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Film Review: The Roommate (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Sara Matthews is currently going through what many eighteen and nineteen year olds go through, her first year of college. Sara is away from everything she knows when she leaves Des Moines, Iowa to go to the University of Los Angeles. Sara has more than just the freshmen fifteen to worry about however when she discovers that her roommate Rebecca might be quite a handful. REVIEW: “You’re in college now; a girl’s got to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bloody Birthday (1981)


SYNOPSIS: You think kids today are bad than you should check out this one from the early 80’s, these kids are downright evil. Three kids born during an eclipse are born without a conscience and proceed to terrorize a small town in this sicko classic from everyone’s favorite mom and pop video shop. REVIEW: Directed by: Ed Hunt Starring: Lori Lethin, Melinda Cordell, Julie Brown and Joe Penny “It’s like Curtis doesn’t know the things … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Slayer (1982)


SYNOPSIS: Kay, an artist of the surreal variety decides to go on a vacation with her brother Eric and their two friends David and Brooke. One would think the vacation would be ideal for Kay who is haunted by strange dreams, after all the group is going to an island where they will be secluded from the rest of the world. Soon enough however things start to get a little strange when Kay begins to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Brides of Blood (1968)


SYNOPSIS: Who can think of a better vacation spot than a remote island paradise? With a name like Blood Island it can’t be all that bad can it. I mean sure you have giant mutating moths and cockroaches, and those trees that attack anything that moves are kind of annoying. That big sex crazed monster though, I think that’s what we should be scared of. REVIEW: Directed by: Gerardo de Leon and Eddie Romero Starring: … Continue reading

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Film Review: A Darker Reality (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A down and dirty crime thriller A Darker Reality follows detective Alex Belasco and his assistant a media savvy personality named Jesse Metcalfe as they try to find a serial killer who targets women known only as “The Ghost”. Violent and brutal this isn’t your mother’s late night cop show and sometimes things just don’t always end the way that you would want them to. REVIEW: “I’m getting better at focusing my hate on … Continue reading


Film Review: The Lost Realities of Hog Caller (2011)


SYNOPSIS: For some reason or another a local news station has decided to search out and find the grind core band Hog Caller. There are many witness’s who have quite a few things to say about the duo of musicians, and most of it is hardly nice at all. It seems the two members of the band have a great appreciation for drugs, devil worship and dead pigs. In what could only be described as … Continue reading

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Film Review: Gurozuka (2005)


SYNOPSIS: A college film club goes on a trip to an abandoned cabin to research a film. The two girls in the club aren’t alone however since they have also brought the drama club, a teacher chaperone and her suspected lover, a young girl who is the same age as the rest of the group. No one but the film club knows about the film that is being researched but soon they all will learn … Continue reading

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Film Review: Intruder (1989)


SYNOPSIS: The night crew of a local grocery store goes about their jobs just like normal. Never mind the cashier’s weird ex boyfriend who seems to want to fight everyone; you see the employees are turning up dead. Well pieces of them anyway, scattered throughout the entire store. REVIEW: Directed by: Scott Spiegel Starring: Elizabeth Cox, Dan Hicks, David Byrnes, Renee Estevez “I swear to God. If my brother hadn’t hit him in the head … Continue reading

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Film Review: Maniac Cop (1988)


SYNOPSIS: In New York City the police are hardly viewed as a “helpful source” even back in 1988. Imagine the fear that begins to swell around the city when a uniformed officer starts brutally murdering innocent people. Young officer Jack Forrest is soon framed for the crimes, but as he sits in jail the death toll keeps mounting its up to the rest of the New York City police department to find who the maniac … Continue reading

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Film Review: Frankenhooker (1990)


  SYNOPSIS: Eric Balfour stars as a professor who may be the world’s last hope for redemption on Judgment Day. Evil creatures have been imprisoned under an abandoned church in Paris, but they are now freed from their cages and can wreak havoc on humanity. The fate of men and women around the world depend on a small group of people’s ability to fight the dark forces. REVIEW: Directed by: Frank Henenlotter Starring: James Lorinz, Patty Mullen, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Basket Case (1982)


  SYNOPSIS: Duane has shown up in New York City with only a big wad of cash, some clothing and a strange basket that he seems to carry with him everywhere. What’s in the basket you might ask, and a lot of characters in the film do. Well in order for me to answer that for you I would have to explain Duane’s very strange past to you, starting with the fact he used to … Continue reading

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Film Review: 51 (2011)


SYNOPSIS: 51 chronicles what happens after political pressure from the American public forces the Air Force to provide a few well-known reporters with limited access to the most secretive base on the planet: Area 51. When one of the base’s hidden ‘long term visitors’ exploits this unprecedented visit as a chance to liberate himself and his fellow alien captives, Area 51 turns from a secure government base to a horrifying destination of terror. REVIEW: “Shoot … Continue reading

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The Art of Ocular Violence – Eye Violence in Horror


Hello there and welcome to my little corner of the video store. Don’t mind all of the strange looks the other customers are giving you. I know what you are here for and today is your lucky day. I have some suggestions for you to keep your EYE out for. You might want to listen up because you SEE today I’m going to show you some tapes that contain something any of you reading this will be scared of. Today … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Mind (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Years ago a man was brutally attacked and murdered, his attackers severing every limb from his body and burying them in different places so that he may never be found. Years later his pieces are being found, one at a time by a group of six people who have nothing in common except the need to kill for “the mind”. REVIEW: Directed by: Isaac Williams Starring: Victoria DePaul, Jean Brooks, Jason Goldberg, Kevin Meehan … Continue reading

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Film Review: Match Dead (aka The Abducted) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A voyeuristic view into a few days in the life of a serial killer named Ridley. Ridley likes to find most of his victims using internet websites, when that doesn’t work there is always random people driving by. Wait until he gets a load of the one his website has hooked up with this time though, maybe those websites out there really do find your perfect match. REVIEW: Directed by: Jon Bonnell Starring: James … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Messengers 2 – The Scarecrow (2009)


SYNOPSIS: John Rollins is a good man who only wishes to take care of his family. His luck is down however because his farm is about to be foreclosed and there isn’t any future to his crop. That all is about to change, you see John found a scarecrow in his work shed. Suddenly everything is starting to go much better, or is it? REVIEW: Directed by: Martin Barnewitz Starring: Norman Reedus, Claire Holt, Richard … Continue reading

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