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Trailer: Souleater (2016)

In a small Florida town, the inhabitants are mysteriously disappearing. A hard core biker arrives in search of his missing daughter. He learns that a malignant force from another dimension, a Souleater, is causing the disappearances. He teams up with a burned-out sheriff and a defrocked priest to battle the creature and its zombie-like minions

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Trailer: The Mind’s Eye (2016) Clip

Zack Connors and Rachel Meadows were born with incredible psychokinetic capabilities. When word of their supernatural talents gets out, they find themselves the prisoners of Michael Slovak, a deranged doctor intent on harvesting their powers. After a daring escape, they are free from his sinister institution, but the corrupt doctor will stop at nothing to track them down so that …

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Five Unique Dark Fiction Voices Join Forces to Bring One Hellish Nightmare to Life

FIVE UNIQUE DARK FICTION VOICES JOIN FORCES TO BRING ONE HELLISH NIGHTMARE TO LIFE New Anthology I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD Offers Five Horrific Visions of Life, Death and Bad Things In-between It began with an ominous warning scrawled into a graffiti-scarred wall in the bathroom of a Missouri hotspot, and it ends with the release today of a truly …

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Top 5 Must-See Scary Movies

There’s a huge amount of variety in the horror film genre, from campy movies that are more comedy than terror to psychological masterpieces that can torture you without showing any gore at all. While it’s true that there are plenty of awful horror films around, there are also a select few that you should absolutely, without a doubt see at …

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Film Review: In Memorium (2005)

SYNOPSIS: Two months after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Dennis Wade, a struggling filmmaker, decides to document his illness. Still free from symptoms, he and his girlfriend, Lily, sublet a house and install motion-triggered security cameras throughout. Two days later…the cameras capture something unsettling: Noises and movement in empty rooms. The next morning, Dennis’ cancer begins to advance at an …

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Beauty Isn’t Everything. It’s the Only Thing. THE NEON DEMON A FILM BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN STARRING ELLE FANNING, KARL GLUSMAN, JENNA MALONE, BELLA HEATHCOTE, ABBEY LEE, WITH CHRISTINA HENDRICKS  AND KEANU REEVES On Digital HD and VOD August 30 & Blu-ray and DVD September 27 Amazon Studio’s The Neon Demon directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, is a sumptuous horror-thriller, set in …

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Experimental filmmaker Kurt Dirt’s exploitation horror feature film DRILLER QUEEN sees its first trailer release

From experimental horror filmmaker Kurt Dirt comes the first official trailer for his nostalgic exploitation horror movie DRILLER QUEEN DRILLER QUEEN is the brand new exploitation film from 29 year old British musician/performer turned filmmaker Kurt Dirt.  Self described as “a cross between ‘Party Monster’, ‘Maniac’, and every HG Lewis movie ever made” DRILLER QUEEN is John Waters influenced Producer/Director Kurt’s second feature …

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Hell Comes Home with Release of Lucifer: The Complete First Season

Lucifer: The Complete First Season Extras Include Featurettes, Character Profiles, Comic-Con Panel, Deleted Scenes and a Gag Reel!   Satisfy Your Deepest Desires and Own It On Blu-rayTM & DVD August 23, 2016  Just in time for the second season, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings you the “hottest” new series with the release of Lucifer: The Complete First Season on …

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TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead (TV Series) (Season 1) (2015)

Where does one begin? I suppose it started with the debut episode that literally floored me upon arrival. I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of receiving a special “Ash Vs Evil Dead” promo kit that included all sorts of cool promotional materials, Though materials aside…I was more interested in the Starz channel and their brand new under-taking. Yes, …

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