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Magazine Review: LUNCHMEAT issue 8

LUNCHMEAT Issue 8 (Independent Publication) Editor: Josh Schafer Crank up your VCR, slip in your favourite VHS tape as background and kick back with the long-awaited 8th issue of LUNCHMEAT, the brilliant magazine from the Lunchmeat VHS website. A zine which leaves most major publications in the dust, it’s a labour of love for Josh and the gang and also an extremely well written, well produced piece of film culture. With a deep appreciation of … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 161

The Dark Side Issue 161 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce Oh hell yes. After a couple of issues that I felt didn’t quite hit the mark, issue 161 of the UK’s longest running horror culture magazine is an almost perfect example of cult cinema journalism. This issue follows he recent trend for the magazine to carry a main theme each time, and this issue covers the infamous Video Nasties films and controversy which swept across … Continue reading

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LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT – Will the Legend ever be Uncovered?


London After Midnight, the legendary lost Lon Chaney film, still eludes the eyes of the world. Originally released in 1927, the suspense/horror tale was directed by Tod Browning (of ‘Freaks’ notoriety) and adapted from his own short story. As legend now states, the last known copy of the film was destroyed in the catastrophic vault fire at MGM studios in 1967, and has since then moved into the realms of myth as film lovers around … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 160

Dark Side 160

The Dark Side Issue 160 Editor: Allan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing Retro thrills (but not many current chills) abound once again in the latest issue of The Dark Side, which continues to offer a wealth of old and new behind a gorgeously painted cover. This issue contains a Quatermass special feature as its central offering, and as per usual the feature is a beautifully written and exhaustively researched look into the films and TV versions of … Continue reading

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The Hunger For Retro Horror


The hunger for vintage and retro horror movies and horror culture has fascinated a large chunk of the horror community for a number of years now, and since I recently put out a book on the VHS rental era and the burgeoning horror VHS collecting scene I’ve discovered just how deep that hunger for classic scares goes. Since the release of VHS ATE MY BRAIN in March, I’ve had all manner of messages from horror … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 159


The Dark Side Issue 159 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce After finding the previous issue a little frustrating and unsatisfying, it’s with great pleasure that I can say The Dark Side is well and truly back on track with its latest edition. This issue the balance of brilliant retro features and more contemporary scene based material is spot on, making for a much kore balanced read. Behind the customarily gorgeous cover painting this month there … Continue reading

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Interview: Lord Zion – Codirector / Writer (Meet the Cadavers)

The gentleman known as Lord Zion has been, until now, known chiefly as the frontman of glam/punk/metal troublemakers SPIT LIKE THIS and the founder of notorious t-shirt site SMELL YOUR MUM but due to an unexpected turn of events he is now turning his hand to filmmaking, heading up the brand new British horror comedy MEET THE CADAVERS. This is a film which fuses genres together into something new and potentially hugely entertaining. The world … Continue reading

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Magazine Review – The Dark Side – Issue 158

THE DARK SIDE ISSUE 158 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce The central theme for this latest issue of the DARK SIDE is once again a chunky retro feature on scares of yesteryear, this time beginning a semi-regular look at a particular year in the annals of horror. This issue’s feature takes a look at 1960 and all that it brought the genre. Before you get to that though there is a feature written by John … Continue reading

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Cannibal Holocaust Composer Riz Ortolani Passes Away


There are reports circulating that composer Riz Ortolani of Cannibal Holocaust, The House On The Edge Of The Park and other well-loved titles has passed away in Rome. Riz was 87. Our thoughts are with his family. Throughout his career, Maestro Ortolani created some of the most unique film music ever written, often going against the accepted norm of scores.

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Book Review: Empire of the B’s – Author Dave Jay

EMPIRE OF THE B’S: THE MAD MOVIE WORLD OF CHARLES BAND Author: Dave Jay Hemlock Books This is a wondrous book which needs to be purchased with the utmost urgency. An expansive, comprehensive and utterly engrossing work of cult film perfection, this is a definitive work on one of genre cinema’s greatest – and most debated – characters. Covering the creation of the fabled Empire Studios, their own films and their pickup titles, it is … Continue reading


Magazine Review: The Dark Side Magazine – Issue 157

The Dark Side Issue 157 Editor: Allan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing The recent spate of themed issues has certainly paid off for The Dark Side, with the magazine seeing a significant rise in circulation and interest across the UK and overseas. Thus it’s hard to begrudge them another Hammer themed issue, this time focussing on the work of writer Tony Hinds, also known under his pseudonym of John Elder. That feature is once again an excellent … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 156

Dark Side 156

THE DARK SIDE ISSUE 156 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce After the slightly disjointed issue 155, the greatest UK horror magazine in history is back to firing on all cylinders with a spectacular feast of features for horrorvores everywhere. In fact, there was so much content that they couldn’t fit it all in, and thus a feature or two will follow next time. This issue is a joy from start to finish, and features content … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 155

The Dark Side Magazine Issue 155 Editor: Alan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing The Dark Side’s lengthy series of enormous features on elements of classic UK horror continues with an issue largely devoted to the classic TV horror double bills that were so influential to a lot of fans. It’s billed as the biggest issue of the magazine ever, which isn’t strictly true as the extra chunk of pages in the middle of the issue are taken … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 154

The Dark Side Issue 154 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce The Dark Side continues to provide excellent value for money, and while it’s a UK magazine, it’s worth tracking down a copy no matter where you are on the world. The magazine has a definite skew towards the classic and retro end of the horror genre, but their coverage of the current crop of fright flicks is just as strong as their retro features. Let’s … Continue reading

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Writing Fiction For The Current Horror Fan


Outside of this esteemed outlet and a couple of other places, I try to write fiction as best I can. Like a lot of genre fans, I want to be a part of the whole thing and give something back to the scene I love. Out of the six books I’ve written, two have been in the horror genre and I’m currently writing a third to end that particular story. While working on that particular … Continue reading

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James Herbert: A Lost Master

When news came down that author James Herbert had passed away recently, a gaping void opened up in the world of genre fiction. A true legend of the art had been lost, a man whose books had entertained and terrified millions of people around the world for decades. A man of rare talent, Herbert’s grasp of the English language was exquisite, with prose that was almost poetic when the moment called for it. Adding a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Grimalkin Manor – Author S. Roit


GRIMALKIN MANOR by S. Roit Snowbooks Known chiefly around the world for her acclaimed Paris Immortal series of vampire novels (and if I may add, vampire novels with a difference – not the run-of-the-mill stuff), it is refreshing to enjoy a novel by her which doesn’t feature bloodsuckers. As great as vampires can be, the world of genre fiction is at present awash with clones of clones of clones when it comes to vamp-themed literature. … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 153

Dark Side 153

The Dark Side Issue 153 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce Allan Bryce and the writers on the Dark Side team continue to make my job here very difficult. I mean, a review is supposed to weigh up the good and bad and present it to the readers so that they may form their own opinions of whether something is worth the cover price. However, when it comes to each issue of The Dark Side, it’s … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Lunchmeat – Issue 7


Magazine review: LunchMeat Issue 7 Editor in Chief: Josh Schafer (Independent Publication) You know, sometimes the passion and excitement for a subject can really reinvigorate your own. When you find material by someone who really understands what makes certain fans tick, it’s impossible not to get caught up in it. Lunchmeat magazine is just such a publication. Lunchmeat is as close to perfect as it’s possible for a zine to get. Professionally designed and printed … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 152

Dark Side 152

THE DARK SIDE ISSUE 152 GHOULISH PUBLISHING EDITOR: ALLAN BRYCE Each successive issue of The Dark Side is seeing the magazine go from strength to strength. The title is showing up in more retailers than ever in its history, and that’s a testament both to the hard work of editor Allan Bryce and the extremely high standard of the content. Continuing the magazine’s run of themed issues, issue 152 is largely all about revisiting the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Containment – Author Sean Schubert

Adobe Photoshop PDF

CONTAINMENT: ALASKAN UNDEAD APOCALYPSE BOOK II Author: Sean Schubert Permuted Press Picking up after the first book, INFECTION, left off, CONTAINMENT is another feather in the cap of Permuted Press and an admirable continuation of a series which is shaping up to be an extremely satisfying zombie saga from author Sean Schubert. As well as sharing a surname with an iconic and wonderful composer, Schubert has a talent for making you keep turning the pages, … Continue reading

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