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Fringe Season 3 — A Tale of Two Series

Last season Fringe brought about a slew of earth (and universe) shattering revelations. Some secrets, such as the origin of Walter’s mental state, were better kept than others, like Peter’s origin. But still, the show started with a bang and kept the momentum rolling throughout the season, and ultimately they delivered some darn good television with plenty of surprises (Charlie …

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Fringe: TV Show – News 01.06.10

Lost Fringe episode “Unearthed”! (UPDATED) In a mystery worthy of the Fringe Division itself, it seems FOX will be airing a “new” episode of Fringe -before- the scheduled, post-holiday, pre-midseason premiere Jan. 14. And to make it more interesting (and possibly confusing) this episode is … wait for it… a “lost” episode from season one. Which means, oh yes, that …

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Fringe: TV Show – News 12.31.09

Winter Woes: Fringe’s (brief) Midseason Return  Well, Fringe has left us plenty of time digest the events of the most recent episode “Grey Matters.” But fear not, Fringe will return with four new episodes starting on January 14 with the Winter Finale on February 4th. After that, unfortunately, Fringe will be put on the dreaded “temporary hiatus” for seven weeks …

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Fringe: TV Show – News 02.24.09

NYC Con Secrets: During the apparently very entertaining Fringe panel at the NYC comic con a slew of “Possible Spoilers” including the revelations that the mysterious “William Bell” will appear, that there are multiple “Observers,” as well as their identities and that Peter Bishop’s dodgy past will be made clear by the end of this season. See the embeds below.  …

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Fringe: TV Show – News 02.07.09

NEXT EPISODE: Tue. Jan. 27 9:01 PM Fox The No-Brainer # 1.12. The team must continue their investigation into The Pattern while dealing with the events of last week’s episode “Bound.” ( read: I have no idea what it’s about.) Also, In case nobody noted Fox seems to be having a little fun with the viral marketing. Fringe’s mystery Observer …

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Fringe: TV Show – News 01.04.09

ORCI- KURTZMAN TRANSFORM…AGAIN: The super duo behind Transformers and Fringe are at it gain with the formers upcoming sequel. EMPIRE has the proof. FRINGE PREVIEW “Bound”: ACESSHOWBIZ has a duo of previews from episode 1.11 “Bound” the second half of the cliffhanger that left us wondering the fate of the kidnapped Olivia. Check it out. J.J. TREK (Captain’s Log 481516.2342 …

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