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Trailer: Silent Night Zombie Night (2011)

Silent Night Zombie Night (2011) A week before Christmas a viral outbreak turns the citizens of Los Angeles into the walking dead. On the brink of severing ties with both his wife and longtime partner, L.A.P.D. officer Frank Talbot finds himself trapped with them. As death closes in their survival is further threatened by the fact that both men love the same woman

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Trailer: Quarantine 2 Terminal – Henry Attack Clip

Trailer: Quarantine 2 Terminal – Henry Attack Clip

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Trailer: Beyond Evil (1980)

Trailer: Beyond Evil (1980) An architect and his wife moves into a house with a bloody past and a 100 year old ghost, who possesses the wife.

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Music Video: Buckethead & Serj – We Are One

Music Video: Buckethead & Serj – We Are One

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‘The Walking Dead’ wins Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series


It was just announced that “The Walking dead” series has just won an Emmy Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Miniseries, Movie Or A Special “The Walking Dead” • Days Gone Bye • AMC • AMC Productions Greg Nicotero, Special Makeup Effects Department Head Andy Schoneberg, Special Makeup Effects Artist Garrett Immel, Special Makeup Effects Artist Jake Garber, Special Makeup Effects Artist Kevin Wasner, Special Makeup Effects Artist Howard Berger, Prosthetic Designer Jaremy Aiello, Prosthetic … Continue reading

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Music Video: Behemoth – Alas, Lord is Upon Me

Music Video: BEHEMOTH – Alas, Lord is Upon Me

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‘The Mechanical Grave’ A look at steam, robots and scifi – new stills | trailer


At Last something different and unique! Take a look ta these stills and I’m sure you’ll fele the same. The new production is called “‘The Mechanical Grave’” which takes a steam-punk approach within  a classic setting. Hey would this be considered early “pea-cocking”? Ok, if you like the pics, there is alot more to see here on their FB

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‘Rites Of Spring’ – new stills says “Fear Has a Season”


So new stills over from Rites of Spring, you can visit their FB page here Synopsis After kidnapping the nine-year-old daughter of a wealthy socialite and hiding out in an abandoned school, the kidnappers fall prey to a recurring terror in this place, a bloodlust that comes every first day of spring. Starring: Aj Bowen, Anessa Ramsey, Sonny Marinelli, Katherine Randolph, Marco St. John, Shanna Forrestall, Sarah Pachelli, Hannah Bryan, James Bartz, Andrew Breland, Skylar … Continue reading

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2 Headed Shark Attack!! Oh my!

Two Headed Shark Attack

2 Headed Shark Attack!! Oh my! – Well you’ll dig the pics even better check out some below or go straight to the source The  first images from 2 HEADED SHARK ATTACK can be seen here. Carmen Electra and Charlie O’Connell star as a pair of college instructors leading a group of co-eds on a semester at sea that goes terribly wrong. Brooke Hogan (left) plays a student with a healthy fear of sharks. 2 … Continue reading


Trailer: Extraterrestre (2011)


Synopsis “Everyone knows what to do if one morning the sky would be absolutely full of UFOs: run as fast as you can. However, what would happen if the invasion started while you are in the flat of the girl of your dreams, the one you have just met?” 

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‘Border Break’ Debuts new trailer and 1 sheet!


In 2010, Janet Taylor went to Cancun, Mexico with her friends for Spring Break. She’s been missing ever since… Susan Taylor hires a film crew to find answers regarding the disappearance of her daughter Janet. Documenting all the evidence and testimonies from key people in the case, the film crew develops a re-enactment of Janet’s departure to Mexico and the events that occurred shortly afterwards. Source: Facebook

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The Raid (2011) Trailer and poster art – wall-to-wall action!!


Trailer: The Raid (2011) Culver City, CA (September 9, 2011) – Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) has teamed-up with LINKIN PARK’s Mike Shinoda to create an entirely new musical score for the ultra-intense action picture THE RAID, starring break-out martial arts sensation Iko Uwais (Merantau) and Joe Taslim (Rasa). This collaboration will mark Shinoda’s first feature score. “This film is wall-to-wall action, and one of the most exciting pictures of the year. Dropping a brand … Continue reading

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The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part 1 – (15 second preview)

The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part 1 – (15 second preview) The Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.

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Film Review: The Hills Have Eyes (1977)


SYNOPSIS: On the way to California, a family has the misfortune to have their car break down in an area closed to the public, and inhabited by violent savages ready to attack. REVIEW: Wes Craven was in his prime on this 1977 release. This 2nd Craven film digs right into the heart of brutality and the paranoia of encountering savage crazy mountain folks. Since its inception, there have been so many like films involving broken … Continue reading

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Stills to chew on?


It must be getting closer to Twilight season as they stills have just been sent over from the upcoming release. In fact word is Nov 18, 2011 The highly anticipated fourth installment of The Twilight Saga, directed by Academy Award® winner Bill Condon, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 reveals the mysteries of this romantic epic that has entranced millions. In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Bella (Kristen Stewart) and … Continue reading

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The Hellraiser that never was?


Shock Till You Drop has just posted some rather interesting illustrations created as concept art by Gary J. Tunnicliffe for the team of Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. From the sound of it, the Hellraiser franchise is suffering a bit which in this case they concepts may never see the light. But still cool to see what others are planning.

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