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Film Review: Campfire Tales (1997)


SYNOPSIS: Horror takes a detour deep into the woods. Returning home from a concert and driving recklessly, four teenagers crash their car on a deserted road. To ward off the cold, they build a fire and wait for help. But the hair-raising stories they tell around the fire put a deeper chill into the night. Each tale is more lurid, more horrifying, more shocking than anything they’ve heard before. Yet for theses unlucky teens in … Continue reading

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Film Review: (2001)

SYNOPSIS: Director – Ryan Woo Screenplay – Keith Strandberg Murder has just logged in. If you saw what you thought was a murder on the Internet, what would you do? Set in a voyeur site called, viewers are given the chance to watch the everyday lives of eight beautiful women living in the house. These girls are live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But soon, a killer is on the … Continue reading

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