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Top 10 Most Claustrophobic Horror Films


Devil, the new horror film produced by M. Night, is set to release this Friday September 17th, I don’t know how I feel about it yet since M. Night ruined The Last Airbender series for me, but that is neither here nor there.  In honor of this horror/thriller film that takes place entirely in an elevator, I have decided to search through my collection of horror films and bring you the top ten horror films … Continue reading


List: Best Horror Film One-liners


Everyone loves a good one-liner. Its something that anyone can shout out and most of the people will get the reference.  Sometimes these one-liners can really add a punch to your joke or drive a message in deep. Most one-liners spoken today are from TV shows or movies.  Some of my favorites that I use frequently are: “That’s what she said” “Ill never let go Jack” “Excellent” And my favorite “Duff Man, can’t breath” Feel free to … Continue reading


List: Horror Films-Before they were Famous – Female Edition


My last post was about the most famous male actors and their very first horror film roles. Well now I present to you the female edition of that very same list. Most of the women on this list were sex icons in the horror films they debuted in, and others just get naked. So be sure to check out these movies and see what your favorite female actresses looked like in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.  … Continue reading

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List: Top 6 WTF?! Moments in Horror

WTF cat

Every once in a while you sit down to watch your favorite movie and then you are stuck with a moment of What The Fuck?! This moment can either be someone dying who you didn’t expect, or something outrageous happening where your only response is WTF? Well I have had the privilege to find the best of the best WTF moments in your favorite horror films. Some WTF moments are SPOLIERS

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