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Film Review: Paintball (2009)


SYNOPSIS: What better way to escape the mundane struggles of everyday life than with a game of paintball. A group of strangers sign up for the ultimate paintball experience only to late do they find that their fun brush with death is about to turn into a deadly struggle to survive. REVIEW:  Director: Daniel Benmayor Starring: Brendan Mackey, Jennifer Matter, Patrick Regis, Peter Vives Newey “There’s nothing like a brush with death to make you feel … Continue reading

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Film Review: Amateur P*rn Star Killer 2 (2008)

Amateur P*rn Star Killer 2

SYNOPSIS: Once again another video made by Brandon has made its way to the surface. This time however the video doesn’t come alone, it also brings a glimpse into Brandon’s troubled teenage years that led him to become the Amateur P*rn Star Killer REVIEW: Director: Shane Ryan Starring: Shane Ryan and Kai Lanette “No one needs degrees these days.” Independent cinema brings a lot of strange things into a lot of people’s living rooms every year. It … Continue reading

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Film Review: Colin (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Most will agree being a young adult these days is quite hard, try doing it through a zombie holocaust. Colin is a young man who seems to be going through some changes, of the undead variety. REVIEW: Director: Marc Price Starring: Alastair Kirton, Daisy Aitkens, Kate Alderman The zombie film is a staple in genre cinema I honestly doubt there will be no arguments with that statement. As a fan of the genre I have seen … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hell House The Book of Samiel (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Every small town across America has that one house that teenagers dare each other to visit. The Shively house isn’t much different from the rest of these ghost stories, except its not really ghosts that occupy the Shively house. Something there is celebrating its ten year anniversary and the four teenagers who have decided to spend the night in the “haunted house” have no idea just what kind of night they are about to have. REVIEW: … Continue reading

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Film Review: Metal Man (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Kyle is your normal college student; he still lives at home with his parents. He still crushes on the girl that he is never going to get and he likes to spend his time playing video games. Kyle however is also a genius that not only plays video games but he also makes them, he also uses his smarts while helping his friend Dr Blake with his experiments. Kyle should have seen what was coming however when … Continue reading

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Film Review: Pink Flamingos (1972)

Pink Flamingos (1972) Movie

SYNOPSIS: Divine has been proclaimed the “Filthiest person alive” by the local tabloids; don’t worry though she has just taken to hiding in Phoenix Maryland under the alias Babs Johnson. You see there is a problem with Divines plan though, her title reign is about to expire. Connie and Raymond Marble feel they are way filthier, and they have a lot of ways to show it. REVIEW: Directed by: John Waters Starring: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (1965)


SYNOPSIS: The life of a go go dancer can get pretty boring at times. That’s why God created sports cars, alcohol and drag racing after all isn’t it? After committing a murder three go go dancers hit the road with a hostage and discover an independently rich elderly man and his two sons. Can the three girls get away with the murder, the hostage and the money? REVIEW: Directed by: Russ Meyer Year: 1965 Starring: Tura Satana, Haji, Lori Williams Review: “I’m … Continue reading

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Film Review: Seven Days (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Yoo Jiyeon is a successful lawyer; she has never lost a case. When she isn’t working she is also a single mother to her daughter Eunyoung. Her perfect existence however is threatened when suddenly he daughter is kidnapped and she is forced to take on a new client for her daughter’s safety. In order for her daughter to live she has exactly seven days to convince a jury that the suspect they have for … Continue reading

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Film Review: Truth or Dare? A Critical Madness (1986)


SYNOPSIS:  Mike is having a bad time, first he walked in on his wife cheating on him with one of her coworkers. As if dealing with the stress of his marriage being over wasn’t enough now he is starting to see people everywhere, people who want to play a dangerous version of truth or dare, so dangerous that limbs can be removed….Mike wants to know if you want to play? REVIEW: Directed by: Tim Ritter … Continue reading

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Interview: Ruby Larocca


Ruby Larocca has a lot to say, I found this out pretty quickly after meeting her at the most recent Famous Monsters convention in Indianapolis at the beginning of July. She is a woman who has been in the genre for many years from working with Misty Mundae and William Hellfire in the films put out by Factory 2000 to roles in films done by Seduction Cinema.  She has starred in such films as The Devil’s … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Haunting of Marsten Manor (2007)


SYNOPSIS: Jill Marsten has just received a civil war era mansion from the will of her aunt. These things happen all of the time however Jill doesn’t ever remember even meeting her aunt so the girl is somewhat surprised when all of this is thrown at her. Jill also is blind but its kind of strange since moving into the mansion Jill starts to “see” a strange woman and then there are the strange noises….uh … Continue reading

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Film Review: 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010)


SYNOPSIS: The vengeful ghosts from Pleasant Valley are back once again for their annual blood and guts jamboree, this year is a little different though since the local sheriff has decided to take it upon himself to stop the yearly bloodshed. After dealing with the local sheriff the only way that these maniacs know how they decide to take their jamboree on the road after all if the north wont come to the south maybe … Continue reading

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Film Review: Kichiku Dai Enkai (Banquet of Beasts) (1997) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A leftist political group in 1970’s Japan is left without a leadership after their leader Aikawa is imprisioned. Aikawa’s girlfriend Masami is left in charge of the group, whose activities include drinking, drug use, sex, and of course the murder of traitors to the group. REVIEW: Directed by: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri Starring: Shigeru Bokuda, Sumiko Mikami, Shunsuke Sawada, Toshiyuki Sugihara Before I even begin to go into this review I want you do to me a favor, I … Continue reading

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Film Review: Don’t Look Up (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Marcus is on the verge of being a washed up horror film director. His first film made him a “wonder kid” however his second film didn’t do so hot. Marcus however doesn’t get his inspiration the way most do, you see Marcus is actually able to see ghosts and their stories which he soon turns into films. One would think Marcus would have it made, however some ghosts simply don’t want their stories to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Pickman’s Muse (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Robert Pickman is an artist who has seemed to have lost his passion. Robert sees a doctor who makes sure that Robert is constantly in supply of pills to make him feel better, even Roberts landlady wants to help by introducing him to her pretty niece. Robert however doesn’t need love or emotion he just needs an inspiration and soon it comes….but is it really want he wants? REVIEW: Directed by: Robert Cappelletto Starring: … Continue reading

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