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Book Review: The Lurking Man – Author Keith Rommel


The Lurking Man So what happen to us when we die (or get close to death)? Well Cailean is about to find out in Keith Rommel’s new book the Lurking Man the second book in his Thanatology series. This book like the Cursed Man takes us deep into dark reaches of the human mind. The book starts with Cailean finding ...

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Book Review: Shadows in Flight – Author Orson Scott Card


Shadows in Flight By Orson Scott Card Lost in space with nothing to do. That was what was running through my head as I listened to disc after disc of this audio book. Shadows in flight just does not go anywhere. The story starts out in a ship hurtling through space at light speed with three children Ender, Carlotta, Sergeant, ...

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Book Review: Dark Highway – Author Dan Thomas


Dark Highway Sometimes life gets bad, then it gets even worse, then you die. Dark highway by Dan Thomas is a story about a man named Tom Turley whose life flows down a road littered with disappointment and grief. A salesman for a furnace company Tom can never seem to catch a break in life though all those motivational tapes ...

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Book Review: The Cursed Man – Author Keith Rommel


THE CURSED MAN by Keith Rommel A vehicle came to an abrupt stop in the northbound lane, halting traffic in that direction. Alister watched the driver, a young woman, exit her vehicle and train her eyes on him. She crossed over the southbound lane without yielding to traffic and stopped before Alister. “You’ve been heard,” she said, and she smiled. ...

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Book Review: Night Shivers – Author Ed Pessalano


Night Shivers Night Shivers by Ed Pessalano is like walking down a well-worn path through an ancient forest. As a child the tall trees with their withered branches scared us like long skeleton arms reaching out to grab us, but as an adult there just old trees. The book itself is a compilation of short (sometimes very short) stories. Night ...

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