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Vampire Circus: rolls its caravan onto Bluray 12.14.10


DO YOU PREFER YOUR VAMPIRES VIOLENT, BLOODTHIRSTY, AND MEAN? SYNAPSE FILMS LETS THE ANIMAL FUR FLY WITH VAMPIRE CIRCUS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN HIGH-DEFINITION AND BLU-RAY! A little girl is brutally slain by a vampire in a tiny 19th century Austrian village. Seeking revenge, the townspeople invade the foreboding castle of Count Mitterhaus and kill him for the crime. As the Count falls, he curses the villagers and vows that their children will … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dark Delicacies – Issue 1


DARK DELICACIES ISSUE #1 (COMIC) written by F. Paul Wilson, Steve Niles, Joe R. Lansdale and Neal Barrett Jr., Published by IDW Publication Date: 2009 Format: Color Price: $3.99 Dark Delicacies is the first edition from the IDW line of comics to come our way. Set up like “Tales from he Crypt” each edition is designed to feature 2 horror tales by noted authors to be released quarterly. this first edition contains 2 tales titled: … Continue reading

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2 new 1 sheets to check out – Season of The Witch / Saw 3D foreign

Source: IMPA

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Film Review: 20/20 (Short film) (2010)


SYNOPSIS:  In 2010, time is running out for those who haven’t already been affected by an inexorable super-virus that spreads from computers to humans through radio waves.  REVIEW:  We are told that the planet has changed. An intelligent force has taken over, namely our own technology. This new program which is dubbed 20/20 is a version the Albert Eistein program which ______ We are told that the planet has changed. An intelligent force has taken … Continue reading

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Film Review: Tetsuo – The Bullet Man (2010)


SYNOPSIS: An American named Anthony is living and working in Tokyo and married to a Japanese woman. When their son is killed by the same driver who creates the Tetsuos in previous films, he makes the transformation into Tetsuo REVIEW: An assault on your senses… this was the first and presiding thought that came over me as I dug into Shinya Tsukamoto’s latest and long awaited follow up to the Tetsuo lineage. Though I only … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dead of Night (featuring Manthing) – Issues 1-4


DEAD OF NIGHT #1-4 (Comics) Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Artist: ‘Kano’ #1, Brian Denham #2, Javier Saltares #3 From Max Comics (Marvel Comics adult line) Publication Date: 2008 Format: Full Color, 22 pages Price: $3.99 Ted Sallis lives in Citrusville Florida. Or at least he lived there when he was human. Ted is a renown Biologist/Chemist working to create something called ‘Operation Rebirth’ formula for Uncle Sam. It sadly goes all wrong as Ted finds out … Continue reading

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Film Review: Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008)


SYNOPSIS: In 2006’s Pulse, technology unwittingly opened the door to the afterlife. This chilling sequel explores the aftermath of that encounter, as civilization struggles against spirits locked in an eternal battle for their own souls. With cell phones, the Internet and other devices outlawed, humanity must find a new way to live in an apocalyptic world ruled by tormented ghosts. Jamie Bamber, Boti Bliss and Noureen DeWulf star. REVIEW: For those of you who saw … Continue reading

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Machete wins Finlands Night Visions Audience Award

The high octane action and exploitation sensation MACHETE (USA 2010), directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis, has won the Night Visions Audience Award 2010 at the Night Visions Film Festival in Helsinki, Finland. This is the first time ever that the award goes not only to an American film, but to an American film with a set theatrical release date also in Finland. Now running in its 14th consecutive year, Night Visions Film Festival … Continue reading

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Weinstein company acquires disturbing scifi-thriller ‘Apollo 18′

Santa Monica, CA (November 7, 2010) – The Weinstein Company has acquired “Apollo 18,” the sci-fi thriller based on the screenplay by Brian Miller, winner of the inaugural Astana International Action Film Festival screenplay competition, founded by “Wanted” director Timur Bekmambetov. Trevor Cawood is set to direct the project. Bekmambetov and Michele Wolkoff, President of Development for Bekmambetov Projects Ltd. (BPL) will produce the film. Set to be shot documentary style, the film unearths lost … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Dead Walk – Author Andy Black, Steve Earles


THE DEAD WALK (PAPERBACK) by Andy Black, Steve Earles Published by Noir Publishing Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White with color photos – 288 pages Price: $28.95 Before even reading a single word I’m sure any horror fan would be impressed with this book. with 288 pages, color photos on almost every page and printed on great stock nicely bound this is a fine addition to horror reader libraries. Now depending where you purchase it, … Continue reading

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Book Review: J-Horror – Author David Kalat


J-HORROR: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE RING, THE GRUDGE AND BEYOND (PAPERBACK) Author David Kalat Published by Vertical Publication Date: 2007 Format: B&W – 320 pages Price: $14.95 At long last an Asian horror book written for the consumers. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great Asians horror books on the market. However most of them are pretty heavy in the philosophical academic approaches which can be hard to read at times. Well … Continue reading

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Film Review: PontyPool (2009)


SYNOPSIS: The flick is set in a radio station in Pontypool where one day the morning team starts taking reports of extreme, bloody incidents of violence occurring in town. As the story unfolds, the radio staff soon realizes the violence that is ripping society apart is due to a virus being spread through the English language. That in turn poses a problem for a yappy radio jock and his staff holed up in the broadcast … Continue reading

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Film Review: Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)


SYNOPSIS: In 2001, police in Poughkeepsie New York made a shocking discovery—six bodies buried in the backyard of a residential house. Astonishingly, that was only the beginning. Inside the home, police uncovered over 800 neatly organized video tapes detailing the exploits of one man’s decade-long crime spree. The most disturbing part of the find, was that the killer had filmed all of the footage himself– from his first moments stalking his victims to their last … Continue reading

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Book Review: Thing’s Undone – Author Shane White


THING’S UNDONE Written and Illustrated by Shane White Published by NBM Publishing Publication Date: 2009 Format: 2 Color, 80 pages Price: $12.95 Rick Is frustrated with the drudgery of the day to day. He can’t seem to get along with his co-workers, he can’t seem to fit in the way he’s expected and he has grown weary of the corporate buddy system. While these things are isolated to this story I’m sure alot of what … Continue reading

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Book Review: Japanese Horror Cinema – Author Jay McRoy


JAPANESE HORROR CINEMA (PAPERBACK) Author Jay McRoy Published by University of Hawaii Press Publication Date: 2005 Format: Black /White – 240 pages Price: $28.00 Author Jay Mcroy is a pretty smart guy. In “Japanese Horror Cinema” his latest book, he looks at the Asian culture (Japanese specifically) with a careful eye of detail, tight analogies and perspectives of what it all means. For casual shoppers this book may reach way over you level of usual … Continue reading

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Book Review: Trashfiend – Author Scott Stine


TRASHFIEND Written by Scott Stine Published by Headpress Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W with color insert – 224 pages Price: $19.95 Headpress and author Scott Stine did the work for us. When I say “us” I’m referring to older generation that grow up in the 60’s and 70’s. At age 42, I still have fond memories of the materials that were produced and made available. Many films and probably the edited versions were still featured … Continue reading

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Film Review: Quarantine (2008)


SYNOPSIS: While on assignment, an L.A. news reporter (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) find themselves trapped in a quarantined apartment complex along with a vicious unknown killer. With all forms of communications cut, the news crew keeps the cameras rolling as they search for a way out. The building is locked down, a killer is on the loose, and panic sets in as those trapped inside make a desperate attempt to escape with … Continue reading

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Film Review: No Mans Land – The Rise of Reeker (2008)


SYNOPSIS: With a determined sheriff (Robert Pine) and his son hot on their heels, two casino robbers quickly realize that jail may be the least of their concerns when they discover that they’re being hunted by a malodorous monster. Michael Muhney (“Veronica Mars”), Valerie Cruz (“The Dresden Files”), Wilmer Calderon (“The Shield”) and Desmond Askew (Turistas) also star in writer-director Dave Payne’s terrifying thriller. REVIEW: One of the new films being promoted under GhostHouse Underground’s … Continue reading

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Film Review: Shellter (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A young woman awakens in a fallout shelter and is coerced into horrific acts in order to stay alive REVIEW: Wow, I just saw an amazing film…….and I didn’t even see it coming. It’s always a pleasure to say that, in this day and age of knock offs and redundancy. The film I’m speaking of is the latest film by director / writer Dan Donley about a small group located in a locked away … Continue reading

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Film Review: Scream Queens Double Feature (2010)


Scream Queens Double Feature: Swimsuit Sensations & Knockout Workout (2010) SYNOPSIS: TAGLINE – Horror Films Most Beautiful Girls On A Sexy Swimsuit Workout! REVIEW: Just when you thought you had everything and looking for something that you couldn’t do without, comes this campy, cheesy gem from the early 1990s. No, there is no real refurbishing here, you get the only copy they had available re-digitized straight from the worn VHS copy. In fact, since they … Continue reading

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Film Review: Demon Haunt (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A school teacher and her wheelchair-bound sister purchase a house that seems to be haunted by a strange supernatural force. Father LeCleur and his son Raymond are called in to vanquish the demonic entities. But when the hell-spawn turn out to be much stronger than anyone thought, a bloody showdown ensues. REVIEW: You might not recognize the title but you’ll surely recognize the directorial work in this new release directed by camp icon Ted … Continue reading

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