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Book Review: Succulent Prey – Author Wrath James White


SUCCULENT PREY by Wrath James White Published by Leisure Fiction Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black /White – 307 pages Price: $7.99 Something to sink your teeth into… Ever wondered what it would feel like to feast on an actual human being? Have you ever felt this strong urge to go out and abduct someone because you’ve felt this hunger that was unlike anything you have ever experienced before? Well that’s what the character Joe Miles … Continue reading

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Book Review: Castaways – Author Brian Keene


CASTAWAYS Written by Brian Keene Published by Leisure Fiction Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White – 285 pages Price: $7.99 CASTAWAYS-a reality show of pure terror Once again, Brian Keene has made a name for himself. There’s a reason why he’s a master of the horror genre. His latest novel Castaways is that reason. After just finished reading his latest horror novel, it is evident that Brian was inspired by the late Richard Laymon. He … Continue reading

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Book Review: Afraid – Author Jack Kilborn


AFRAID Written by Jack Kilborn Published by Grand Central Publishing Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W – 384 pages Price: $6.99 If you’re looking for a good summer read and are in the mood for in your face horror, then look no further than Afraid a terrifying novel written by Jack Kilborn. I read the book and was very much impressed with the writing style, the author wastes no time in delivering his share of sheer … Continue reading

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Book Review: City of The Dead – Author Briane Keene


CITY OF THE DEAD Written by Briane Keene Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2005 Format: Black /White – 357 pages Price: $7.99 There are rarely any horror novel sequels that live up to the original masterpiece written by a man who knows the genre he’s writing about. The sequel I’m referring to is, City of the Dead, a follow-up to the original hit horror novel, The Rising. What is there to say about the … Continue reading

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