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Film Review: Godfather of Gore: The Herschell Gordon Lewis Documentary (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Gory, Gory, Hallelujah! Take an outrageous ride through the wild world of exploitation films with this often-hilarious documentary, Herschell Gordon Lewis, The Godfather of Gore. Featuring interviews with cast, crew, and critics such as director John Waters, drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs, and Herschell Gordon Lewis himself, The Godfather of Gore traces Lewis’ start in the innocent bare-naked world of “Nudie Cuties” before he shocked the world with Blood Feast, the first-ever gore … Continue reading

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Trailer: The Brothers Grimm (2005)

Trailer: The Brothers Grimm (2005) Will and Jake Grimm are travelling con-artists who encounter a genuine fairy-tale curse which requires genuine courage instead of their usual bogus exorcisms.

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Trailer: Zombie Apocalypse (2011)

Trailer: Zombie Apocalypse (2011) Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina.

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Trick and Treat…Fleshlight Brings Out the Freaks for Halloween


The world’s number one selling male sex toy company, Fleshlight ( has launched a new line of toys for the Halloween season, entitled Fleshlight Freaks. The Fleshlight Freaks! line will feature both Dildos and Fleshlights in four all-new freakish textures: the Cyborg, the Drac, the Frank, and the Zombie, and will be sold on, and to wholesale and distribution customers. “This new line is amazing!” says Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin. “Our R&D team … Continue reading

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Film Review: Battleground (2012)


SYNOPSIS: Six ruthless bank robbers encounter someone far worse. Six bank robbers become stranded in a off the grid forest when their vehicle goes missing during the planning of their escape from the police. Now stranded and on a time crunch to make their flight headed out of the country they try to walk out of the forest. they soon encounter Hugh Lambe as a Vietnam veteran who was mentally damaged somehow in during the … Continue reading

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Trailer: Tideland (2005)

Trailer: Tideland (2005) A lonely girl gets trapped in an eerie fantasy world after her irresponsible parents die.

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Trailer: The Big Empty (2003)

Trailer: The Big Empty (2003) A budding actor is faced with a stalled career and a mountain of debt.

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Trailer: The Devil’s Rain (1975)

Trailer: The Devil’s Rain (1975) A bunch of Satanists in the American rural landscape have terrible powers which enable them to melt their victims. However one of the children of an earlier victim vows to destroy them.

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Trailer: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) – Trailer 2

Trailer: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) – Trailer 2 Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Craig) is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander (Mara), a young computer hacker.

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Trailer: Bloody Mary (2011) 3D

Trailer: Bloody Mary (2011) 3D New soft core horror from Charlie Vaughn

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‘Possessing Piper Rose ‘ Lifetime ups the scares with the afterlife


Lifetime has brought on Rebecca Romjin for a new scare, that arrives just prior to Halloween. This RHI produced film will arrive on Oct 24th, and should be a nice addition to the mass of scare films arriving this season! Synopsis: Joanna and Ben Maxwell’s dream of adopting a child comes true when a sympathetic but mysterious agent places with them a darling four-year-old girl named Piper. But these new parents are plagued by a series of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Filming the Undead – Author Rod Durick


“Filming the Undead” is a new release written by Rod Durrick that arrives just in time to fuel the fascination with walking dead-themed films. Rod has divulged his most secretive information on all things zombies in the respect of teaching others on how to create a low budget movie. This well laid out book features a ton of photos, illustrations and fancy design work making it a very cool book to own. Though the purpose … Continue reading

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Trailer: Monstrosity (2011)

Trailer: Monstrosity (2011) Earth and a planet inhabited by Monsters collide, when a scientist’s experiment goes wrong.

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Film Review: The Rapture (1991)


SYNOPSIS: A telephone operator living an empty, amoral life finds God and loses him again. REVIEW: By now, you should be plenty familiar with the idea of the “rapture” whether religious or not. However you might not have thought to associate it with Mimi Rodgers and David Duchovny. This early 1991 film takes on this bold subject area and actually succeeds with an unassuming winning cult film creation. Directed by Michael Tolkin, “The Rapture” tells … Continue reading

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Vamps: Lilith Stabs

Lilith Stabs photo 2

BIO: Lilith Stabs is an actress and model starring in b-horror movies including Vampire Callgirls, Cremains, Severe Injuries, Zombiegeddon, Bad Movie Police, etc. She is also known for her sidekicks her 2 bunnies who have appeared a various conventions with her over the years.

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Trailer: Six Degrees of Hell (2012)

Trailer: Six Degrees of Hell (2012) Six individuals are caught up in a supernatural perfect storm as an evil lays claim to one of them while threatening to tear apart the soul of a small Pennsylvania town

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