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Book Review: After Death – Editor Eric J. Guignard


After Death is a collection of thirty short stories each conveying the author’s theory on what happens to us after our Earthly journey is complete. The anthology was assembled and edited by Eric J. Guignard. I will say that if you are looking for a collection of pure horror, this is not it. There are many of the stories I would place well outside this genre; some are even uplifting. That caveat aside, the stories … Continue reading

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Book Review: Serum of the Dead – Author Dave Bloodfield


When I read the blurb outlining the plot of this book and it sounded like it had real potential. Zombie apocalypse started by scientists monkeying around with a nerve regeneration serum. Very Michael Crichton. I was a little disappointed in the title, but I let it go. Turns out, the title was one of the better parts of the book. The writing is sophomoric, clunky and poorly executed, to be blunt. If it had been … Continue reading

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