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Film Review: Hellraiser 2: Hellbound (1988)


SYNOPSIS: After solving a creepy puzzle, unscrupulous Det. Joseph Thorne (Craig Sheffer) finds himself trapped in hell with the hair-raising ghoul Pinhead (Doug Bradley) and a murderer at large. Thorne tries to outwit Pinhead and discover the killer’s identity in an effort to escape, but the trail keeps leading back to one man: Thorne. As his transgressions begin to torment him, Thorne learns the real meaning of the word REVIEW: After the surprising success of … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Vampire Assassin (2007)


SYNOPSIS: After living the life of a free spirited spoiled rich vampire, terrorizing the Eastern European countryside, Veronica is brought before her clan elders and ordered to reign in her “bloodlust” or be ostracized by the rest of the clan REVIEW: FILM: THE VAMPIRE ASSASSIN (2007) FILM: BLOODLUST (2004) Greetings once again Boils and Ghouls, to another installment of Indie Scares. Tonight we’re going to talk about a pair of films by Archangel Productions entitled … Continue reading

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Film Review: Book of Blood (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Based on the writings of horror master Clive Barker, this creepy thriller centers on paranormal expert Mary Florescu (Sophie Ward) and spiritual medium Simon McNeal (Jonas Armstrong), who band together to investigate the mysterious occurrences of an alleged haunted house. When hostile spirits begin to speak through Simon in a horrifying fashion, he and Mary discover that the house may be a crossroad of spiritual paths. REVIEW: Clive Barker burst onto the literary scene … Continue reading

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Interview: Victor Miller (Friday the 13th)


Victor Miller is the screenwriter behind the original “Friday the 13th” a classic of the 80’s slasher genre. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Mr. Miller in his home here in Alameda, Ca and speak with him about how he got involved with “Friday” and what kind of effect it’s had on his life. How did you get involved with Friday the 13th? Friday the 13th was an absolute mistake of nature. An … Continue reading

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