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Film Review: Haunting Villisca (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A fictional feature length movie inspired by the true story of Iowa’s historic, unsolved Villisca axe murders and the actual paranormal investigations there. When Professor David Salt’s guilty secrets draw him to the fabled town of Villisca, past and present collide as he is driven to help the trapped spirits, and to seek his own redemption by facing the darkness harbored in the small white house. REVIEW: Directed by: James Serpento Written by: James … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Appeared (2010)


SYNOPSIS:  In the tradition of THE DEVIL S BACKBONE comes the internationally acclaimed Argentine/Spanish horror saga from writer/director Paco Cabezas. During a road trip to visit their dying father, an estranged brother and sister discover a hidden diary that reveals a family legacy of fear and torture. But when past and present begin to collide, the siblings must confront the truth behind the trail of ‘the disappeared': 30 000 people kidnapped and murdered under Argentina’s … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Five (2010)


SYNOPSIS: In this family-friendly adventure flick, five kids passing their summer vacation in a Colorado suburb begin to realize that the world around them has transformed into the one described in their favorite fantasy books. In order to get back to their real lives, they’ll have to stick together and follow the clues that will unlock the mystery that surrounds them. Dan Lauria, Madisen Beaty and Ben Larned star. REVIEW: Directed by: Dave Yasuda Written … Continue reading

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Film Review: Machined Reborn (aka Reborn) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: When a newlywed couple buys a foreclosed house in the Arizona desert, they think they’ve found their dream home. But this is no ordinary house: It was once the site of gruesome murders by the half-machine serial killer Motorman Dan. Too late, they learn that Motorman’s bloody rampage is far from over. REVIEW: Directed By: Craig McMahon Written By: Craig McMahon Starring: Jimmy Flowers, David C. Hayes, Davina Joy, Kathleen Benner, and Kevin Moyers … Continue reading

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Film Review: Vampeggedon (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Chased out of the old world, the dark vampire lord Giovanni flees to the American southwest where he sets up a new brood. Longshank, Brittan’s premier vampire slayer follows him here, and in a final confrontation in the Arizona desert both are killed. A hundred years later Melissa, a gorgeous, goth, lesbian college student, is obsessed with becoming a vampire and escaping her terrible home life. Along with her four friends, Ted, Liz, Mona, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Seven Deadly Sins (2010)


SYNOPSIS: After losing her status as queen bee to Kaia (Rachel Melvin), a new transfer student, Harper (Dreama Walker) battles her catty high school frenemies in a dangerous game involving sex, deception and revenge, which leads to a mysterious death and disturbing revelations. An adaptation of Robin Wasserman’s best-selling book series, this teen-drama miniseries offers a contemporary look at the seven deadly sins. REVIEW: Directed by: Jeff Renfroe Written by : Gary Tieche and Robin … Continue reading

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Film Review: Fear Island (aka Deep Cove) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: After a blowout party at a secluded island cabin, five friends make a shocking discovery: a dead body and the only boat off the island gone. Trapped and unable to call for help, they become prey to a mysterious killer seeking revenge. Together, they must decipher the murderer’s chilling series of clues to reveal the island’s secret past … or face death one by one. REVIEW: Directed by: Michael Storey Written by: Jeff Martel … Continue reading


Film Review: Vampyre Tales (2005)


SYNOPSIS: Countess Plasma and assistant Phlegm present a series of short films about vampires from their abode at Hotel Blood. The short films, which are actually stories the countess tells her assistant, all involve what look like normal people that have a secret of being a vampire. REVIEW: Directed by: Ted Alderman and Tiffany Warren Written By: Jim O’Rear and Tiffany Warren Starring: Debbie Rochon, Jim O’Rear, Debbie D, Amber Newman, Ted Alderman In the … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Perfect Witness (aka The Ungodly) (2007)


SYNOPSIS: When struggling filmmaker Mickey Gravatski (Wes Bentley) inadvertently records a notorious serial killer (Mark Borkowski) in the middle of a murderous act, he decides to use the footage to blackmail the madman into being the subject of a disturbing new documentary. Directed by Thomas Dunn, this unsettling psychological thriller explores the dark side of the human psyche and the depths to which one man will sink to make his mark. REVIEW: Directed By: Thomas … Continue reading

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Film Review: The House That Jack Built (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A young mother, Hannah Filice is murdered, a brutal crime witnessed by her three year old son, Jack the 3rd. The killer tries to block the horror from the little boy’s eyes, and gently carries the toddler from the gory scene. Twenty years later, Jack the 3rd, a grown young man, awakens from the dream, the same dream he’s had many times over the years and hasn’t been able to fully understand. But that’s … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bloodbath in the House of Knives (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Deceit, long kept secrets, and grisly murders surrounded in mystery – all this and more can be found in Bloodbath in the House of Knives. What starts as a harmless visit to a hypnosis demonstration turns into a roller coaster ride filled with dead bodies that start to pile up around poor Ivy (Anne Reiss). What can be the true meaning of all this? Who would be capable of such crimes? Could it have … Continue reading

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Film Review: Nine Dead (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Nine strangers face the mind-bender of a lifetime when a hooded madman locks them in a basement and announces that he will slay one of them every 10 minutes until they uncover the mysterious connection they all share. But starting without a single clue, can any of them solve the puzzle in less than 90 minutes? This horror-suspense film from director Chris Shadley stars Melissa Joan Hart, John Terry and Lucille Soong REVIEW: Directed … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Deepening (2006)


SYNOPSIS: THE DEEPENING follows a troubled New York fireman who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after working the tragic terrorist events of 9-11. In search of a fresh start, he relocates to a small fire department in a quiet rural town where he seeks treatment from Doctor Chambers for his recurring nightmares. The bad dreams, however, do not subside. Instead, they turn into a terrifying reality as the population of the town begins to … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Familiar (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Sam, lonely and bitter after the death of his wife, again faces his childhood demon when his estranged sister-in-law, Laura reappears. The sexual attraction between the two blinds him to the fact that his demon is taking possession of Laura and is intent on destroying them both. Sam must work through his bitterness and choose what he really believes as he’s forced to come face to face with the demon in a battle for … Continue reading

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Film Review: Circle of Eight (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Jessica moves into a loft on the eighth floor of a Los Angeles apartment building called The Dante. The other tenants all seem friendly at first, but when she starts witnessing horrible deaths, she must team up with her neighbor Evan (Doom) to solve the mystery — and uncover her own connection to the place. REVIEW: Directed by: Stephen Cragg Written by: Dave Brewman and Brian Horiuchi Starring: John Bishop, Ryan Doom, Austin Highsmith, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Blood Donors (2010)


SYNOPSIS: When a stalker becomes a vampire, a loving couple is the target. A path of destruction and crazy mayhem leads to poor martial arts, ridiculous victims, and a clown. Just when you think it’s over, it’s not! Comedy shouldn’t be this horror-ible! REVIEW: Directed by: Kenny Carpenter Written by: Kenny Carpenter and Bobby Jones Starring: Bobby Jones, Dana Aritonovich, Boris, Jason Sobol, Dina M. Patel Vampires are a mainstay in the horror movie industry, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Blood River (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A psychological thriller following a successful young married couple on their way to visit family. After a blowout on a desolate stretch of highway in Nevada, they head to the next town only to discover it long abandoned. Here they meet a mysterious stranger who seems to know decidedly more than he is sharing. In aiding their survival, he gradually undermines some of their most comfortable assumptions, playing wife off against husband. As they … Continue reading

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Film Review: Babysitter Wanted (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Attractive but sheltered, Angie Albright (SARAH THOMPSON) is excited to finally leave her strict religious household to attend college. While her new roommate is wilder than she’s used to, Angie soon discovers that there are far worse threats to worry about than a messy dorm room. REVIEW: Directed By: Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri Written By: Jonas Barnes Starring: Sarah Thompson, Matt Dallas, Bruce Thomas, Kristen Dalton, Bill Moseley In horror movies, one of … Continue reading

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Film Review: Banshee!!! (2009)


SYNOPSIS: While on a camping trip deep in the woods, a group of college students encounters a mysterious creature that tricks them by emitting hallucination-inducing sound waves and luring them to their deaths. Taking refuge in a remote farmhouse, the survivors band together and soon realize they must come up with a plan to kill the horrifying creature before it destroys them all. Colin Theys directs this creepy spine chiller. REVIEW: Directed by: Collin They … Continue reading

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Film Review: Willows Way (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Grieving over the death of his son, Jacob Lazar (C. James Roberts) connects with an alien visitor stranded on Earth. But Jacob tests their bond when he seizes the being’s magical staff with the intent of traveling back in time and saving his son’s life. This very act changes the alien’s assessment of mankind’s motivations and forces Jacob to choose between bringing back his son and saving humanity’s future. REVIEW: Directed by: Kevin DiBacco … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Season (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Rural Iowa. A Quaint Store. Strangers, deemed suitable breeders, find their vehicles sabotaged. Before dawn, they become subjected to the unholy practices of the excommunicated Amish family, as well as several genetically defective ‘kin’ amongst them. Once again, it is the time of The Season. See the trailer of “The Season” REVIEW: Directed by: Adam Edward Brooks Written by: Adam Edward Brooks Starring: AJ Bowen, Julianne Mason, Nya Kadenge, Douglas Tait, Richard Glockner Taking … Continue reading

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