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Film Review: The Eternal Evil of Asia (1995) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: During a visit to Thailand, somewhat bizarrely set in the 21st century, a group of four friends, Bon (Kwok-Pong Chan), Kong (Tsui Kam-Kong), Kent and Nam are chased out of a brothel in a dispute over payment for one of the strippers. Fearing for their lives, they come across a deserted house and take sanctuary, only to discover it is the house of Laimi (Ben Ng), a powerful Wizard, who is in battle with … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind (1980) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A group of three disenfranchised young men, Lung (Lung Tin Sang), Ko (Che Bin Law) and Paul (Albert Au) set off a bomb in a movie theatre. Fleeing from the scene of the crime, they run into the beautiful but dangerous Wan-chu (Lin Chen Chi), who spends her days torturing animals and arguing with her neighbours. Wan-chu threatens to turn the gang into the Police and blackmails them into committing ever increasingly brutal crimes … Continue reading

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Film Review: Assault: Jack the Ripper (1976) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: The title Assault: Jack the Ripper is slightly misleading. This is not a film about Jack the Ripper or a variation thereof, but rather a demented Japanese version of Bonnie and Clyde with knives instead of guns and a great deal more sex and less love. Here, a withdrawn chef in a restaurant hooks up with a bossy and slightly obnoxious waitress. After accidently killing a rather unfortunate hitchhiker one rainy night, the duo … Continue reading

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Film Review: Rampo Noir (2005)


SYNOPSIS: Rampo Noir is an omnibus comprising of four short films based upon stories by Edogawa Rampo, Japan’s foremost proponent of the erotic grotesque or ero-guro genre and founder of the Japan Mystery Writers’ Club: Mars Canal (Kasei no Unga) directed by Suguru Takeuchi, Mirror Hell (Kagami Jigoku)  directed by Akio Jissoji, Caterpillar (Imomushi)   directed by Hisayasu Sato (director of one of the most interesting Japanese horror films, Naked Blood) and Atsushi Kaneko’s Crawling Bugs … Continue reading

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Film Review: In The Realm of the Senses (1976)


SYNOPSIS: In The Realm of the Senses is based upon a real-life incident which took place in Japan on 17th May 1936. This incident was the particularly gruesome murder of Kichizo Ishida by his lover, Abe Sada: after having choked Ishida to death, Sada cut off his penis and carried it around with her until she was caught two days later.  Oshima’s film centres on the love affair between Ishida and Sada portraying their sexual … Continue reading

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Film Review: Guinea Pig 6: Devil Doctor Woman (1986) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A nameless underground doctor who is given the moniker of ‘Devil Doctor Woman’ by her patients introduces nine of her most unusual cases in the form of a video diary. These ‘case studies’ include a family whose heads explode when they are subjected to insults, a man with a tumour with a human face, an internal organ-cum-stalker, a zombified man and a man who sweats blood. Unfortunately her cures are often more deadly than … Continue reading

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Film Review: Guinea Pig 5: Android of Notre Dame (1989) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: By the time of Android of Notre Dame, the fifth installment in the Guinea Pig Series, any mondo factualization of the fictional has disappeared. Instead, we have a typical cyberpunk narrative as if focalized through the fevered imagination of Manfred Clynes who posited in the 1960s that the body would become redundant at the interface of new cybernetic technologies. One day, Karazawa, a scientist who is desperately searching for a cure for a terminal … Continue reading

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Film Review: Guinea Pig 3: He Never Dies (1986) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Hideshi, a typical salary man, is not having a good week. His beautiful girlfriend, Kyoko, is sleeping with a colleague, Nakamura, and his boss at the computer company where he works has been berating him for not doing a good job. He locks himself in his flat, and not even his boss bothers to ring him up to see if everything is alright. The solution seems simple, suicide, but as befits a Guinea Pig … Continue reading

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Film Review: All Night Long 2: Atrocity (1995) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Introverted Shinichi spends his days carefully putting together a model of a female manga character. The rest of his time he spends communicating with someone called ‘Good Man’ on his computer, who tells him he is the chosen one and promises him good fortune. However while he might be the chosen one – chosen by a rich student and his gang to torture and abuse – this cannot be considered as good fortune. Further … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bloody Reunion (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Mrs Park (Oh Mi-Hee) is a former elementary school teacher, who is in poor health and confined to a wheel chair, cared for by one of her ex-students, Nam Mi-Ja (Seo Young-Hee). Mi-Ja invites some of her old classmates to a (bloody) reunion in order to try and cheer Mrs Park up. However one by one the classmates are brutally murdered by a killer who covers her/his features with a handmade rabbit mask. Only … Continue reading

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Film Review: Silver (Shirubaa) (1999) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Based upon the manga by Hisao Mali, Silver centres around the exploits of Jun Shirogane (Shinobu Kandori), a karate expert and undercover police officer who conventionally has also undergone FBI training in the US. After her family who worked for the Secret Service are brutally murdered, she agrees to infiltrate a group of criminals known as the ‘Viper’s Nest’. The fact that she is also a karate expert gives her an upper hand in … Continue reading

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Film Review: Shogun’s Sadism: The Joys of Torture 2 (1976) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: While marketed as a sequel to Shogun’s Sadism: The Joys of Torture, The Joys of Torture 2 is neither directed by Teruo Ishii and does not seem to be an official sequel. However it is set, as is the former, during the Japanese Edo era and takes its inspiration from the horrific and grotesque forms of torture used during the period, and is composed of two separate tales set 200 years apart. Providing coherence … Continue reading

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Film Review: Three Extremes (2004)


SYNOPSIS: A sequel to Three, Three Extremes is based around the common theme of the ‘monster’. In Fruit Chan’s, not for vegetarians, Dumplings, the secret to eternal youth lies out of special dumplings made out of the crushed bones and ground down flesh of aborted foetuses. The monster in Park Chan-wook’s Cut is a deranged fan of a famous director who tortures the wife and son of the director while the director looks on helplessly, … Continue reading

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Film Review: 3 Extremes II (2002)


SYNOPSIS: Three Extremes is an omnibus of three tales of the supernatural from South Korea, Japan and Thailand. Memories by Kim Jee-woon concerns a domestic haunting in which a wife attempts to find her way home, not realising that she is in fact dead, while her husband struggles to remember why his wife has suddenly disappeared. Nonzee Nimibutr’s The Wheel concerns haunted puppets who bring about death and destruction to those that covet them. Lastly … Continue reading

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Film Review: Captured for Sex 2 (1986) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: In Captured for Sex 2, a young man, Shingo, and his girlfriend, Miki, are driving in the countryside when their car breaks down. When they go and seek help from a nearby house, they are captured and kept as sex slaves by an unnamed man. Gradually Shingo becomes enraptured by the acts of forced S/M on both himself and Miki and offers to be the man’s apprentice, helping him abduct and torture two other … Continue reading

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Film Review: Centipede Horror (1984) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A young woman, Kay, on holiday with a friend in South East Asia, suddenly becomes ill. Her friend dies of a heart attack when she discovers Kay in agony in a small clearing by the side of the road. The doctors at the hospital are mystified by what is causing reddish sore wounds to appear on her skin, or indeed what is preventing her from speaking. Her brother, Wai Lun, rushes to her bedside … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Beauty’s Evil Rose (1992) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: The Beauty’s Evil Rose is a great title, but rather misleading – The Beauty’s Evil Parasitic Penis-monster would have been more apt, as the plot – such as it is – involves a Satanic female cult who seek to take vengeance on men, for perceived and/or real wrongs, using a parasite which is transmits deadly poison through sexual contact. The police, helmed by Inspector Cheng (Alex Fong) come into contact with the group and … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Beasts (Shan Kou) (1980) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A father seeks from a gang of thugs who raped his daughter and murdered his son. REVIEW: While The Beasts (Shan Kou) has been marketed as a Hong Kong version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and/or The Hills Have Eyes (1977) it is in fact much closer in feel and structure to the rape-revenge film – most notably I Spit On Your Grave, although it bears similarities with Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring … Continue reading

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Film Review: Brother of Darkness (1994) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Brother of Darkness begins with a young man, Toh (Hugo Ng Doi-Yung) on trial for the brutal murder of his brother, Wah (William Ho Ka-Kui). As the court case unfolds and witnesses take the stand, a horrific tale of sibling abuse, domestic violence and all-round thugary ensues. We discover that Toh was subject to frequent attacks by Wah whenever he returned to the family home after being released from prison; one attack in which … Continue reading

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Film Review: Men Behind the Sun (1988) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Men Behind the Sun is a fictionalised account of war atrocities perpetrated against Chinese and Russian people by the Japanese during World War 2. Unit 731 is a secret facility which conducts biological and other medical experiments on both animals and humans. The film focuses on the experiences of the last youth corps to join Unit 731 before it was closed down immediately following the surrender of Japan to the Allied Forces in 1945. … Continue reading

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