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Serial Killers: Dr. Harold Shipman


Ladies and gentleman hold on to your grannies and don’t let them go to the doctor. Because if you do they just might not make it back alive. This was the usual case for the 236 confirmed victims of Dr. Harold Shipman the Angel of Death in England. He has one of the largest confirmed body counts in the world. With more than 100 + assumed victims under his belt, he is one of the … Continue reading

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Serial Killers: The Cleveland Torso Murders


When you think about unsolved serial killer cases, some people get a little agitated when they can’t put a face to a murder. They get a little disappointed, to the contrary though that’s not the case for the Cleveland Torso Murders. The case just keeps getting more exciting even after the murders stopped in 1945, well at least that’s what they believed. There were several twists to this case, including that all his victims were … Continue reading

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Serial Killers: Albert Fish


Bad Babysitter When the neighborhood grandpa starts killing and eating your playmates you might want to stop and re-evaluate things. Like for instance question why he wanted you to spank him with the nail studded paddle or season yourself up. Well it’s most likely that he’s Albert Fish not the good old loving grandpa figure you thought him to be. Most of the people in the area never thought he could have been a serial … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic Landscapes: The Walking Dead

Greg Nicotero "The Walking Dead"

When wanting to design the perfect Zombie structure rather it be a live specimen or robotics there is a long thought process that takes years of development or experience. The master creator and Supervisor of the Zombies for The Walking Dead Greg Nicotero isn’t new to the Zombie game by far. Nicotero is Master Special Effects Artist in his own rights creating the legendary Zombies for George Romero himself. People around him say he lives … Continue reading

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Serial Killers: Gerald Parker


White Women Beware There is nothing wrong with interracial couples at all. You might want to watch it though when your big black boyfriend wants to rape and kill you one night. Just something that you might want to ponder about if your boyfriends name is Gerald Parker. Our dear Mr. Parker killed five white women and one unborn fetus in the orange county area in the 70’s. Well a little backgorund on this dark … Continue reading

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Serial Killers: Elizabeth Bathory


The sadistic Slovakian Countess of the 16th and 17th century put a cornerstone of interest in many horror fanatics, with the release of “Stay Alive”. The movie made a fantasy about a woman that had a thirst for blood, unfortunately it was just a fragment of the true story of one of the most sadistic female serial murders of the century. Incidentally this wasn’t the first myth that would help her claim to fame. I believe … Continue reading

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Film Review: Desert of Blood (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A character-driven horror film about a vampire who escapes from fifty years of captivity beneath the Mexican desert. On his quest for vengeance, he is unexpectedly sidetracked when he falls in love with a young woman visiting from the States. His efforts to deny the monster inside him ultimately prove hopeless, as his ever-growing rage finally triggers a bloody terror spree.

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