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J.R. Grimes hails from the seedy underworld of Milwaukee's North shore, where anyone named "Betty" or "Muffy" was *truly* scary, but he's now living in South Florida. These days, nothing scares him, even though he's haunted by golf-playing retirees daily. Go ahead, and try to scare him. We dare you. J.R.'s focus is on the strange, the weird, the paranormal and the occult. If you have a book along these lines you'd like to have reviewed, send it his way.

Book Review: The Ancient Alien Question – Author Phillip Coppens


THE ANCIENT ALIEN QUESTION If you are a fan of Zacharia Sitchin, Erich von Däniken, or Carl Sagan, just to name a few, then this book is for you. Carrying on their work, and bringing us a bit more up to date in the wake of the “Ancient Aliens” series on the History channel, Philip Coppens recounts his travels and ...

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