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Film Review: The Aborted (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Someone has brutally murdered Tyson’s sister, at first it seems to be part of a killing spree, a serial killer bent on mutilating young women, but as Tyson begins to dig deeper he begins to realize that all of the girls have had one thing in common; they’ve all had at home abortions performed by a mysterious girl named Raven. As he begins to uncover the truth, he uncovers a supernatural and hellbent force, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Horror Films Which Benefit from the Existence of Religion


Well, the title’s pretty simple and self-explanatory this time around, no? Again, these won’t necessarily be the BEST of this example, but the ten movies included here are going to be such that they benefit greatly from the existence of the concept of religion. God or Allah, Buddha or the trees, or even Satan himself all have a part to play in these flicks, and are the driving force behind what makes them great. In … Continue reading


The Devil Tree


They say that, sometimes, seeing a ghost is just a matter of situational gravity. The 1995 earthquakes in Kobe, Japan brought with them a wide, broad rash of ghost sightings. So too did the tsunami in Thailand, 2004, and Hurricane Katrina, 2005. Ghost sightings are a dime a dozen at battlefields the world over, and it’s relatively accepted that any place that has a heavy history has its share of spirits. I do believe in … Continue reading

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Top 10 Horror Films from the 90′s That Weren’t Awful


Of course, we all remember the Scream films and maybe include The Blair Witch Project on a list of non-sucky 90′s horror flicks, but as a young one coming up in that decade, I remember the theaters containing a whole lot of awful horror. Granted, I enjoyed the film greatly, but I remember at one time that Wes Craven’s New Nightmare was the best horror film I’d seen in a theater. If that doesn’t indicate … Continue reading

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Top 10 Zombie Films Worth Your Time

I sit to begin this list with the background noise of Romero’s Day of the Dead playing, and it’s a great flick to have as motivation for putting together a list like the one I’m about to compile. It’s not a part of this list, which is no slight; this list isn’t necessarily about the best, most common or most loved zombie flicks. If it was, Day of the Dead would probably be around #6 … Continue reading

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Top 10 Horror Movies that got me thru Highschool


In a sentence that I feel will hit hard at home with a bunch of horror fans, I wasn’t a wildly popular young man as my high school career began. Through time and fiercely sticking to being the man that I am, I won over a great deal of folks, but it was certainly a war of attrition, one that took people I liked, lusted for and loved away from my life throughout the years. … Continue reading


Top 10 Recommended Foreign Films


More often than not, when I find myself in a conversation with someone else about horror flicks, it goes through the gross stuff, the slashers, the big names and the ones so bad that everyone knows them. Within a few minutes, we’re through all of the “have you seen this?” and “have you seen that?” of the regular horror film diet, and then we’re left with little else than to start making sexual innuendo or … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Last Battleground (2010)

Film Review: The Last Battleground (2010)

SYNOPSIS: The end of the world has happened and the survivors must band together to fight the evil around them. REVIEW: Covering indie horror is harder than murdering someone with six other people and trying to keep it a secret. Honestly, there’s a strong, well-defined barometer for what sucks and what doesn’t in mainstream cinema of any sort, but with something that’s independent, one is absolutely required to make concessions and take into account a … Continue reading

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Film Review: SleepStalker (1995)


SYNOPSIS: As a youngster, Griffin (Jay Underwood) saw his parents brutally murdered by a sadistic serial killer named The Sandman. Justice was served when the captured killer was convicted and executed for his heinous crimes. But now, freed from his mortal coil, The Sandman has returned to mete out vengeance in the guise of The Sleepstalker. And that doesn’t bode well for Griffin. This waking nightmare isn’t confined to Elm Street! REVIEW: A slasher film … Continue reading

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Top 13 Horror Movies that should be remade

Pretty much every hardcore horror fan decries the remake. We have this static notion of what these classic horror movies are, and because they were often done right the first time, we demand that newbies “rent a f*ckin’ movie!” or otherwise cease the feeding of the cash-driven Hollywood machine. The reason it’s done is rather simple: they’re really good stop-gap productions that bring in money. Instead of relying on one or two blockbusters a year … Continue reading


Top 10 Horrific Comedic features

Ten Horrific Features That Will Split Sides Before Skulls I’m an absolute sucker for a good horror comedy. I’ve seen some true sh*tballs along the way: ZOMBIE HONEYMOON and JESUS CHRIST: VAMPIRE HUNTER immediately come to mind as pieces of absolute trash that tried to be funny and just ended up being offensively bad instead. When I, a lowly film critic, could have written a better script for a film while high out of my mind … Continue reading

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Film Review: The New Girls (2009)


SYNOPSIS: N/A REVIEW: One of the most prolific filmmakers on the no-budget scene, the Jim-Van-Bebber-Through-the-Looking-Glass Sonny Fernandez, is at it again, with the entire crew in tow for his latest feature, The New Girls. This time out, we’re dealing with vampires, and…whoa, what? A daytime shot?!? Did that just happen? Yes, yes it did, and that’s a lot of what this movie is about: something new. We’ve all seen vampire movies, and we’ve recently seen … Continue reading

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Top 10 Takashi Miike Films


THE ONE-MAN MADNESS JUGGERNAUT: TEN OF TAKASHI MIIKE’S BEST Takashi Miike is one bad-ass little man, and he is one of the most prolific filmmakers in all of cinematic history. A typical year will have him releasing roughly 5 movies, which is absolutely astonishing when you consider that he’s working across all genres, all formats and in multiple languages. His cinematic eye is something that’s inspirational and influential, and he is seemingly always right on … Continue reading

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Film Review: Psychopath (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Sarah misses a desperate call from her stranded sister sets off with friends to find her in the backwoods town of Raven’s Neck, home to a brutal escaped mental patient. REVIEW: The opening credits for Robert Elkins’ PSYCHOPATH set us up well for a horror ride with a jarring surprise of a technique, something a little new and different…and necessary to the slasher genre. The key to good horror is to keep the viewer … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bleed (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Six strangers wake up on a street corner…they have no idea how they got there, or why they’re there. They quickly realize that they are trapped and alone in a small town, unable to escape, and everynight creatures from their worst nightmares stalk the streets. But soon they will realize that their are things far worse than monsters…. REVIEW: First things first: Sonny, you motherf*cker! Sonny Fernandez, director of THE LAST BATTLEGROUND, knows how … Continue reading

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List: 13 Road Horror Flicks That (Do or Will) Demand Your Attention


My favorite sub-genre in all of horror isn’t a sub-genre at all, really; it’s just an element. It’s a huge one, though, one that is as much an antagonist in most cases as the monsters, demons and killers themselves. It’s a sickness, a fascination, and like a moth to flame, I’m drawn to horror movies that deal with driving, roads, and travel like I’m drawn to nothing else in film. It’s either an asphalt fetish … Continue reading

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