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Film Review: Blood Rush (2012)


SYNOPSIS: When a small town is overcome with a blood lust, the local Witch Doctor is thought to be the source. What they don’t know is that he has a different agenda. REVIEW: The recent resurgence of zombies in film is more prevalent today then it ever was in the 70’s and 80’s following the grand daddy of them all, The Night of the Living Dead. There are re-inventions of the genre cranked out daily. … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Devil’s Men (1976)


SYNOPSIS: A satanic cult kidnaps 3 young people and Priest Donald Pleasence and Costas Skouras must save them from the hands of this evil! REVIEW: The Devil’s Men (aka Land of the Minotaur – 1976) is standard 70’s fare. There’s always something nostalgic about 1970’s back lot horror, from the over dramatic acting to the in your face screams for no apparent reasons, there is so much to love and laugh about. The Devil’s Men … Continue reading

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Film Review: Apocalypse Kiss (2014)


SYNOPSIS: In this futuristic science fiction thriller, government security agent Jerry Hipple has been unsuccessfully tracking the city’s most infamous criminal The Red Harvest Killer. When two nomadic lovers, Katia and Gladys enter the city the death count rises and are being credited as Red Harvest killings. Obsessive compulsive Adrian, the actual Red Harvest Killer becomes furious that the sexy serial killing duo are grabbing media attention under his alias. Not only does Adrian attempt … Continue reading

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