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Film Review: Legion – The Final Exorcism (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Legion: The Final Exorcism (aka Costa Chica: Confession of an Exorcist): Michael San Chica is an ex-priest. He is also an investigator documenting true events of demonic possession. When Michael comes to the rescue of the newly possessed Tatiana McMurter, daughter of a Baptist minister, he discovers that he has encountered this demon before… A demon he vowed to ...

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Film Review: Sister Smile (2001)


SYNOPSIS: Back in late 1963, a Belgian nun known only as Soeur Sourire, or Sister Smile, topped America’s pop music charts with the relentlessly cheerful tune “Dominique,” from an album that sold 1.5 million copies. From the little that is known of the ill-fated nun’s life, Roger Deutsch has made the boldly speculative yet persuasive Italian-language film “Suor Sorriso” in ...

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Respire: comes to VOD and DVD 2.15.11 – stills!


MIAMI, FL — Now in their 27thyear (1984-2011), MTI Home Video has become the premier film studio for independent filmmakers. On February 15, 2011, MTI will release the thrilling horror film RESPIRE on DVD and VOD.The Ancient Romans believed that the soul escaped one’s body with the last breath. It was believed this last breath held the power to cure ...

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Throwing Stones: teen horror web series launches first episode


First episode is now online! You can find it on KoldCast TV, Mingle Media TV, and the Throwing Stones official web site at http://www.throwingstoneswebseries.com Here’s the KoldCast TV link to the episode: http://www.koldcast.tv/video/dont_you_forget_about_me Here’s the Mingle Media TV link: (goes to You Tube): http://www.minglemediatv.com/ThrowingStonesWebSeries.html

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Film Review: Dolan’s Cadillac (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A dark revenge tale about Las Vegas middle school science teacher (Robinson) whose beloved wife (Elizabeth) witnesses an execution in the desert and is then targeted for death by the mobster who committed it, notorious Vegas crime lord Jimmy Dolan. Dolan’s vast wealth stems from his human trafficking operations. Dolan succeeds in having Elizabeth killed before she can testify ...

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Hail to the King – A Stephen King Tribute Art Show featuring World Wide Artists


This one-of-a-kind, Stephen King Tribute Art Show will feature artists from around the world. There will be original artwork, graphic design, artists proofs, limited edition prints and soft sculpture toys paying tribute to the King of Horror! Finder’s Creepers and D. Ryan Allen Present: Hail to the KIng, a Stephen King Tribute Art Show featuring artists from across the country ...

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Vivid: horror-anime-influenced fantasy film moves forward


Synopsis: “A sociopathic killer known as “The Man of Sin”, with his hand deep into the metaphysical world, feels that he had committed all atrocity that he can on this plane of existence, leading him to experiment with placing his own mind within the consciousness of others and manipulating their actions – all with the intent of experiencing their life…as ...

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 4, Volume 2 – on DVD


SUBMARINE MISSION DIRECTIVE 1.11.11 Attention. Admiral Nelson, Commander Crane and the crew of the nuclear submarine, Seaview. Mission. To conduct classified undersea marine research. Responsibilities. To defend the planet from world and extraterrestrial threats. Possible threats. Pirates, extra-terrestrials, paranormal adversaries, time-travelers. Additional mission intelligence. Set a course for action and imagination in the final volume of Voyage to the Bottom ...

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Fright Flick: combines satire with over-the-top gore!


Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the January 25 DVD release of Israel Luna’s “Fright Flick.” The horror-comedy –which combines satire with over-the-top gore – arrives on the heels of Luna’s recent cult phenomenon “Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives” and will be released under Breaking Glass Pictures’ Vicious Circle Films label. Luna shows audiences just how cut-throat show business can be in ...

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Let Me Die Quietly: tortured by visions of violent murders – new release


Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the January 4 DVD release of directors Mitchell Reichler and Brian Michael Finn’s neo-noir “Let Me Die Quietly.” The film follows a broken-down alcoholic who’s haunted by psychic visions of murder victims. When a chance meeting brings him into contact with a woman who has the same dark gift, both set out to save the ...

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An Enlighted Philosophy – new book release


What Can an Atheist Believe? A 21st Century Vision of Myth as Moral Framework One of the most charismatic and popular figures in the ongoing 21st century confrontation between the religious, the anti-religious and non-believers, Geoff Crocker has synthesized his comprehensive studies and involvement in the “God debate” in a new book, An Enlightened Philosophy: Can an Atheist Believe Anything? ...

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Film Review: Dogs (1976)


SYNOPSIS: On the quiet campus of the remotely-located SouthWestern University, something strange is happening. All of the dogs in the area, once loyal, gentle pets, are now banding together in wild packs and hunting down their former masters. Could the strange transformation have anything to do with the secret government experiments being conducted in the school’s physics laboratory? More importantly, ...

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New Poster for After Dark Film’s ’51’


Starring Bruce Boxleitner, Jason London, Rachel Miner and Vanessa Branch. Directed by Jason Connery (Pandemic, The Devil’s Tomb), 51 is a Co-Production with SyFy and will premiere theatrically as part of the After Dark Originals festival, January 28th thru February 3rd. It will then air as a SyFy Saturday Movie!

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