, she is an extremely talented writer who is a natural at the thriller genre. Freak picks up right where Creep … Continue reading

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