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Film Review: The Manson Family (2003)


SYNOPSIS: You’ve seen the story through the eyes of the law… Now see it through the eyes of The Manson Family REVIEW: “The Manson Family”, filmed under the title “Charlie’s Family”, is a wild, brutal, shocking, psychedelic, unique experience in film, a sensory overload of mayhem and depravity. It is a film with true power; I was practically in shock after finishing this masterpiece. Unlike other Charles Manson films this one brings us into the … Continue reading

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Interview: Madelina Horn (The Profane Exhibit)


What do you think the relationship is between sex and horror? MH: They both play on the same idea of taboos + boundary pushing. They both attract the same kind of curiosity from the hearts of humanity. Since society is still largely based on religious moral standards, we see both sex + violence as taboo + wrong, yet are instinctively drawn to them, thus getting a rush from seeking out such naughtiness. Both sexuality + … Continue reading

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Interview: Author Adam Pepper


Hi Adam, thanks for agreeing to do the interview. How would you describe your writing? I bring a dark and cynical perspective to my work. Whether I’m writing about a superhuman fetus, a spoiled society chick/cokehead or a two-bit hoodlum in love with a mob boss’s daughter, there’s always a piece of my own personal worldview in my work. What is the history of Superfetus? How did it go from a short story to a … Continue reading

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Interview: Seregon O’Dassey


Seregon O’Dassey is an actress, model, and scream queen. She has acted in a lot of horror films but has a very diverse resume that also includes work on various soap operas. What I find particularly interesting is that Seregon at one point worked at a funeral home, and her job involved reconstructing corpses so that they look presentable for a funeral. She also did embalming and a lot more but these days she only … Continue reading

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Film Review: A Day Without Policemen (Mou jing shi fen) (1993) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Simon Yam plays a former big city cop who had a very bad experince with an AK-47. So he’s been assigned duty on one of the Hong Kong Islands as a police chief of a small village. He spends most of his time drinking beer and smoking hash while daydreaming. But when a group of thugs armed with AK-47’s and .45’s invade his terrain, he must over come his fear of that weapon to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Rape in Public Sea (1993) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS:  A group of bad guys kill a bunch of innocent people, and rape and kill a woman in front of her husband. The bad guys are from Hong Kong, their victims Vietnamese. The Vietnamese surviving victims band together to take revenge on the bad guys. There is a lot of gratuitous sex, fighting, shooting, raping, violence, and breasts. It’s a revenge film, and the director is as breast-obsessed as Russ Meyer. REVIEW: During one … Continue reading

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Film Review: Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell (1985) – CAT III


Oniroku Dan: Bikyoshi jigokuzeme (original title) SYNOPSIS: Ran Masaki plays a beautiful teacher who is transferred to a remote mountain school where she is gang-raped and abused by the male students. REVIEW: Plot: Completely irrelevant. The disc does not come with subtitles, which is a moot point because they would be useless. When subtitles are irrelevant you know you are not watching the Cat III version of Citizen Kane. Cat IIIs are known for extreme … Continue reading

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Horrors of Humanity: Atrocious Crimes


Who says films don’t influence crime? And who cares anyway? In California, a large man wearing a Michael Meyer Halloween mask raped a woman while carrying a large knife. Donald Pleasance was not there to try and shoot him. There’s an old Roald Dahl story called “Lambs to the Slaughter” in which a woman beats her husband to death with a lamb, which she then serves to the investigating police officers who happily devoured the … Continue reading

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Serial Killers: Arthur Shawcross


Shawcross was a sadistic cannibal necrophile pedophile serial killer. He claimed that his childhood was filled with rape, torture, forced incest and other types of abuse. After he was drafted into the army to fight in Vietnam, his atrocities continued. He claimed that he killed, raped and ate two Vietcong women and killed a string of underage prostitutes. He returned to America with an extreme case of post-traumatic stress disorder. In 1972, he killed two … Continue reading


Horrors of Humanity: Gore and Vomit


Gore and vomit have always had a relationship, with truly gory films such as the Guinea Pig movies and the August Underground films inducing gallons of vomit across the planet. Director Lucifer Valentine has combined the two ‘hobbies’ into a new genre he calls ‘vomit gore’. They feature vomit, and may cause the viewer to join in. I made it 11 minutes into his first film, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, before I had to take a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Infernal Device – Author Erik Ruhling


INFERNAL DEVICE: Beautiful Machines of Agony By Erik Ruhling Publication Date: 2007 Format: Full Color 96 pages Price: $14.95 Pear of Anguish is one terrifying-looking torture device. Imagine sticking an umbrella up someone’s ass- and then opening it. The Pear is inserted into any orifice- vagina, anus, mouth, etc. Once inside, the torturer pulls a switch and the pear begins to open up, its sharp knives coming out to penetrate the inside of the body … Continue reading

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