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Film Review: Kichiku Dai Enkai (Banquet of Beasts) (1997) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A leftist political group in 1970’s Japan is left without a leadership after their leader Aikawa is imprisioned. Aikawa’s girlfriend Masami is left in charge of the group, whose activities include drinking, drug use, sex, and of course the murder of traitors to the group. REVIEW: Directed by: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri Starring: Shigeru Bokuda, Sumiko Mikami, Shunsuke Sawada, Toshiyuki Sugihara Before I even ...

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Film Review: Mad Ron’s Prevue’s From Hell (1987)


SYNOPSIS: A horde of zombies descend upon a local movie theatre ready to enjoy the evenings show. Tonight is a very special night for the undead since projectionist “Mad Ron” has decided to show the audience some of the greatest grind house and exploitation film trailers from the 1970’s and early 80’s….Just don’t mind the couple who seem to be ...

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Film Review: Fireball (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Tyler “The Fuse” Draven is a former pro linebacker who has finally hit rock bottom. Draven has been caught using steroids and is no longer allowed to play pro football; if that’s not enough he has a news reporter constantly harassing him waving a camera in his face. After attacking the news reporter Tyler is sent to prison and ...

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