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First Look Photos From Showtime’s PENNY DREADFUL

Yeah, not real sure what the hell is going on in these photos but they are the first look at anything coming off the set of the new SHOWTIME horror project PENNY DREADFUL. Currently filming in Dublin and starring Josh Hartnett PENNY DREADFUL will take place in Victorian London and feature some sort of mash up of the classic monsters and apparently Josh Hartnett with 80’s hair band hair.

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All Kinds Of New Coolness For NBC’s DRACULA

Last week brought us that landslide of photos from NBC for their new horror project DRACULA. It was really kind of the first wave of what I figured would be a pretty intense media play for our attention and today brings wave number two. How about an animated web series and a new video clip to get your day rocking! In this animated short, part one of several we are treated to a bit of … Continue reading

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A Welcome Update On Brian Keene’s THE CAGE


Been a while since we’ve talked about the adaptation of Brian Keene’s THE CAGE but today brings some movement. Got a press release that outlines what the team has been up to so read on and consider yourself updated: Adaptation of dark and hyper-violent book THE CAGE, by celebrated author Brian Keene, finds director, cast, and F/X squad. Now they’re looking for the money necessary to bring the story of THE CAGE to fruition. It’s … Continue reading

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Multi-media Zombie Epic Debuts – And It’s All Free!

Got a press release this morning about The New Zeitgeist an incredibly ambitious project that in celebration of World Zombie Day will be available free to all who are interested. All the details are in the press release below so check it out and get busy downloading. The New Zeitgeist, a new multi-media zombie concept series, will be available for free digital download as part of World Zombie Day 2013. Fans of the undead will … Continue reading

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Howl At The New Video For CRYING WOLF

Got an update for you on the new werewolf flick heading our way from director Tony Jopia (DeadTime) that stars the one and only Caroline Munro. It’s titled CRYING WOLF and they just released a new video for the project. This is the title song LUNAR performed by the band Orchid Grey. You’ll find assorted images from the film throughout the video. A new official trailer is going to be making its debut soon at … Continue reading

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I’ve reported on RIFFTRAX events in the past but this one is gonna be special. If you’re not familiar with RIFFTRAX you should know that this is from those crazy bastards that brought us MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 and what they do is pick a film and then add their own audio track that is always funny and often hilarious. Yeah, just like MST3K. The last few years they have done a handful of theatrical … Continue reading

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Posters And A Trailer For LOSS OF LIFE

On Oct. 25th the indie found footage shocker LOSS OF LIFE will be making its VOD and DVD premiere and this morning I’ve got a couple posters and the trailer to wet your appetite for this “Halloween night gone wrong” scare fest. The short and sweet synopsis: On October 31, 2012, in North Hollywood, California, a group of high school friends decided to document their Halloween night out. This film is the compilation of the … Continue reading

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The Opening To This Years TREEHOUSE OF HORROR From Guillermo del Toro – Watch And Enjoy

One of the things that makes the haunt season so great is the annual trip to Springfield to see what Homer and the gang are up to for the Halloween season. This year is even more special as normal as the opening comes to us from Guillermo del Toro. Check it out right now! Yeah, pretty sweet, right?

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Check Out The Entire Web Series THE WALKING DEAD: THE OATH

Even though the premiere of THE WALKING DEAD is mere days away there is way to get your zombie fix tonight and this with the Greg Nicotero directed web series based in THE WALKING DEAD universe titled THE OATH. It’s coming at you in three segments each one roughly 10 minutes long and it is well worth your time. As I mentioned above the segments were directed by Greg Nicotero and star Wyatt Russell, Ashley … Continue reading

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All The Cool Music From The HALLOWEEN Films – All On One Disc

Never before have you been able to get all the memorable (and not so memorable) music from the HALLOWEEN franchise all in one place. That all changes tomorrow with the Buysoundtrax Records release of HALLOWEEN: THE SOUND OF EVIL. Spanning the entire franchise from John Carpenter’s ground breaking original all the way through the Rob Zombie remakes. Here’s the track listing for your perusal. Track listing:

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New Key Art For HANNIBAL S2 Is One Strange Piece Of Work

If you’re not yet a fan of HANNIBAL on NBC you should be. Season one was a a crazy ride and judging from the promo image I’m about to show you, season two is gearing up to give us another wild ride. Show runner Bryan Fuller developed what you just beheld (along with the work of some kick ass FX artists) and had the following to say about it all:

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NBC Gets Serious About DRACULA

Been waiting for NBC to start talking about DRACULA but man, this is a bit crazy. They let lose today with a whopping 50 new stills all heralding the premiere of their new series about the blood sucker. The premiere episode titled THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE hits the airwaves on Oct. 25th The series itself will tell the following tale:

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A New TV Spot and Featurette To Bring Us Even Closer To The Amazing GRAVITY

Only a few days to go till you all can head on out and see GRAVITY and I can not recommend enough that you do just that. An amazing piece of work it is quite possibly the single best achievement in film in the last decade, I shit you not! Now after making a statement like that I do realize that some of you will go see this, not like it and then label me … Continue reading

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New Spot For THE WALKING DEAD Pimps An Exciting Season

With pretty much the whole world watching the finale of BREAKING BAD last night it was the perfect opportunity for the AMC folks to let roll with some new footage from their other monster hit series THE WALKING DEAD and let it roll they did. Check out the new 30 second, action packed promo from season four. It looks like things will be taking an exciting turn!

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If you listened to HORROR NEWS RADIO which is of course our official podcast here at HNN then you are already aware of ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE as Robert Kurtzman discussed his involvement in this Lucky McKee directed high school horror film. Early word out of the Toronto International Film Fest is that this one is red hot so the news that IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT has picked it up is great news indeed for all us horror … Continue reading

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Two New Teases Of THE FOLLOWING Announce A Change

Taking a page from AMERICAN HORROR STORY the folks behind THE FOLLOWING have released a couple of short but cool teasers that appear to announce the end of the POE story line. Would make sense as they made good use of all things POE last season so time for something new. Is that what these teasers mean? Who know, but we will all find out early next year when THE FOLLOWING returns to Fox.

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New CARRIE Televison Spot Points Out Her Differences

A new TV spot for CARRIE showed up today and although it doesn’t really show us anything new it’s still very well done and well worth a few minutes of your time. Before you check it out refresh your memory of all the who, what’s and wheres or CARRIE. October 18th brings the release of the remake of the classic Stephen King tale CARRIE. Directed by Kimberly Pierce and starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne … Continue reading

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THE WORLD’S END Makes A Quick Trip To Blu-ray

THE WORLD’S END is still in theaters here in my neck of the woods but today’s email brought news that the Simon Pegg starring flick will be making the trip to blu-ray on Nov. 19th. That’s good news for those of you who didn’t go check it out in theaters! Here’s what the press release reveals:

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NIGHTMARE FACTORY – The KNB Documentary Is Coming To EPIX


If you’ve watched a movie in the last 25 years I guarantee you that you have seen some of the handiwork of the KNB FX group. Know particularly well in horror circles the company has also infiltrated every genre of film. The original company consisted of Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger, hence the KNB. Robert Kurtzman left the company a couple of years back but the company retained the KNB moniker. NIGHTMARE FACTORY … Continue reading

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Danielle Harris, Sid Haig And The Collector Invite You To The FRIGHTDOME

In an inspired piece of advertising the folks behind the haunted attraction the FRIGHTDOME have produced a commercial that certainly grabs the attention of any true horror fan. FRIGHTDOME is one big ass haunted attraction in Las Vegas and this year they have developed an attraction based on the Marcus Dunstan flicks THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION, two of my favorite films. So, to get the word out they produced the following TV spot and … Continue reading

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Behold The Main Title Sequence For AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN

A few weeks back I posted a story about how AHS show helmer Ryan Murphy likes to pay particular attention to the main title sequences of his AHS seasons and today he posted up the opening for the much anticipated AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN. Yeah, it’s weird and creepy and wild – everything you could have hoped for. Check it out:

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