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and that’s when I reach for my revolver.

Warning: a rant is forthcomming.  Peter Schotwzer already provided a link to Brian Keene’s blog about the grand fall into douchedom of Dorchester publishing, but I felt the need to speak on the matter as a fan. There was a time, in the late 90’s, that Dorchester’s Leisure Horror mark meant the world to me. Any time I saw the stylized LP, I knew that I’d get at least some enjoyment. They are the ones … Continue reading

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Book Review: Brain Cheese Buffet – Author Edward Lee


BRAIN CHEESE BUFFET “Their philosophy was societal and rather militant in its feministic design. Never mind that they were f*cked up in the head: abused, malnurished and locked in closets as children, maladapted via unbridled drug and alcoholuse and hence damaged certain critical brain receptors, and, in general, rife with a plethora of environmentally causated personality disorders and biogenic amine imbalances. They aw themselves instead as philosophers of the new dark age of sexual terror, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Every Shallow Cut (Chizine) – Author Tom Piccirilli


EVERY SHALLOW  CUT Shit. You think you know a guy, then he has to go flip the script on you and leave you flailing out in the cold, mumbling something about your favorite thermos through frostbitten lips. Yep, T-Pic the mighty has come back around with a quick shot to the solar plexus in the form of this new novella, but if you think you know what to expect from this extremely prolific man then … Continue reading

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Book Review: Eden Fell – Author by Lily


EDEN FELL Written by Lily Published by Damnation Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: B/W Price: $4.50 or ? “Although my shrink is dubious and believes completely in my obliviousness, I am aware I’m always living in a perfect world in my mind. I know it’s not a perfect world. I know there aren’t such things as screaming snakes or weeping rhinoceroses, frost princes or winter sprites, or even unicorns in black leather. They aren’t real … Continue reading

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Book Review: Feast – Author Scott McCoy


FEAST (PAPERBACK) Written by R. Scott McCoy Published by Shroud Publishing Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black & White – 155 pages Price: $7.99 I know what you thought when you saw the cover: Shriveled, dried up guy with empty, white eyes= yet another gawdamn zombie novel (or, if you are still excited about them: “Yay! Another Zombie Novel!”). However you may want to calm down a moment because this is as much of a zombie … Continue reading

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Necrotic Tissue #13 available, featuring HN staff!


Issue number 13 (our favorite number!) of Necrotic Tissue features a story from long time HorrorNews contributor and book reviewer, Anton Cancre. The story in question, “The Song That Crawls” is a meandering little ditty that merges the ethos of Lovecraft with the lyricality and drug induced dementia of the music of Dax Riggs. In addition to that fine tail, this issue clocks in at almost 200 pages, and contains stories from D. Harlan Wilson, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Intruder – Author Cindy Little


INTRUDER Written by Cindy Little Published by Shroud Publishing Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black & White – 68 pages Price: $7.99 “I could feel a smirk pull at the corner of my mouth as I came closer to Jennie. It was one of those odd, inappropriate responses that came at the most unexpected times- like at church or when I had to take Jennie to the doctor for her shots. I remember her lying on … Continue reading

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Book Review: Institutional Memory – Written by Gary Frank


INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY Written by Gary Frank Published by Medallion Press Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black /White – 350 pages Price: $7.95 Work is torture. We all say it and to a certain, albeit hyperbolic, degree we mean what we say. Day in- day out, clock in-clock out, stumbling into a cubicle or in front of a machine or, horror of horrors, behind a counter as our life leaks away bit by bit. Isn’t it strange … Continue reading

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Book Review: Intracations – Author John Dimes


INTRACATIONS Written by John Dimes Published by Dark Hart Press Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black /White – 324 pages Price: $15.99 “Angels are antibodies. Prayer is telepathy. A phrase that was inextricably linked with the Androgyne’s kind and their creations. Their very existence was, arguably, to be symbolic of God’s enduring presence in the absence of his presence. As protectors of the universal harmony. What a joke that had become, in light of all the … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Necrotic Tissue Magazine – Issue 7


NECROTIC TISSUE #7 (MAGAZINE) Editor: R. Scott McCoy Published by Stygian Publication Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W Price: $5.95 “Why open a door when you are afraid of what stands beyond it? Yet how not to when the questions pound and some small part niggles and begs for attention.” – Catherine Gardner, “The Scratch of an Old Record” Awhile back I had reviewed Malpractice, an anthology of medical terror that I thoroughly enjoyed, and shortly … Continue reading

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Book Review: Malpractice – Editor Nathaniel Lambert


MALPRACTICE Edited by Nathaniel Lambert Published by Stygian Publications Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White Price: $15.99 Let me see them hands if you love yerself a good, old-fashioned trip to the hospital? That’s what I thought. There is something about those sterile environments filled with stoic, mask covered faces, reeking of antiseptic and a mild undercurrent of something much uglier that sets the skin to full out goose mode. And let us not forget … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mama Fish – Author Rio Youers


MAMA FISH Written by Rio Youers Published by Shroud Publishing Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black & White – 92 pages Price: $7.99 “You know, the technology is more advanced than it used to be. The world has turned into a machine, and its axis is made of binary codes and microprocessors and integrated circuits. Everybody is wired in these days. Everybody. Technology is a 21st century god. It’s a monster.” I’m sure that it will come as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Act Three, Scene Four – Author Inanna Gabriel


ACT THREE, SCENE FOUR published: 2010 publisher: Misanthrope Press price: $13.95 “The Blow landed on Finch’s chest but it didn’t slide through the flesh like Brandon had expected… Brandon lifted the heavy tool back up and inspected it. The head was heavy and solid, but the blade was dull to the extent that it was flattened. He cocked his head to one side then the other trying to figure out this strange flaw. He ran … Continue reading

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Book Review: Of Darkness and Light – Author Paul Kane


OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT Written by Paul Kane Published by Thunderstorm Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black & White Price: $16.95 “Light can penetrate the dark, but the dark is powerless in light.” What a pleasant surprise this book ended up being. Initially, I was requested to review a PDF version, which has grown to be a huge red flag for me. Say what you will about the electronic future of media (though you should be … Continue reading


Book Review: Peckinpah – an ultraviolent romance – Author Harlan D. Wilson


PECKINPAH: AN ULTRAVIOLENT ROMANCE Written by Harlan D. Wilson Published by Shroud Publishing Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black & White – 116 pages Price: $7.99 Picture this: you spend an entire weekend of this year’s Context hearing repeated glowing praise of a certain book after a month or so of prior buildup. Over the preceding year, you’ve come to trust Shroud Publishing as a solid and respectable source for your wet and glooby needs. Then … Continue reading


Book Review: The Monster Within – Author R. Thomas Riley


THE MONSTER WITHIN IDEA (PAPERBACK) Author R. Thomas Riley Published by Apex Publications Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White- 224 pages Price: $15.95 Death comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s in-your-face, “holy sh*t!” realization. Other times it sidles up to you in red lipstick and a pink thong.” How’s that sh*t for the start of a story, eh? And that is precisely how R.Thomas Riley kicks the door in on “Just Decoration,” one of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Just Like Hell – Author Nate Southard


JUST LIKE HELL Author Nate Southard Published by Thunderstorm Books Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black /White – 98 pages Price: $10.95 “There would be no going to the police afterward. What he wanted to do could not be considered self-defense. He would not be a hero. But he would be a survivor. And he would feel some measure of justice.” Just imagine you are Dillon, the all American dream, the type of guy every red-blooded, testosterone … Continue reading


Book Review: Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves – Author Shane Jiraiya Cummings


PHOENIX AND THE DARKNESS OF WOLVES Author Shane Jiraiya Cummings Published by Damnation Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White – 90 pages Price: $9.90 What’s the deal with Australia as a post-Apocalyptic wasteland? I certainly wouldn’t figure them to be the first target for a full out nuclear barrage. Then again, if anyone could survive alongside the cockroaches and Little Debbie snack cakes, those crazy ass Aussie’s would certainly have my bet. That said: Australia … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nuclear Jellyfish – Author Tim Dorsey


NUCLEAR JELLYFISH Author Tim Dorsey Published by Harper Collins Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White – 320 pages Price: $24.99 “There are three-and only three- kinds of people in the world: Those who don’t know they’re damaged and blame others; those who realize they’re damaged and blame others; and then people like you and me, who wear damage like comfortable pajamas” -Serge A. Storms So you’ve seen the picture of the book cover above in all … Continue reading

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Book Review: Raw Brutality as Art – Author Adam Huber


RAW: BRUTALITY AS ART Written Author Adam Huber Published by Snuff Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White – 220 pages Price: $14.00 What do you call a man with no arms and no legs hanging on a wall? If you said “Art”, then, congratulations, you’re certainly up on your elementary school humor. What do you call an anthology based around the deformation and destruction of the human animal in the name of the holy grail … Continue reading

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Book Review: See No Evil, Say No to Evil – Author Matt Betts


SEE NO EVIl, SAY NO TO EVIL Written by Matt Betts Published by Dastardly Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black & White – 45 pages Price: $7.00 “What the hell were we talking about? Oh right. Let me sum it up. Shark – Not dead. Out of the water – Move away. Most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough… trim your nose hairs.” Poetry, poetry, poetry. I had a creative writing professor, way back … Continue reading

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