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Film Review: Megafault (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Don’t you just hate it when you find out something is wrong and there is nothing you can do about it. Well that is what the US military and some scientist are going through, under everyone’s very noses there has been a time bomb just waiting to explode. In the span of one entire day everyone in America is going to learn that a giant fault line exists through the middle of the entire continent and … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Hiking Trip (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Tracy is pretty confused she has just recently waken up in a rehabilitation clinic where her only real contact is with a man’s voice and a camera to top it off she has no idea how she got there at all. The last thing Tracy remembers was going on a hiking trip with her roommate Stephanie and their friend Todd. When pushed to try remember more Tracy suddenly starts to have images of a … Continue reading

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Film Review: Night Watcher (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Who says that you can’t meet the right person at a suicide support group? Meet Angie and Brian they are on their first date and in between learning about each others favorite type of food they talk about their parent’s suicides. If that dinner discussion wasn’t enough listen in as they both talk about how both of them have received vhs videotapes, videos that show their now dead parents in their day to day … Continue reading

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Film Review: I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer (2009)


SYNOPSIS: The bullying of a young cricket player goes too far. Now 20 years later that young boy has grown up, and he is about to get revenge on the men who sent him to a hospital. REVIEW: Directed by: Doug Turner and Stacey Edmonds Starring: Jai Koutrae, Stacey Edmonds, Az Jackson, David Gambin “Mass murder, it’s just not cricket.” According to the trailer for I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer floating … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Loved Ones (2009)


SYNOPSIS:  Brent is already a screwed up kid, he accidently killed his own father in a car crash and he’s a teenager which anyone can tell you is never an easy time. Brent’s problems are about to get a lot worse however with the threat of a school dance looming ever so closer. Brent’s problem however, like most teenage boys, isn’t trying to find a date for the dance, its trying to get away from … Continue reading


Film Review: Incest Death Squad (2009)


  SYNOPSIS: Aaron works for the local news paper and is sent out to the middle of no where to find a new story for his article. Aaron is told to find something about “dead hookers” since they bring the readers but there aren’t any dead hookers anywhere near Aaron, instead there are a bunch of male tourists who are vanishing only to never be heard from again….looks like Aaron just might get his story … Continue reading

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Film Review: Slaughter High (1986)


SYNOPSIS: Five years ago a group of students played several April Fools Day jokes on young Marty; the last joke went horribly bad. Now it’s the five year class reunion, but the school is abandoned and then there’s that crazy guy running around in a jester mask knocking off the alumni who have returned. Is Marty taking his revenge on his former classmates, or is this another April Fools Day joke. REVIEW: Directed by: George … Continue reading

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Film Review: Rawhead Rex (1986)


SYNOPSIS: The Irish village of Rathmorne is never going to be the same. You see underneath its countryside lays the forgotten god king Rawhead Rex. A group of farmers unknowingly unleash the god king back to his kingdom. Rawhead determines that its time for everyone to remember. REVIEW: Directed by: George Pavlou Written by: Clive Barker Starring: David Dukes, Niall Toibin, Cora Venus Lunny, Ronin Wilmont “He was here before Christ, before civilization. He was … Continue reading

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Film Review: Darkness (Leif Jonkers) (1993)

Darkness (Leif Jonkers) (1993)

SYNOPSIS: Teenagers step up the plate and defend their small town from a vampire menace created by the strong blood sucker Liven in this early 90’s low budget gore fest. REVIEW: Director: Leif Jonker Starring: Gary Miller, Randall Aviks, Michael Gisick “It’s bleedin’ time baby!” Vampires have come a long way over the course of the last hundred years; one could easily put in two different “vampire” films and easily be introduced to two very … Continue reading

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Film Review: Respire (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A scientist by the name of Randolf Kaminsky discovered a way to cure almost every disease known to man back in 1936. And just what was Kaminsky’s medicine of choice, the last breath from a dying person. It seems so easy of course, simply inhale the last breath and instantly anything that was ailing the patient was removed, everything except the dying persons memories that is. REVIEW: Directed by: David A. Cross Starring: Tracy … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Eleventh Agression (2008)


SYNOPSIS: There are ten stages of aggression that a human being can be put through, and then there is the eleventh stage reserved only for the true sociopaths. Jeffrey Walters just so happens to be one of these cases, the former Vietnam vet has decided to start taking revenge into his own hands. It is up to two detectives named Karl and Trever to find and stop him before he kills again. REVIEW: Directed by: … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hellblock 13 (1999)


SYNOPSIS: Welcome to Hell Block 13 a special cellblock reserved for death row inmates. The executioner makes his rounds checking on each of the inmates eventually he stops upon the woman Tara. Tara is a strange and violent case herself, a convicted serial killer. Tara’s life on Earth will soon be over as at midnight she is supposed to be executed, in the mean time however she is more than happy to share some of … Continue reading

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Film Review: Sisters of Death (1977)


SYNOPSIS: Meet The Sisters they are kind of like a small sorority. Like most sororities The Sisters have a complex initiation ritual that a pledge must go through before they are accepted into the sisterhood. Something goes horribly wrong during an initiation and one of the young pledges ends up at the wrong end of a loaded pistol. For seven years the remaining members of The Sisters haven’t really talked about the accident, or really … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hunting Grounds (2008)


SYNOPSIS: In Earth’s future nature has to rebuild itself, in order to let the planet do all of the work citizens are kept inside of sealed up cities. Most human beings have never even seen a real blade of grass instead they spend their time using the AlterNet as an alternate reality. What happens when a group of gamers decide they are tired with their virtual hunts and want to go on a real one? … Continue reading

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Film Review: Godkiller Episode 1: Walk Among Us (2010)


SYNOPSIS: In the future Earth is a much different place. There has been a nuclear holy war, an economic crash and to top it all off alien races have now began to populate the planet. The harshness of the planet has made it difficult to obtain fresh organs for much needed surgeries resulting in prostitutes becoming organ thieves. A young boy named Tommy needs desperately to find a new heart for his kid sister Lucy … Continue reading

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Film Review: Grace (2009)


SYNOPSIS: If your child had special needs would you be able to provide for it, even if it means going against your beliefs? What about if what your baby needs causes you to harm someone else, or murder? Madeline Matheson’s beautiful little girl Grace is about to see just how strong a mothers love can be. REVIEW: Directed by: Paul Solet Starring: Jordan Ladd, Stephen Park, Samantha Ferris, Gabrielle Rose, Malcom Stewart “Love….Undying” I was … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dead on Site (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A group of film students show up at the residence of a local legend for their final project. The local legend involves the slaughter of a teenage girl and her entire family by a still unknown killer. The student’s project idea is to do a live feed from the house where every night at eight pm they will film a reenactment of each of the grisly murder scenes and broadcast it on the internet. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Sinister (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A refugee voodoo practitioner from New Orleans suddenly shows up in a local small town with a very large chip on his shoulder. A local girl named Emily is soon going to learn what kind of trouble can be caused simply by upsetting the already vol ital witch doctor. REVIEW: Directed by: Steve Sessions Starring: Donna Hamblin, Donny Versiga, Lucien Eisenach “This house is not haunted! It’s……you!” Steve Sessions Sinister starts off with a … Continue reading


Film Review: Family Secret (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Geno is an up and rising news paper reporter. Suddenly his life is turned upside down when his Grandmother passes away. Geno is thrown once again into the family that he has since disassociated himself with. If dealing with his family drama wasn’t enough Geno is soon given the hottest story at the paper, it involves a serial killer who is killing only members of his family and their associates. REVIEW: Directed by: Geno … Continue reading

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Film Review: Zombie Farm (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Pilar is a film maker who is looking desperately for work, when her boss tells her that he wants her to do a more ethnic piece with a Latino flavor Pilar finds herself researching a Santero by the name of Roque who doesn’t just offer his clients a few charms but also hope from the bottom of his heart. It is during her research however that she learns of another Santero who calls herself … Continue reading

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Film Review: Seabeast (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Will McKenna is a down on his luck fisherman. Not only did he loose his catch on his last trip out, he swears he saw a beast rise up from the sea to take on of his crew men. His fish stories are laughed at by most of the town, until suddenly they are all dying, victims of an attack by an unknown animal. REVIEW: Directed by: Paul Ziller Starring: Corin Nemec, Miriam McDonald, … Continue reading

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