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Trailer: Alienate (2014)


At the end of his marriage, David leaves on a business trip to give his wife much-needed space. When airplanes start mysteriously falling out of the sky and cell towers fail across the nation, he finds himself trapped. The Earth falling to an alien invasion, David fights to return to whatever is left of home.

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Trailer: Mark of the Devil (1970)


Trailer: MARK OF THE DEVIL (1970) Udo Kier is a witch hunter apprentice to Herbert Lom. He believes strongly in his mentor and the ways of the church but loses faith when he catches Lom strangling Reggie Nalder to death for calling him impotent. Kier begins to see for himself that the witch trials are nothing but a scam of ...

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Trailer: Buried (2010) vers 3


Trailer: Buried (2010) vers 3 Paul is a U.S. truck driver working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin.

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Horror Block Pack Review


Hey Gang, We wanted to stop for a quick shout out to Horror Block for their recent gift package. Per the image below, their monthly gift box contains all sorts of horror genre goodies. What is cool is that it’s equipped with the latest issue of Rue Morgue (which goes for $10 on the stand alone). Though that’s just for ...

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Trailer: The Watermen (2011)


Trailer: The Watermen (2011) A clan of watermen capture a crew of sport fishermen who must then fight for their lives.

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Trailer: Dylan Dog Dead of Night (2011) Featurette 2 (comic)


Trailer: Dylan Dog Dead of Night (2011) Featurette 2 (comic)

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Film Review: The Pirates (2014)


SYNOPSIS: On the eve of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, an unprecedented robbery shocks the nation-in-waiting: a whale has swallowed the Emperor’s Royal Seal, and a bounty placed on its retrieval. Now, every infamous gang of thieves, thugs, pirates, and government agents take to the seas, battling the elements, creatures of the deep, and each other to possess the ...

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Film Review: From a Whisper to A Scream (1987)


SYNOPSIS: On the eve of his niece’s execution, historian Julian White (Vincent Price) recounts four terrifying tales in this gruesome horror anthology. It seems the town of Oldfield, Tenn., isn’t the sleepy hamlet it appears to be: White introduces four scary short stories involving necrophilia, ghosts, voodoo priests and demon children with uncontrollable appetites. Clu Gulager, Terry Kiser, Harry Caesar, ...

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Science Fiction Thrills Arrive with THE RECONSTRUCTION OF WILLIAM ZERO



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2 Classic Horror BR Double Packs Due in May


FOOD OF THE GODS / FROGS & EMPIRE OF THE ANTS / JAWS OF SATAN ON BLU-RAY MAY 26, 2015 This spring, nature strikes back! On May 26, 2015 Scream Factory presents Food of the Gods and Frogs, two nature-gone-berserk shockers on Blu-ray for the first time. This release comes complete with bonus features, including new interviews with the films’ ...

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Tromutants – Get your Latest Troma blurays!


Greetings from Tromaville! Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce its April 2015 Blu-Ray releases are now available for pre-order on Amazon. Headlining Troma’s new releases is the newly restored smash hit, The Toxic Avenger Part II Blu-Ray/DVD combo. The beloved sequel to the best-selling Toxic Avenger, known to some as “Toxie in Japan,” includes a brand new introduction from director ...

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SHARKNADO 3: Ultimate Fan Contest?


Prove your fandom for a chance to be in the Sharknado making-of companion film March 23, 2015 – Burbank, CA – The Asylum is producing the first-ever feature-length film about the Sharknado phenomenon, and fans have the chance to be part of it! The producers of the Sharknado film series are calling for fan video submissions to be judged for inclusion in their yet-to-be-named campy new ...

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Horror Funding: FRANCES STEIN


The next feature film from Big Biting Pig Productions Big Biting Pig Productions has released a Kickstarter for their next project “Frances Stein”! The direct link to the Frances Stein Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1193710966/frances-stein-from-the-folks-who-love-to-twist-you?ref=nav_search

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The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Takes a Whack at New Series


Advance preview art for the new series “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles” which airs Sundays at 10/9CT beginning April 5 on Lifetime. The series is a spin-off of the original film “Lizzie Borden Took an Ax” which stars Christina Ricci. Check out Art below

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Trailer: Pod (2015)


A family intervention goes horrifically awry within the snowy confines of an isolated lake house.

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Trailer: Synapse (2015)


An addicted memory dealer is chased relentlessly by federal narcotics agents bent on keeping the secrets he has locked in his mind hidden.  

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Trailer: Sunset Sabbath (2014)


A young woman, Eden, has a run in with a female vampire, Carmilla, who happens to be the matriarch of a vampire clan. Eden’s meeting with Carmilla does not go well and ends violently. Eden’s encounter with Carmilla creates a domino effect of supernatural terror. The family of Carmilla seek out revenge.

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Trailer: Something Wicked (2014)


As a young couple embarks upon their wedding plans, gruesome secrets from their past collide with sinister forces of the present to ensure these newlyweds do not live “happily-ever-after.

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Trailer: Candie’s Harem (2015)


Candie is a bisexual who has a perfect setup with multiple partners until everyone starts dying around her  

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PILGRIMAGE Gains Jon Bernthal, Richard Armitage and Tom Holland


Jon Bernthal, Richard Armitage and Tom Holland have joined the cast of the Irish action-thriller PILGRIMAGE, which will be directed by Brendan Muldowney this spring in Ireland and Belgium. The film was written by Jamie Hannigan and will be produced by Conor Barry and John Keville of Dublin-based production outfit Savage Productions and Benoit Roland of Wrong Men North. XYZ ...

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Hit Film GUN WOMAN Blasts on to Bluray


Brace yourself for a mind-blowing thriller that delivers high-octane action, blood-soaked violence and a riveting tale of revenge in equal measure.  From director Kurando Mitsutake, who dazed genre fans with his Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf, comes GUN WOMAN, a dark postmodern film-noir starring Japanese gore queen Asami (The Machine Girl, Dead Sushi). Watch crazy meet crazier in this no-holds-barred ...

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