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Brimstone (1998 – 1999) – TV Show Episodes List


A dead cop, sentenced to Hell, is returned to Earth by the Devil to recover 113 escaped evil spirits. Cast Peter Horton as Ezekiel Stone John Glover as The Devil Regular guests MarĂ­a Costa as Teresita/Waitress Stacy Haiduk as Rosalyn Stone Albert Hall as Father Cletus Horn Scott Lawrence as Lt. Fraker Lori Petty as Maxine Teri Polo as Det. Ash/Ashur Badaktu

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The X-Files (1993 – 2002) – TV Show Episodes List


Two FBI agents, Fox Mulder the believer and Dana Scully the skeptic, investigate the strange and unexplained while hidden forces work to impede their efforts. CAST: David Duchovny ……. Special Agent Fox William Mulder Gillian Anderson ….. Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully William B. Davis ….. Spender, The Cigarette-Smoking Man Mitch Pileggi …….. Assistant Director Walter Sergei Skinner (1994-2002) Tom Braidwood …….. Melvin Frohike (1994-2002) Dean Haglund ……… Ringo Langly (1994-2002) Bruce Harwood …….. John … Continue reading

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Millennium (1996 – 1999) – TV Show Episodes List


A former FBI profiler with the ability to look inside the mind of a killer begins working for the mysterious Millennium Group. CAST: Lance Henriksen …….. Frank Black Klea Scott …………. Hollis Megan Gallagher …….. Catherine Black Terry O’Quinn ………. Peter Watts Brittany Tiplady ……. Jordan Black Kristen Cloke ………. Lara Means Bill Smitrovich …….. Lieutenant Bob Bletcher EPISODES: The First Season 01. Pilot Episode (10/25/1996) 02. Gehenna (11/1/1996) 03. Dead Letters (11/8/1996) 04. The … Continue reading

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11.11.11 – New horror from heavens gate – 1 sheet


Synopsis: A horror-thriller set on 11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month and concerning a entity from another world that enters the earthly realm through Heaven’s 11th gate. Sneek peak at the new creation from derictor / writer Darren Lynn Bousman

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Book Review: Twilight of the Gods – Author Erich von Daniken


Author Erich von Daniken is one special writer. He takes the time to look into subjects and legends that many will dismiss by default, by religion or by just an ignorance of understanding. It’s books like his, that do not rest on its laurels so that it brings us one step closer to understanding the “big picture”. In essence,where and why we came to be. At great risk, these discoveries also present a threat to … Continue reading

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Dark Stars Rising – new book features controversial film makers


Dark Stars Rising, featuring conversations between Shade Rupe (Funeral Party) and 27 of the leading lights of the transgressive arts (including Peter Sotos, Teller, Chas Ballun, Gaspar Noe, William Lustig and Floria Sigismondi, to name a few), is more than a mere book. Clocking in at 558 teeming pages, featuring over 500 jaw dropping images, many rare or unseen, and sporting a design of mind bending intricacy, each chapter boasting its very own lavish layout, … Continue reading

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Infinite Santa is online! – Episode 8

 Get ready for more crazy Santa action Do you need to catch up on back episodes? Check them out here: Infinite Santa merchandise is available! We also have Christmas Cards and Mutant Mugs, and High Quality DVDs of Episodes 1-6, complete with commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and other extras. Give the gift of holiday fear!

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GoreZone Magazine – issue 63 preview


ISSUE 63 IS ‘DEDICATED TO INGRID PITT’ – Follow us on twitter for EXCLSUIVE news and comps INSIDE ISSUE #63 .Christa Campbell goes behind the scenes of Scream 4 and Eli Roth’s Clown .GZ Exposes Rose McGowans (Grindhouse) new surgery that’s left her scared on the new Scream DVD’ and why she may be given the boot from Red Sonja .Then and Now takes a look at what happened to Susan Ward … Continue reading

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Real Steel: robot fighter action – Trailer and gallery


A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech, “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits … Continue reading

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After Dark adds 7th title – ‘Seconds Apart’


SECONDS APART PACKS A TERRIFYING ONE-TWO PUNCH Los Angeles, CA (Dec. 9th, 2010) — After Dark Films CEO Courtney Solomon has announced, SECONDS APART, as part of the After Dark Originals “A New Brand of Fear” line-up. The film is directed by award winning short-film director Antonio Negret (Towards Darkness) and stars Orlando Jones (Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Evolution) and twins Gary Entin (Rest Stop, The Seeker) & Edmund Entin (Rest Stop, The Seeker, The … Continue reading

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Mutilation Mile: brings in Christmas with hard core violence


Just in time for Christmas indie filmmaker Ron Atkins’ hyper charged exploitation crime film “MUTILATION MILE” hits DVD December 21st. Go to to order or watch the trailer, read reviews and much more. Below is a synopsis of the film Inspired by true events that took place sometime in 1993, Jimmy & Jack DeGrasso, two brothers, went on a blood soaked killing spree of vengeance. Fueled by revenge & cocaine they slaughtered street thugs, hookers, … Continue reading

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Rock yo ass some ‘THOR’


New poster just came over…and a trailer to add Mark this one on my calendar – a must see! Source: Yahoo Movies

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The Others (2000) – TV Show Episodes List


College student Marian Kitt is terrified to discover that she has the power to see into the “other side.” Word of Marian’s vision spreads to Professor Miles Ballard, a student of paranormal and psychic phenomena. He introduces Marian to “the others,” a group of individuals with the ability to vicariously experience the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others, and to help them understand paranormal phenomena. Famed medium Elmer Greentree is their spiritual leader and a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Monsters Who’s Who – Author Dulan Barber


MONSTERS WHO’S WHO: FROM A-Z ALL THE BLOOD CURDLING HORRORS YOU LOVE TO FEAR (HARDCOVER) Written by Dulan Barber Published by Crescent Books Publication Date: 1974 Format: Color / B&w- 120 pages Price: out of print – various I’m gonna take ya back with this one, way back. In fact I recently dug this out of my garage which was in storage for awhile. Published in 1974, I was only a kid when I picked … Continue reading

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Book Review: Marvel Zombies 3 – Issue 1


MARVEL ZOMBIE’S 3 #1 (Comics) Writer: Fred Van Lente Art: Kev Walker From: Marvel Comics Publication Date: 2008 Format: Full Color Price: $2.99  SYNOPSIS: On the heels of three consecutive hot series (“Marvel Zombies”, “Marvel Zombies 2”, and “Marvel Zombies vs Army Of Darkness”) the ravenous hordes of Marvel Zombies returns again. This time they are invading the Marvel Universe! That’s right, the next chapter of the Marvel Zombies saga is a non-stop in-continuity festival … Continue reading

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Film Review: Haunting of Winchester House (2009)


SYNOPSIS: When a young family moves into the famously haunted Winchester House, a wildly sprawling mansion built by an eccentric heiress, they begin to wonder if the tales of spooks and ghosts roaming the halls may actually be true. But all their doubts are erased when an evil spirit takes their own daughter captive. This horror-thriller from director Mark Atkins stars Lira Kellerman, Tomas Boykin, Patty Roberts and Michael Holmes. REVIEW: As Asylum continues to … Continue reading

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Troma receives honors at Feista Retrospect


December 7, 2010 (New York, NY) – Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma and Creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER, and seasoned superhero Toxie, will join the famous Weekend of Horror Party in Alicante, Spain as Special Guests! The two will be honored at a Tromatic Retrospective run by festival organizer Sr. Guijarro on December 10, 7:30 pm at Camon. While in Spain, Kaufman and Toxie will also attend the December 11 Weekend of Horror Party screening … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Handy Philosophy Answer Book – Author Naomi Zack PhD


THE HANDY PHILOSOPHY ANSWER BOOK (THE HANDY ANSWER BOOK SERIES) (PAPERBACK) Written by Naomi Zack PhD Published by Visible Ink Press Publication Date: 2010 Format: Black /White – 450 pages Price: $21.95 A book of philosophy the how, when and where’s. Philosophy has crossed over into every culture and every time period with full force that originates back to the days when thinking men were held in high regard as citizens. Socrates, Plato and many … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Book of Lists Horror – Authors Amy Wallace, Del Howison, Scott Bradley


THE BOOK OF LISTS: HORROR Written by Amy Wallace (Author), Del Howison (Author), Scott Bradley Published by Harper Paperbacks Publication Date: 2008 Format: B&W – 432 pages Price: $14.95 For those who perused the site, know that we here at love the “lists” with a section ourselves focused on all kinds of cool horror listings and compilations. So of course I was excited when Harper Collins sent over the official “Book of Lists – … Continue reading

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Film Review: Cornered! (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A serial killer with a morbid voyeur fetish is targeting and terrorizing convenience stores. He tortures and murders his victims in creative ways in front of closed-circuit television cameras, then steals the surveillance tapes as personal trophies. With the reward upped to $500,000, the serial killer is the hot topic at a downtown Los Angeles liquor store owned by STEVE (Eduardo GarciaNo Country for Old Men). When the beer deliveryman, MORTY (Steve Guttenberg – … Continue reading

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