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Film Review: Frankenhooker (1990)


  SYNOPSIS: Eric Balfour stars as a professor who may be the world’s last hope for redemption on Judgment Day. Evil creatures have been imprisoned under an abandoned church in Paris, but they are now freed from their cages and can wreak havoc on humanity. The fate of men and women around the world depend on a small group of people’s ability to fight the dark forces. REVIEW: Directed by: Frank Henenlotter Starring: James Lorinz, Patty Mullen, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Basket Case (1982)


  SYNOPSIS: Duane has shown up in New York City with only a big wad of cash, some clothing and a strange basket that he seems to carry with him everywhere. What’s in the basket you might ask, and a lot of characters in the film do. Well in order for me to answer that for you I would have to explain Duane’s very strange past to you, starting with the fact he used to … Continue reading

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Film Review: 51 (2011)


SYNOPSIS: 51 chronicles what happens after political pressure from the American public forces the Air Force to provide a few well-known reporters with limited access to the most secretive base on the planet: Area 51. When one of the base’s hidden ‘long term visitors’ exploits this unprecedented visit as a chance to liberate himself and his fellow alien captives, Area 51 turns from a secure government base to a horrifying destination of terror. REVIEW: “Shoot … Continue reading

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The Art of Ocular Violence – Eye Violence in Horror


Hello there and welcome to my little corner of the video store. Don’t mind all of the strange looks the other customers are giving you. I know what you are here for and today is your lucky day. I have some suggestions for you to keep your EYE out for. You might want to listen up because you SEE today I’m going to show you some tapes that contain something any of you reading this will be scared of. Today … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Mind (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Years ago a man was brutally attacked and murdered, his attackers severing every limb from his body and burying them in different places so that he may never be found. Years later his pieces are being found, one at a time by a group of six people who have nothing in common except the need to kill for “the mind”. REVIEW: Directed by: Isaac Williams Starring: Victoria DePaul, Jean Brooks, Jason Goldberg, Kevin Meehan … Continue reading

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Film Review: Match Dead (aka The Abducted) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A voyeuristic view into a few days in the life of a serial killer named Ridley. Ridley likes to find most of his victims using internet websites, when that doesn’t work there is always random people driving by. Wait until he gets a load of the one his website has hooked up with this time though, maybe those websites out there really do find your perfect match. REVIEW: Directed by: Jon Bonnell Starring: James … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Clinic (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Set on Christmas Eve in 1979 a young engaged couple named Beth and Cameron are traveling to Beth’s house for the holidays. The couple stop at a local motel after almost being run off of the road by a speeding truck, but that is the least of their worries. In a matter of a few hours Beth is going to find out some of the sordid details of her past….the hard way. REVIEW: Directed … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Prowler (1981)


  SYNOPSIS: In one of the more angry entries into the slasher cycle a young soldier returns home from the war only to find that his sweetheart has left him for another man. The soldier tracks down his sweetheart and her new lover and quickly impales the both of them on a pitchfork during the local college’s graduation dance. After the nasty events of that evening the town has put an end to having the … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Dr. Anna Fugazzi has it all, she’s young, beautiful and a practicing abnormal psychologist. Something is wrong with Anna though, with the repeated headaches and strange dreams, it isn’t any wonder she’s falling apart. REVIEW: Directed by: October Kingsley Starring: October Kingsley, Faye Dunaway, Jeff Van Atta, Steve Larkin, Craig Banks. “Is there truly peace and order behind that calm exterior, or do you simply control your neurosis better than most people?” I would … Continue reading

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Film Review: The StepFather (1987)


SYNOPSIS: Stephanie Maine is a troubled girl, when she isn’t getting into fights at school or flirting around with boys she is dealing with her new stepfather Jerry. Jerry just seems so perfect and her mother Susan seems very happy and in love. What is Stephanie’s problem with Jerry, it could be that just one year ago in a place not to far from where they live a stepfather went crazy and slaughtered his entire … Continue reading

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Film Review: Summers Moon (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Summer has run away from home in search of the father she thought had died years ago. Armed with only a pistol and a picture of her father Summer heads to the small town that was his last known whereabouts. Little does Summer know that all small towns have their own secrets and help from the handsome stranger Tom leads her to learn some of the towns dirtier ones. REVIEW: Directed by: Lee DeMarbre … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Storm (2009)

SYNOPSIS: Have you been watching the news lately on CNS there is some freaky stuff going on with the weather. The pyramids are growing ice caps and it’s snowing in the world deserts around the world. If those strange events aren’t enough to make you notice maybe the fact that there is a hurricane that seems to be getting worse heading right for Florida. I guess this is what happens when scientist attempt to play … Continue reading

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Film Review: No Time for Fear (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Celine is a young woman who has a whole lot of problems. One of Celine’s problems is with her younger brother Nate who is emotionally unstable, really extremely unstable. Jake is Celine’s boyfriend who creates yet more problems between his disrespect for Nate and his jealousy over the couples shared friends Derrick and Rachel. It is only after the five of them go on a camping trip do things get really interesting, especially once … Continue reading

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Film Review: Subspecies (1991)


SYNOPSIS: Three young women travel to Transylvania to do some research on the local myths and legends. Little do the three of them know that soon they are going to be in the presence of one of Transylvania’s most infamous superstitions. REVIEW: Director: Ted Nicolaou Starring: Anders Hove, Laura Mae Tate, Michael Watson “Make me like you, Stefan. There’s no other hope for me.” In an era where vampires are portrayed on film as emotionally … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Tunnel (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Natasha is a journalist who is searching for a big story and she finds just that when she starts investigating an abandoned project by the city of Sydney. It appears that the city was attempting to use the abandoned train tunnels under the city to build water recycling plants in order to solve the cities water crisis. After viewing a YouTube video Natasha becomes interested in learning exactly what happened to the project and … Continue reading

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Film Review: Witchville (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Malachy has just learned that his father the king has passed away and is asked to take country of the small kingdom. Malachy’s kingdom however is dying since all of the crops have dried up and thieves and bandits now run the streets. A man by the name of Kramer introduces himself to Malachy and informs him that the reason his kingdom suffers is because a coven of witches is causing the disaster, it … Continue reading

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Film Review: From a Place of Darkness (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Miles Kody is a struggling film maker who only wants the best for him and his wife Brenda. Miles has recently regained his passion for film making by meeting a very strange man named Vic. Vic makes snuff films, an excellent subject to make a documentary on. Miles begins to notice however that there is something else going on when he watches his tapes, he swears that he is picking up images of ghosts and they are … Continue reading

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Film Review: I Can See You (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Ben is a young artist who not only struggles with his art but also with his personal life. Fortune seems to smile on the young man when a group that he is part of is offered an advertising job for an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. The group decides to go into the woods for a few days so that they can get some quality pictures for their advertising campaign, while in the woods Ben … Continue reading

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Film Review: Playing House (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Mitch and Jen are a very young and recently married couple who have found themselves in financial trouble already with the purchase of a perfect house. Mitch proposes that his old friend Danny move in to help them with the money troubles, any of us who have seen any of these kinds of films already has some kind of idea of what exactly is about to happen to the young couple. REVIEW: “I really … Continue reading

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Film Review: Senseless (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Elliot Gast doesn’t realize it just yet but he is about to be an international celebrity. Elliot is going to have more than paparazzi problems though; it’s kind of hard to when you are simply trapped in such a small living space. Elliot doesn’t realize how bad things are going to get when he first sees the cameras mounted all over the small space, he doesn’t even have a clue when he starts meeting … Continue reading

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Film Review: Second Coming (2008)


SYNOPSIS: As children Lora always felt like she had to take care of her twin sister Ashley. At all costs she made sure that her sister was alright. Now something is wrong, images of Ashley as a ghost keep appearing to Lora asking her for help. REVIEW: Directed by: Jose Zambrano Cassella Starring: Juliet Reeves, Greg Thompson, Haley Boyle, Annie Maleski “Revenge can be deadly!” Second Coming is an interesting low budget shocker. The film … Continue reading

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